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Survivor South Pacific – A Double Elimination Episode, No Surprise Who Went

Why on Survivor is only OK to backstab when your the one doing it? Otherwise it is a dishonourable action.

As predicted Cochran’s old tribe mates were having a go at him, even when he said he did it for survival and the fact he was not going to allow his fate be decided by a rock draw.

Ozzy said he had saved him by going to Redemption Island, Whitney said she and Keith had saved him three times, and Jim just told him to get fucked.

Cochran a Survivor savant knew it was all just part of the game.

Helloooo guys it is a game and  they would have done the same to him at some point.

Ozzy knew he was in trouble when he did not win immunity challenge. Jim did, unfortunately for Sophie if she had not puked up she may have won it.

He said to Coach, who is playing a cracker game, that he did not want to go. Coach realising that Ozzy could quite easily be on the jury.  Coach said he did not want him to go either.

Jim at one point said he was going to give the immunity necklace Ozzy, and then the other tribe won’t have time to caucus so their vote could be split.

However Jim’s argument for voting Cochran out weak, saying that it would show that everyone would play the game honourably. Again contestants only start talking about honour on Survivor when they are in the weak position.

Unfortunately for Ozzy, Jim was not going to honourably keep his promise and hand him the immunity necklace so Ozzy was sent to Redemption Island. I note Dawn had flipped and voted for Ozzie.

There was again another immunity challenge. This time it was the inevitable food challenge, where you can eat if you sit out the challenge if you give up your chance at immunity.

Only Dawn, Jim and Whitney went in the challenge, with Whitney winning immunity. Dawn was savvy saying she would try and stay in the challenge so they could eat.

Coach tried to pretend he wanted to compete and he was only eating as that is what the tribe wanted to do. Jeff Probst called him out on it.

Jim knew he was in trouble. However Albert was trying to knock off Dawn, as he was worried she was infiltrating the tribe.

Jim was voted out and he was off to Redemption Island.

Prediction: Rick doesn’t win Survivor as we have barely seen him.

Also here is a link to Jeff Probst answering some questions about the episode.



1 Calliegirl { 11.16.11 at 8:14 am }

What’s with Ozzy and his running everywhere? Is he trying to send a message to them saying “I’m fit and fast – and I can catch heaps of fish’? Was a bit sickened when Cochrane told Brandon to rest his head on his shoulder!! Seemed way overplayed.

2 Georgie { 11.16.11 at 10:08 am }

What I find interesting is all those Savaii saying they have saved Cochrane before. Well saved him from what – them, his own team, that’s who. If he needed to be saved from them so many times naturally he’s going to look for a safer place to be.

I thought Coach was going to kiss Ozzy last night at the end of that heartfelt exchange – blah.

3 JStar { 11.16.11 at 11:13 am }

Jim’s comment that Cochran is playing the “best third place getter” in Survivor history is spot on. For all the sympathies I have for Cochran in feeling marginalised by his original tribe, he does himself zero favours by strutting around in Coach’s clothing at camp and Tribal Council.

4 Trent { 11.16.11 at 2:10 pm }

Cockroach is a slimeball, cant stand looking at him, and yes Calliegirl i almost spewed when he asked Brendon to rest his head on his shoulder after they ate all the treats. They are treating the last of the Savaii tribe Dawn and Whitney like horse shit they have stepped on. No heart at all, while this is still a very entertaining series of Survivor the characters on the dominant tribe are all very unlikeable. I think Sophie and Albert need to make a big move because its fairly obdvious that it looks to be a Coach/Brendon/Cochrane finale!

5 PinkPatentMaryJanes { 11.16.11 at 10:26 pm }

I nearly choked with laughter when Ozzy ran up to vote! But he’s getting a lot of screen time on Redemption Island so has to continue to be a player. Brandon makes my flesh crawl – and that image of Cochrane’s head and shoulder situation – worse than Shane Warne’s tweet to Liz Hurley about the bath, the candles and the massage oil.

Who’s Rick?

6 Izobel2 { 11.16.11 at 11:27 pm }

Exactly PPMJ, Rick is “Cowboy”!!! We never see him or hear from him. I’m still on Team Cochran, for some reason I love him. I wonder how all their bellies were feeling after the sweet treats. Pretty awful I reckon. Wonder if Ozzy will get off Redemption again? Probably not. I don’t like Jim. I still like Dawn. And agreed that whole head on the shoulder thing was creepy.

7 Susan { 11.17.11 at 6:21 pm }

Agreed Trent, cannot like any member of that dominant tribe so will be stuffed when they boot Dawn & Whitney – who will I be going for???
I would love to see that smile on the other side of Brandons face too – what a dick, him and Coach really piss me off!

8 Fiona { 11.17.11 at 9:09 pm }

Brandon is making me ill every time he speaks. I noticed that no one else on the tribe spoke during tribal council they let Brandon have the floor, probably hoping that he will alienate the jury enough that he will never win. He is so contradictory, he doesn’t seem to be spouting the Bible and forgiveness etc now that he has his foot on the other tribe’s neck. I don’t know why Whitney felt the need to apologise to him.

I agree that it is sickening how nice they are to Cochrane, yuck. And the head on my shoulder bit just gross.

It is scary how the numbers can trickle away so quickly, but I really hope that Albert makes a move next week it is the only time to do it now … please!!

9 Reality Raver { 11.17.11 at 10:19 pm }

It is all a bit lord of the flies at the moment on there. You get the feeling the winner is going to be a default one. If Dawn or Rick can stay in they could have a chance. But after 20 something seasons they know to get rid of the inoffensive ones before the end. That is why Brandon will make it to final 3

10 Susan { 11.18.11 at 2:44 pm }

How funny when Jim said to Ozzy & Keith – “we were supposed to be Final 3” hahaha – actually would have liked to see that – Ozzy would have won for sure!
BTW – why are 3 on Redemption? Do they all fight it out – aren’t they the Jury?