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The Renovators May Not Be Renewed

In disappointing news TV Tonight has noted that The Renovators may not be be renewed by Channel Ten.

TV Tonight says that Channel Ten in their video presentation to clients did not include The Renovators in their 2012 line up.

This is a pity it had the potential to be a really great show. However it rated poorly for something that was such a big production. Personally I think with some tinkering it could have rated big next year. It just needed a different slot – maybe later on in the year when people have forgotten about The Block.

It also needed the reality TV holy grail – the three C’s – Casting, clarity and consistency and this would have made it compelling.

David Knox also noted that Junior Masterchef was not on the lineup, however he states it was never guaranteed to be. However there could be a professional version of the show. Now that would be great particularly if they stick with the current Masterchef format.


1 smauge { 11.23.11 at 9:56 am }

:( about no Renovators. Unfortunately channel 10 committed hari kari when it sandwiched it in the Masterchef finale. I was already hooked by then so I wasn’t put off.
I don’t care if it’s Junior, regular or professional Masterchef, as long as it’s about the COOKING!

2 Culinary Boner { 11.23.11 at 10:29 am }

A lower-key, more focussed version of this concept would probably do much anyway. Plus more reno, less design bullshit.

The jumbled, overstuffed format was about as useful in the end as Frankenstein’s monster and deserves to be banished to the North Pole and Lapland TV.

3 Georgie { 11.23.11 at 10:53 am }

If Renovators was regularly holding 700K viewers, I imagine the sponsors would still be keen to bankroll another series. Maybe the producers/sponsors need to fine tune the concept and look for another network.

They can keep JMC, I like the regular variety. Having said that, I would like to see the tension generated by the contestants and their cooking rather than the engineered repetitive clap trap the judges carry on with. If they want to do that then make it interesting like having Matt Preston choke on a duck bone or something.

4 Paul { 11.23.11 at 1:10 pm }

Horrendously expensive – would need 1.0 to 1.2 million to break around even I would imagine.

They would have to scale it back massively.

5 Chunks { 11.23.11 at 1:21 pm }

Aww. I’ll miss Baz and all the hot tradies. Brendan is very wooden though.

6 Culinary Boner { 11.23.11 at 1:53 pm }

“Brendan is very wooden though.”
Do you think he needed nailing, Chunks?

7 brain dead dave { 11.23.11 at 3:06 pm }

How I remember the fanfare “from the makers of Ma$terchef”.

8 Chunks { 11.23.11 at 3:13 pm }

I shall leave that to Josh Quong Tart, CB…

9 smauge { 11.23.11 at 10:33 pm }

Chunks and CB – I want to know EXACTLY what you’re talking about!

10 smauge { 11.23.11 at 10:35 pm }

Don’t worry – googled it myself. I tell you, I have NO gaydar whatsoever. It really is quite embarrassing…

11 Chunks { 11.24.11 at 12:04 am }