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Have Kyle Sandilands and Matt Newton Been Swapping PR Advice?

As everyone in the Australia must now know that Kyle Sandiland’s made an unwarranted and personal attack on a News Limited journalist last week which has resulted in inches of publicity and resulted in sponsors pulling ads from the network.

Props should go to News Limited for supporting their employee in this situation. It is a pity those same sponsors did not remove advertising when Kyle inappropriately asked a 14 year old girl who she had had sex with after she had revealed she had been sexually abused.

However unfortunately for that girl she did not have a huge media organisation behind her. Though Channel Ten did sack him from Australian Idol, and Idol sunk that year.

Kyle tried to defend himself last week by saying he was an equal opportunity arsehole, and is was just as harsh on males as well as females.

Now it appears Matt Newton is using the ‘I am a prick to everyone’ defence. He apparently hits guys as well as girls.

Well that is what Matt Newton’s lawyer Chris Murphy is saying.

The Daily Telegraph writes:

MATTHEW Newton’s closest confidant says people should lay off the troubled actor because he didn’t just hit women – he hit men too.

Biting back at Newton’s “orgy” of haters on Twitter, the actor’s lawyer Chris Murphy says Bert and Patti’s son didn’t discriminate when it came to violent outbursts because he is mentally ill.

He praises Newton for having the courage to talk of his struggles on A Current Affair last week, saying Newton had admitted to “violent incidents with both genders”.

Newton has been living with Murphy since he left a Sydney clinic recently.

Murphy has been Newton’s lawyer for many years, representing him in 2006 when he was charged over the assault of then-girlfriend Brooke Satchwell.

It was Murphy who first made public Newton’s mental health issues, when he used them as a defence to the Satchwell assault charges.

Murphy claims that stories about Newton had been twisted to focus solely on his violence towards women, such as well-documented incidents with ex-girlfriends Rachael Taylor and Satchwell, when he also had been physically aggressive towards his male best friend and other men.

Murphy tweets that Newton hit men – “friends and strangers. It’s called mental illness.”

There has also been debate around the Matt Newton issue, saying that he refused to take responsibility for his violent behaviour and that he blamed it on his mental illness. The ACA interview was the first step in trying to rehabilitate him to the public, something that will be extremely difficult.

What I found interesting in the Matt Newton interview was that he said he was glad to be get help as he “…had enough of the noise”. Was this some noise that he was continually hearing in his head? Not sure if this was a symptom of his post traumatic stress disorder, the bipolar or OCD.

Prediction: Kyle will survive out of this furore, as he will go on ice for a couple of months then be wheeled out for the next ratings period. Also Channel Seven have been silent on the issue and at this stage he is still a judge on Australia’s Got Talent for 2012. Let’s face it everyone knows Kyle is a prick, he would do more damage to his brand if he suddenly became the Mother Theresa of breakfast radio.



1 Culinary Boner { 11.28.11 at 2:30 pm }

Matt Newton, the Begbie of Australian society, according this well-thought-out legal argument … guess that makes it all okay.


2 Anonymous { 11.28.11 at 4:17 pm }

Actually, I think Matt Newton preceded Kyle Sandilands.

The important thing is that violence against either gender is unacceptable. We just had White Ribbon Day for violence against women but men, although it is rarer, can be victims of domestic violence too.

Having mental disorders doesn’t excuse violence in any way. However, I hope Matthew is truly given a chance to move forward now he’s under treatment – because, let’s face it, it’s a win-win situation for all if his treatment is successful. For him, for those who are in his life or may come into it. He might not seem to be contrite currently but any treatment isn’t an overnight process. He may be on the way to recovery but still have a lot of work to do.

3 Culinary Boner { 11.30.11 at 1:53 pm }

he said he was glad to be get help as he “…had enough of the noise”.

The poor bastard.