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Survivor – Keith and Whitney Hook Up

Personally I don’t see how you can hook up on Survivor, the no food, the bad weather, and the vermin would kill anyones libido.

However this was not the case for Keith and Whitney in Survivor South Pacific. They are now an item.

Also a minor scandal but it was revealed she was married to another country singer, and she got back from filming and said she was leaving as she met someone else.

It appears her and Keith’s romance has survived off the island.

(Source: Reality Blurred)


1 Georgie { 11.30.11 at 7:57 am }

Now what was it Whitney said to Cochrane when he flipped? Oh that’s right it was, “you disgust me”. And that was about a game!

2 Trent { 11.30.11 at 8:42 am }

It is shaping up to be a Coach/Cochrane/Brandon grand finale..GREAT.. not.. I would have much preferred a Dawn/Papa Bear and Christine final

3 Dazza { 11.30.11 at 9:26 am }

Cochrane defending all his decisions will be worth the price of admission on the finale though

4 Reality Raver { 11.30.11 at 12:12 pm }

I am hoping Cochran will prevail the wimp versus the alpha males.
I had one eye on the Survivor ep last night which was a highlights package, and his original tribe were condescending to him. They obviously thought he was a player and could manipulate him

5 PinkPatentMaryJanes { 11.30.11 at 12:16 pm }

Number one reason I could never hook up on Survivor: no toothbrush or toothpaste.

As for Cochrane – go dude!

6 Reality Raver { 11.30.11 at 12:17 pm }

PinkPatentMaryJanes – Oh good point, and no deodorant as well.

7 TMC { 11.30.11 at 12:19 pm }

Cochran will be the winner no matter what happens, he is going to see more boobies than there was in the Revenge of the Nerds 1 2 and 3 combined

8 Culinary Boner { 11.30.11 at 12:55 pm }

“Number one reason I could never hook up on Survivor: no toothbrush or toothpaste.”

That’s why doggie’s the preferred position for Neanderthals, Homo Erectus and pissed bogans.