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Big Brother House – Will It Be In Gold Coast Or Sydney?

Rumours had it the Big Brother house was locked in for Movie World at the Gold Coast, however the Daily Telegraph are reporting that Fox Studios at Moore Park in Sydney could also be in the running for the all important compound.

The article states:

A TUG of war between NSW and Queensland has erupted over the location of Channel 9’s reboot of Big Brother, with the location of the all-important inmates’ house yet to be settled.

While the always-rambunctious dwelling was situated at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast for all of Channel 10’s eight seasons, it is understood two other offers are now being considered.

Fox Studios at Moore Park – where The Great Gatsby is currently filming – has expressed interest, as has Dreamworld’s major competitor Movie World.

“(Nine) were looking to base it in Sydney to separate their Big Brother from Channel 10’s,” an insider said. “But the reality is the Queensland theme parks are the perfect place, in terms of people being able to get up close to (the house).”

Confidential hears Movie World is leading the negotiations, but it said it was not in a position to comment yesterday. Channel 9 said a location was yet to be decided.

The new Big Brother – to be hosted by Nine’s latest Seven poaching Sonia Kruger – will be a downsized version of Ten’s popular noughties format.
For some strange reason I had thought the house had been placed up in the Gold Coast because they had better weather and therefore people wore less clothes if you get my drift.
However a change of location for the house to Sydney could be a good one, look what happened to The Block when it moved from Sydney to Melbourne.



1 SED { 12.03.11 at 10:52 am }

Ive seen pictures of construction taking place at the old Dreamworld site for BB, so it will probably remain at Dreamworld. (at Although Id much rather it at Fox Studios!

2 brain dead dave { 12.04.11 at 3:40 pm }

A turkey slap is going to feel just the same in Sydney or the Gold Coast, it’s a trifling matter where the show will be.

3 Culinary Boner { 12.05.11 at 10:16 am }

I reckon they should choose a set that will induce the greatest level of psychological stress ever unleashed on the what is, in my opinion, a lame concept and show, in which the contestants are treated to way too many conveniences. And haven’t Beauty and the Geek, and even the Block, done the ‘swingin’ spa stuff to death?

My suggestion… *drum roll please*… the Marrickville Tavern or its flea-bag equivalent in some other part of Sydney or even Melbourne. Why not rent a pub for the 3 months this show is running? But not some swanky and hygienic yuppie pub in Surry Hills. No, no, no, no! I mention this Marrickville establishment because its near where I live and has all the mod cons needed for the ultimate BB contestant experience. I’m sure there may be other more much more worthy contenders across this fair city.

But back to this idea. A sticky carpeted, pokie palace would be perfect accommodation, providing every necessity, except for fresh air and vermin-free sleeping. A kitchen customised for frying and opening cans. Foxtel Main Event.

And social lubricant on tap, even if your first essential task is going to have to be cleaning the tap lines for the first time in several months.

And perhaps some hidden treasure? Stashes of loot, contraband and even more mundane ‘findings’ like coins in the back of the chairs (pre-decimal), exotic ‘birds nests’ of pubes in the urinals and, of course, congealed boogers under the tables.

Keno could be running 24-7. And all contestants given a daily stipend – equivalent to the pension – to blow on this Millionaire-maker, the pokies or middies of Resches. Their choice. What a social experiment!

The weekend could feature a visiting DJ or rock band and party drugs to get the BB contestants pulsating into orgiastic mode.

The right place would be dark and foreboding, sorta like a modern Grimm Brothers haunted forest, with plenty of nooks and crannies for canooldling. And thank the Queen of the Nile for IR camera technology which means only the ‘hottest’ body parts will flare up on screen. Is that a peen I see, or just a hot dog some pissed guy dropped in that corner back in 2008? No way. No hot dog’s that big.

Kerri Anne will be punching the air at the thought of Sonia having to report on proceedings from a manager’s office featuring stashes of Hustler mags, overflowing ashtrays and a crowbar for unruly patrons.

Bring it on, I say, and I may even watch this shite.

4 Georgie { 12.05.11 at 11:16 am }

The peep holes CB, you forgot the peep holes. Isn’t that a requirement of this show? If not, how else do the voyeurs get their rocks off?

5 Culinary Boner { 12.05.11 at 11:55 am }

Oops, my alias has been revealed. Have to run. Got a lipo job to do in 5-mins.

6 Georgie { 12.05.11 at 12:23 pm }

LMTO CB – sprung! Don’t you just hate that memory sometimes.

I thought the under-table cameras were for booger dumpers.

7 Kieran McKenzie { 03.02.12 at 3:37 pm }

We told Australia in 2011 that there was going to be a high probability Big Brother will return to Dreamworld, after we captured footage of contractors renovating the Big Brother eviction arena. Please visit for the video