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Bargain Hunt Australia Starts Tonight Lifestyle Channel And It Is Jolly Good Fun

Bargain Hunt is one of those iconic shows where if you watch it is easy to become addicted to it, and of course think you could do better then the contestants on screen.

It has a big fanbase in Australia, and there was much excitement when it was announced they were coming to film in Australia and it would give the opportunity for fans of the show here to try their luck on the show.

The premise of the show is two teams go head to head buying up to $500 worth of antiques which are then sold later at auction. The team that makes the most profit wins. The prize is any profit you make, and most of the time it is not much, if any. The prize is really the kudos of winning and the fun of being on the show.

Part of the entertainment of watching it for the viewer is the debate that ensues about whether the objects the team are picking are going to make any money at auction time.

My addiction occurred with the former host David Dickinson, however the show is now hosted by Tim Wonnacott and this week in Australia he is with two antique experts,David Barby and Paul Laidlaw, who help the teams with their purchases.

The format and style is very similar to what it was under David, with the host being enthusiastic, slightly silly and ensures everyone is having fun.

The two team in the first episode are father and son Peter and Damien who are up against Allison and Toni. Peter the father thinks he is a hard bargainer and is there to win. In fact it is a wonder is son kept his cool with him.

Both teams have to find their goods in the Sydney Antique Centre, where it appears if you haggle you can get a good price. I wondered if that was for the cameras….

Also it must have been interesting for the UK experts to have a look at the Australian antique scene here because we are just over 200 years old and don’t have the pieces that you can source in Europe.

The two experts also have to find an item to sell with the money left over from the $500 kitty which the teams can decide whether they will put it up for auction as well. It was interesting to see if their expertise translated to a new market. I am not going to spoil it for the fan by telling you how they did in episode one.

The auction was held at Lawsons Auction House, and the auctioneer really shone on camera. He was direct and thankfully he told the host Tim, not to call Australian women sheila’s as it was not a word used anymore. For some reason Tim had seemed surprised by this.

In fact if there is ever an Antiques Roadshow, Australian edition this guy would be a great addition to it.

If you are a fan of Bargain Hunt you will love Bargain Hunt Australia, and for first time viewers it is a good episode to test if it is a show that is going to grab your attention.

Bargain Hunt Australia – Lifestyle Channel 7.30pm from Monday 5th December. Episodes are screening from Monday to Friday at 7.30pm.


1 wurstsemmel { 12.05.11 at 12:53 pm }

Rats! I am a sucker for Bargain Hunt…loved David, warmed to Tim…love some of the ‘experts’ and their plummy tones….but no Foxtel!

2 Culinary Boner { 12.05.11 at 2:00 pm }

Spiffing … do the cobbers and sheilas have to wear fleece, Raver?
Or have they changes that to blue shearers’ singlets and a cork hat to account for being Downunder?

3 Reality Raver { 12.05.11 at 2:06 pm }

No same red and blue flannel tops. Tim does go a bit over the top with his Australian stereotypes, but the Australian auctioneer tells it to him straight.

4 Culinary Boner { 12.06.11 at 9:28 am }

Speaking of stereotypes, perhaps Tim and the other Poms on this Bargain Hunt tour of duty can avail themselves to the superior orthodontic and dentistry services we have here in the Antipodes.

5 Izobel2 { 12.07.11 at 4:07 pm }

I watch a lot of the UK version and have seen the 2 Oz eps now. It must be a good fun show to be on, as the contestants rarely make any money but are happier than any other game show aren’t they! I mean you could go on Deal or No Deal and win 80 grand, but these guys in their red and blue flannel are so excited to win 5 bucks!