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Reality TV Stars Landing On The Morning Chat Shows Couches.

Firstly sorry for the tardiness of blog posts, this should improve from now on, I just recovering from post ratings period fatigued mixed in with pre-christmas shenanigans.

The big gossip in TV at the moment is who is going to sitting on the couches on morning television chat shows.

Kerrie-Anne Kennerly was boned for new Big Brother host Sonia Kruger, and news is It Takes Two cast member David Campbell will be joining her. This could be a good combination.

The other news is Chrissie Swan is moving from The Circle back to breakfast radio on Mix FM in Melbourne, and rumour in the Daily Telegraph is that Julia Morris will join The Circle. Interesting move for Julia as I thought she was keen to work in the USA, but then whatever pays the bills.

Anyway it appears people who have the runs on the board on reality shows are in the mix for these prime TV spots.


1 bella vita { 12.19.11 at 12:06 pm }

Excuses excuses! LOL

Julia (who’s book by the way is fab), will go wherever the work is. I know she has always hoped to be a big star here in Oz, and after the success of CA, no doubt the networks are all keen to snap her up. She is way more refined than she was a few years ago when she hosted The Singing Office and even after she won It Takes Two.
I think she’d be a welcome addition to any chat show.

David Campbell. Meh. Always riding on the coat of Daddy (should have stuck to Cabaret)…..but then again, his star didn’t rise until he publicly announced who his Dad was.

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3 Laura { 12.21.11 at 12:01 pm }

Apparently Sarah Murdoch quit Top Model to be one of the hosts of the new breakfast show on Ch 10 (with Andrew Rochford & Paul Henry).