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Did Brandon Do The Dumbest Move Ever On Survivor?

The $60 million question is which Survivor contestant is God talking to? Is it Coach or Brandon? Seriously when people hear voices they are normally thought to be mentally unwell, however this is never the case when God is talking to you.

However Brandon made a total faux pas last night on Survivor when he gave away his immunity necklace to Albert to prove his loyalty. Coach, Rik and Sophie then voted him out. Hello didn’t he see the season when this happened to ice cream scooper Erik?

Albert appears to be on the outer when he managed to get Rik (he speaks) fired up because his neck was on the line.

Whoever is wins the challenge between him and Ozzie on Redemption Island next episode must be back in the game otherwise it will be totally unfair.

If Rik gets in the top three he could win as he has not turned on anyone yet, but Coach who has played a strong game is starting to look shaky as he has made some moves in the last few episodes against players. Considering he saw himself as Brandon’s ‘mentor’ it seems strange that he turned on him.


1 Chunks { 12.21.11 at 2:00 pm }

Dumbest. Move. Ever. EVER. Still, at least it changed the plot a bit because otherwise it was the “anyone but Albert” game. Personally I don’t think any of them deserve to win at this stage.

2 Reality Raver { 12.21.11 at 2:43 pm }

Chunks – I agree, I was thinking last night who I want to win, and I could not think of any of them. No satisfying winner this series. Rik might be but who knows he got no air time.

3 Bruiser Brody { 12.21.11 at 3:36 pm }

Not sure if it can be described as “dumb” as Brandon had pure intentions in relation to his gameplay – whereas Coach is the sneakiest backstabber going around!!
Srlsy, the amount of god-bothering on this show is doing my head in!! God’s will is for Brandon to win – then he speaks to Brandon to give the necklace – but, hang on, then he’s speaking to Coach about voting Brandon out! Naughty God! Aren’t you meant to be watching over Kim Jong Ill? Who would’ve thought you’d have enough time to personally influence and direct the entire season of a reality show?
Coach alluded to the fact that “hey, that was God speaking to YOU Brandon, not me!” – letting on, that in fact, he is fully aware that ‘hang on, there is this certain thing called free will, and I don’t have to subscribe to this bullsh!t dogma when it’s convenient to me” – the HYPOCRISY of these God Botherers has NO place in Survivor, let alone shoved in my face every night!
Wasn’t Brandon the same dude that voted out Mikayla coz he was having unpure thoughts about her?
Coach has been such a manipulative piece of sht to keep these mental patients under a spell of ‘loyalty’ under a Christian banner it is sickening!
Albert shows what a crap ‘master strategist’ he is – getting caught out and then using his God-bothering skills to manipulate Brandon – he should’ve flipped moons ago!!
Sophie is only worthy winner…
The amount of hypocrisy in a game built on deceipt under the banner of playing as a “Christian” has made this the most unenjoyable season EVERS!

4 Trent { 12.21.11 at 4:31 pm }

I would definately not say the season is unenjoyable, i still get so excited watching it, even if i love to hate the remaining members of the tribe.
Was so glad to see Brandon be kicked out although i wish he would have reacted a little pissed off.. he was so nasty to Dawn, Whitney, Jim etc Coach is an absouloute slimeball, he is a dictator and why the hell does HE have the hidden immunity idol.. i think get rid of that altogether. Sophie has not done one bit of stradegising all season and neither has Rik.. just copied everything Coach has dictated, and Albert is the only one who has thought of going against Coach and it looks like he is about to be punished for it. They have all turned on him. Go Ozzy.

No more Hidden Immunity Idols
No more Past Contestants and get rid of redemption island, its a waste of time.

5 Susan { 12.21.11 at 7:28 pm }

Spewin totally – power went off 30 mins in!!
Thanks for the recap guys – am pretty bloody happy Brandon gone – loose cannon to say the least.
Agree wholeheartedly to all your comments about past players – I think I sound like a broken record on that one – and yes, get rid of redemption and idols whilst they at it – go back to basics!!!
Have not once ounce of interest in the winner – I know tragic! But will watch cos I’m a sucker for Survivor!
My bet is on Coach or Ozzy – as I said at the beginning – SPEWIN!!

6 Andrea { 12.21.11 at 7:55 pm }

I agree, all this god stuff is turning me off, its boring, as if God would really be bothered who wins this show! im sick of redemption island too and the hidden immunity idol, its not necessary. I dont care who wins this time, the god thing is so annoying!

7 Reality Raver { 12.21.11 at 10:32 pm }

I think Redemption Island would work only if it was used once and the person is allowed back after the merge. Then after that once the ‘tribe has spoken’ you are out. Ozzy or Brandon are going to come back in at top 4 or 5. Ridiculous. Agree regarding the immunity idol get rid of it.

8 Fiona { 12.22.11 at 9:24 am }

Having the Idol seems to mean you never get voted for – what happened to “flushing out” the idol? Why should Coach sit there smiling for weeks with it in his pocket? Agree about Sophie never making a move – she has listed to Albert suggest blindsides but never gone along with him so he was never able to make a move, now she hangs him out to dry after Brandon wins immunity. So funny how Brandon just up and announced he was giving away the necklace right at the start – he doesn’t seem to get the order of things really. And as for Coach, using God as the reason for voting Brandon, I have never rolled my eyes so much as in this episode. Now he is going to make himself feel better that he has given Brandon a chance to beat Ozzy and come back into the game, not that he went against his acolyte. I hope that Ozzy gets back in and wins every immunity (he will need to) and wins this thing as all those left are not at all appealing.

9 Susan { 12.22.11 at 12:02 pm }

Just one question as I missed the end – who were they originally going to vote off before Crazy Horse gave up his immunity to Albert?

10 JStar { 12.22.11 at 12:25 pm }

God certainly sends out mix messages and likes to cover his bases! Reminds me of that Simpsons episode where Lisa (playing Joan of Ark) is tried and God is called in as a witness only to be caught out that he has given opposing sides his blessing to kill in his name. Definitely Brandon’s move IS the dumbest ever because even after knowing how Erik gave up immunity and was voted out, he did the same thing! The look on his face when it slowly dawned on him during tribal council that Coach would likely be voting for him was priceless.

My opinion is that sending Brandon to Redemption Island is the correct move if one wants to take out Ozzy. He has proven quite solid at challenges. Ozzy has now spent two weeks at Redemption and it has shown. Two of the weakest players, Cochran and Edna, came very close to beating him. Fatigue may be his downfall against his upcoming duel with Brandon.

So who will and should win? Firstly, Rick won’t win as he has received zero air time. Brandon can beat Ozzy but his outbursts at Tribal Council and generally his attitude towards the “enemy” (Savaii tribe) means he is the perfect person to take to the final three as he won’t get any votes – even with the backing of his deity behind him.

Ozzy will win if he makes it all the way. Sophie was correct in pointing out that Ozzy was the biggest threat. But Ozzy shouldn’t win as the Redemption Island twist has taken out the “social” element in winning this game. It suits Ozzy to a tee as he has always been a great challenge player but a poor social player (sucking Amanda’s face notwithstanding). We saw it earlier in the season with his whiny and lazy behaviour around camp. The Redemption Island twist is interesting but I’m with RR on this, it needs to be done away at the merge. Ozzy hasn’t had to build and break bonds just to get to the end – a key element of Survivor. Nothing worse to watch on TV then a jury completely in love with Ozzy. Bitter juries are always the best!

That leaves Albert, Sophie, and Coach. Any of them can win (assuming Ozzy is not in the finals) but won’t be popular winners amongst the viewing public. Albert will need to really make it up to the jury as they saw through his performance at Tribal when he refused to give back the immunity necklace. He knew Brandon was going home and he wasn’t very good at lying about it. Sophie is interesting as she has been clever enough not to stick her foot in her mouth at Tribal and let other people hang themselves. She has won two individual immunities herself and is very clever and well spoken – something one needs when addressing the jury. But in exit interviews with the previous female contestants, they all seem to point out that Sophie is not very popular with them. Sophie’s social game is not good enough and she needs to ensure that she sits next to the right people to win. I’m sure all the jury members have seen her smirk everytime someone is voted out.

Finally Coach. Unlike Ozzy, he wasn’t beloved. He was told by Christine on Day 1 that he was a “temporary” player. Somehow he managed to ingratiate his way within Upolu, build a solid final-five alliance, help build an insurance alliance with Edna, and then convince Cochran to switch his vote. But most impressive was his use of religion to control his tribe, particularly loose cannon Brandon. For all of the above, he should win. It won’t be popular (and let’s face it, it was nauseating to watch him force people into prayer), but he should win. However, Coach has always been a very poor strategist. I don’t think he has the insight to realise that all his talk about honour and integrity reflects so badly against him in this cut-throat game, particularly how he cut Cochran (his “Hercules”), Edna (who was prepared to eat his own shit), and now Brandon (his Christian brother) loose. Hiding behind “god’s will” won’t wash with the jury. Coach would have won easily if he took Cochran, Edna, and/or Brandon to the final Tribal Council with him. He still can win if he takes Brandon and Rick along with him but it seems that Coach is doing everything in his power NOT to win the game by wanting to be there with either Ozzy (remember that “irrevocable promise?”) or Sophie. Brandon may have single-handedly made the dumbest move in this game, but Coach is guilty of making a series of stupid decisions as he stutters towards the finishing line. Bring on next week I say!

11 Susan { 12.22.11 at 3:11 pm }

Awesome post JStar – thanks
BTW – can you remember when the finale will be shown in US? Just have to keep off a few websites in case I get a spolier…..

12 JStar { 12.22.11 at 3:25 pm }

Hey Susan. Cochran…er…JStar here. The finale was shown a couple of days ago (Monday our time) so be careful. I’ve avoided the spoilers too so can’t wait till next week. As much as I hate to say it, I think Coach should win based on how he played. Plus, he seemed to have sewn up a final three scenario with everyone left in the game. He can only be taken out at the final four so he’s safe at the next Tribal Council as that is the last time he can use the idol. Your thoughts on who will win and who should win?

And as for your earlier question, Albert was in deep trouble. Sophie, Coach, Rick, (and initially Brandon) had decided to vote him out after Brandon won immunity. So Albert knew that if he gave Brandon back the idol, he would have been sent to Redemption Island. From memory, part of that thinking was similar to why Brandon was sent. The majority wanted someone who could ensure Ozzy would not return to the game.

13 Susan { 12.22.11 at 5:40 pm }

Thanks Cochran (I actually was gonna call you that hee hee!)Thats an interesting move re Brandon – I actually think Ozzy is a bit invincible on Redemption – so mark my words now that I have said it he will lose!
I remember bagging Coach (on this blog) so badly at the beginning of the series – bully, manipulator – and have such negativity towards him I really really dont want him to win. The whole concept of players returning should be stopped – and if either Ozzy or Coach do win this series me thinks Mark Burnett might even agree to that ….
I was really gunning for Dawn or Christine – new bloods – so sticking with the female vote gonna say Sophie …….

14 JStar { 12.22.11 at 9:14 pm }

Agree Susan. The only time returning players should be allowed back in the game is if it is a complete season of returning all-stars (i.e. All Stars and Heroes v Villains). In fact, each season where returning players have competed against newbies, they have done extremely well (i.e. Guatemala: Stephenie was runner-up; Fans vs Favourite: Parvati won with Amanda and Cirie second and third; and Redemption Island: where Boston Rob won on his FOURTH go). Those with enough insight have the brains to change their game and make it quite far because the other players assume the returning players will play exactly the same way as they did the first, second, and third time around. It is like lambs to the slaughter.

Not sure if I agree that Coach has been acting as a bully this season – well, relatively speaking. Definitely he has always been a very eccentric, spiritual man with grandiose stories (Hello! The story of escaping the tribe of cannibals whilst kayaking solo down the Amazon springs to mind). I thought he was a bit of a bully during that first season he played (Tocantins) towards Sierra and quite harsh towards Erinn (not unlike his dismissal of Mikayla). This season though, he seemed to have connected with a few people through religion and he has used that to manipulate his tribe quite well. His social game is so much better than the first time around – i.e. he has learnt from his mistakes after two previous seasons (unlike Ozzy).

If Coach or Ozzy win, I don’t think I would be too pleased either way based on what I wrote earlier. Not sure if I would be too happy for Sophie either – her smirking at Tribal Council to those she votes off reveals a mean spirit in her. Honestly, the only person I would have been truly happy to see win was me. Anyone who can pull off sweater vests in tropical conditions whilst recounting stories of trading sperm and pooping pants on national television deserves to win a million dollars! 😉

15 Susan { 12.23.11 at 12:17 pm }

I’d vote for ya!
Ha-ha – Roll on next Tues !!!

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