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Oh No – Is Donald Trump Still Going To Run For President?

Donald Trump this year ruled out standing as a Republican candidate for the US Presidency, however rumours are again going into overdrive that The Apprentice host may run.

The Daily Telegraph reports he has changed his political status from Republican to Independent, which means he could run for President with no party affiliation. Ross Perot was the last person to do this got a respectable 20 per cent of the vote, but it is highly unlikely that he will win.

However he won’t be able to start campaigning until May as he is filming the show up unti then.

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1 LolaLee { 12.26.11 at 9:46 am }

Unlike vast majority of past US presidents, at least he has some practical business experience so may be able to stop the country from its descent into the toilet. If he runs, I reckon he’ll get in – they did vote in Ronald Reagan after all lol