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Survivor South Pacific – Sophie Wins And Coach Is Runner Up

Medical student Sophie won Survivor South Pacific last night getting more votes from the jury then Coach and Albert.

Personally I found all of the final three, actually make that the final five unlikeable. However Sophie did play a strong game both physically and strategically. Coach was never going to win, as he his always gibbering about code and honour but he was instrumental in eliminating quite a few of the jury.

Ozzy he has been sitting at Redemption Island for most of the series beat Brandon to get back in, however the alliance Coach had with Ozzy was extremely fragile as he was eliminated again…..

the other lowlight of the finale was the return of Russel Hantz giving his opinion about Brendon’s game play, OK giving up the immunity necklace was stupid, but genetically there are not a lot of brains in that family.

Who do you think should have won?

Here is Jeff Probst’s take on the finale.

Also here is an interview with Coach bitching about Ozzy, and interview with Ozzy who is probably bitching about Coach. Also here is a interview with winner Sophie.

This series started off well out of the gates, but ended with a bit of whimper as the only people left were quite unlikeable.


1 Trent { 12.28.11 at 10:50 am }

Just like to say my opinion for future seasons..

– No more Past Players (unless they have a series of the return of all players voted off first) that would be interesting.
– NO MORE REDEMPTION ISLAND this series once again proved its a waste of time, and also takes the sting out of blindsides
– Get rid of the hidden immunity idol. Coach basically had a free pass to the finale.

Also Jeff please dont threaten to bring back Russell and Brandon again!!! It made me so angry when the audience cheered for that, geez i would love 4 chances at a 1/16 chance of a million dollars!!

Sophie was just as unlikeble at the reunion show and Cochrane seems like he was knocked down a peg or two. Dawn should have been player of the season. RR you are right this season kicked off with lots of Likeable character… Mikayla, Dawn, Papa Bear, Jim, Christine etc but they unfortunately left too soon! Cant wait for the next series. Hopefully free of any HANTZ or Dragonslayers!!

2 Carly Townsend { 12.28.11 at 11:20 am }


Can i make a request please. As I frequent other blog sites and you are on their blog sites, by no intention of my own I see the title of your blog and you have now ruined the ending for me as I am yet to watch the episode. I am sure you can call it something else and people will still know what your blog is about.

3 Dazza { 12.28.11 at 12:44 pm }

I was happy for Sophie to win because she was not the typical female winner. She was strong in challenges. Agree with getting rid of Redemption Island because it takes time out of the show. There was a lot of stuff obviously foing on that was not shown in the episode.

If you get a chance, You Tube :Survivor Ponderosa” because it shows the eliminated people arriving back at camp and their reactions etc. Some are boring but others are quite interesting

4 Susan { 12.28.11 at 2:22 pm }

Cannot believe it – musta been because of the PH but I forgot to tape the finale – DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know I could have watched online somewhere but the dullness of the final 5 made me just come here and find out the winner. Although I did mention last week out of who was left I would like Sophie to win – but am actually surprised she did – can anyone please tell me the final votes?
Also, was there any juicy bits during the re-union special? I will try to get online and see if I can find that…..
As mentioned by nearly everyone on this blog – PLEASE don’t bring back previous players – it really sucked this series.
I would have loved to have seen Dawn win viewers fave – who ended up winning it – Cochrane?
Thanks RR for your great recaps too – don’t know what I would do without this website :)
Look forward to your comments too JStar…..

5 Dazza { 12.28.11 at 3:48 pm }

Sophie 6 votes, Coach 3, Albert 0. Final jury very angry. No-one wanted any of them to win. Reunion show – basically everyone loves Ozzy. Edna is preggers. Brandon’s family have all disowned him and only Russell went to finale show and Russell said “Brandon has destroyed the family name”.

6 Izobel2 { 12.28.11 at 4:30 pm }

I think this was my most unliked season, apart from Cochrane and JStar!!! I agree with you Trent on all of your comments. And Ozzy was right, they should’ve voted out Sophie when they could’ve as she was a much better player than Cowboy. I don’t like how all the ‘team’ sticks together in the last 2 seasons, I much prefer a good blindside. The TV Tonight website says next season is Samoa where the 2 tribes live together. That sounds more interesting. I’m looking forward to next season already!!

7 Chunks { 12.28.11 at 5:12 pm }

Hilarious that Brandon has been disowned by his nutcase of a family. It could be the saving of the poor wee lad, who seems a decent sort of fellow, if slightly crackers. Just don’t think any of them deserved to win, including Ozzy, who may have toughed it out on Redemption Island but who should never have got there in the first place. Started well, ended badly. Please, no more past players. Okay, maybe a Hunks of Survivor series…

8 Calliegirl { 12.28.11 at 5:37 pm }

Yes I agree with everyone – didn’t like any of the final three and didn’t really care who won! It became very boring right from the start when they formed a 5 alliance and just got more tedious each week. Was rooting for Ozzie, but at least he won ‘Most Polular’.

9 Fi { 12.28.11 at 6:42 pm }

I stopped watching this season. Coach’s tribe annoyed me way too much. I got sick of them thanking god every time they won or claiming it was god’s will when someone got voted out.
I agree with everyone, no more past players and no more redemption island.

10 Susan { 12.28.11 at 7:40 pm }

Thanks for the juicy bits guys – god, Ozzy is a knob – more so that bloody Coach!
Albert must have been miffed as to why he didnt receive any votes, but then I suppose watching the show on tv he woulda worked it out.
Sophie was just so god damned bland ……. agree with you all – hope they listen and then – Bring on Samoa!

11 JStar { 12.28.11 at 11:38 pm }

OMG! Leaked video on the internet about the next, next season of Survivor. It will be known as Survivor 25: Island of the Pygmies. From what I remember seeing online before the video link was cut off, I will describe what I saw.

Cut Scene: Helicopter approaches a beach where the feint outline of 18 competitors, already pre-divided can be made. A man in a light coloured-blue long-sleeved shirt and beige coloured chinos step out. It is Jeff Probst. He strolls out to the beach and is greated by the two local pygmy chieftains. Probst shake hands with both the chiefs. As the helicopter lifts off, all beings on the island raise their hands to shield the sand billowing from the ground into their eyes. As the hum of the blades slowly disappear, Probst turns to the remaining 16 competitors. “Welcome to Survivor: Island of the Pygmies.” Whoops and cheers accompany him as the 16 young scantily clad female competitors, nay, warrior princesses, excitedly wait in anticipation.

“Firstly,” Probst begins solemnly using his oh so serious Survivor face with that familiar dimple barely masking the twinkle in his eye, “we have to divide you into your tribes.” “Chieftain Evil Russell, please step forward.” A short, stout, bald man steps forward. “Russell, you will have all the eight, blonde, silicone-enhanced female competitors on your team. You will be wearing blue. Your team will be known as Team Misogyny.” Russell runs towards his harem hoping that he has 39 days to leer creepily at them.

Probst turns towards the other pygmie chieftain and shouts out, “Chieftain Crazy Brandon, please step forward.” The young, short, and stout man finishes his prayer and gets to his feet. He puts on the red buff provided to him by Probst. Jeff looks out at the remaining young, female, silicone-enhanced players and turns towards Crazy Brandon. “Brandon, you will captain Team Seductive Temptress of Sodom.” Brandon reluctantly trudge towards his harem hoping that he will have 39 days of leering at his harem whilst simultaneously cleansing himself by lashing his back whilst in deep prayer with his god. He knows that only through constant prayer will he be rid of the those impure thoughts forced upon him by these young women as they tempted him seductively whilst they boiled water, gathered firewood, and cooked rice.

Unfortunately, that was all the sneak (and leaked) preview that was available on the internet. I’m sure I speak on behalf of everyone on this site when I say, “What the bloody hell are the producers thinking?!!!!!”

12 Reality Raver { 12.29.11 at 12:28 am }

Carly Townsend – Sorry you have seen the result of Survivor will keep it in mind in the future.

Dazza – Thanks for the tip off re: the Ponderosa interviews, I have watched them when I have been in the US, but had not realised you could see them on YouTube. It is a pity the NINE website doesn’t put them up.

for those who care the three people that voted for Coach was Rick, Edna and Cochran.

13 Reality Raver { 12.29.11 at 1:02 am }

JStar – LOL – sure….

14 Marepoppin { 12.29.11 at 1:12 am }

RR- that isn’t the first time someone’s had a word to you about spoiler titles for Survivor. I actually considered messaging you to ask you specifically not to give the ending away as I hadnt seen it yet, but then thought that you would know better. It’s not up to you to save readers from info they can get elsewhere on the web, but I did expect more discretion and courtesy from you.

Jstar- at first I thought you were for real… But the team names didn’t seen tribal enough 😉 lol

15 Fiona { 12.31.11 at 2:44 am }

I finally watched the finale (although I knew the winner thanks to the headline above). I did think that Coach almost saved himself with his final answer where he described his house of cards that he had stacked up and had to keep going, but obviously in vain. His problem was that he made a couple too many alliances and you never can please all the people… I think Sophie was rather unlikeable, even in victory she was so buttoned up and difficult to read (someone please tell her to stand up straight!), she was very imperious and demanding, she ignored most of the other tribe the minute they merged, I guess a million dollars means she won’t have to worry about changing too much now.
I hope the next season they vet the cast to weed out too many rampant Christians, as it seems once you get a few the tribe falls in line and we have God’s will running the show.
I will keep watching, but I hope we don’t have a domino run like this time, once Cochran took Coach’s bait and the dominant team took over my interest waned severely.

16 Reality Raver { 12.31.11 at 1:44 pm }

Fiona – apparently the tribe was even more religious then it showed.

17 Andrea { 01.02.12 at 8:52 pm }

I agree with everyone, the god stuff was way over the top, Im sure He has more important things to worry about than who wins survivor. I hope the next group of people can think for themselves instead of blindly following their leader who does whatever god tells him! Also I hope there are no previous contestants this time and no redemption island or hidden idols. Just get back to basics, it was much more interesting.

18 Georgie { 01.02.12 at 9:42 pm }

Maybe the should be called ’39 Days and Nights in the Wilderness’.

19 Chrislyn townsend | Premierpb { 03.01.12 at 7:35 am }

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