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Real Housewives Franchise To Come To Sydney?

The Daily Telegraph is saying the Real Housewives franchise is set to come to Sydney with talent scouts scouring the Eastern Suburbs for “talent”.

A Real Housewives is definitely on my new years wish list, however I am not holding my breath at this stage. These rumours have been circulating for years. What happened to The East?

For people who don’t watch the show, the Real Housewives franchise is all about conspicuous consumption and conflict.

In a blog post from a couple of years ago I outlined who I would like to see in the show and most are still relevant.

What Sydney really needs is their own Real Housewives series like the very popular Real Housewives of NYC, based on the lives of six New York ‘socialites’. The Sydney cast could include Skye Leckie wife of David Leckie as Australia’s version of Ramona. Gail Elliott, could take on the Kelly Bensimon role, Charlotte Dawson would be perfect in the Bethenny role, and Kirsten Carrioll would be the equivalent of the countess as she is married to a French man, as well as using it as platform to promote her lanolips range. For the Jill Zarin role I would suggest Ben Tilley’s wife Tiffany which would also create some tension with Skye Leckie just like the Real Housewives of NYC show.

However will add a few more names in as suggestions Shari-Lea Hitchcock, Liz Buttrose and their friend Darrel Lea heir, Carissa Lea. They are all friends in real life so there would not have to be as many set up scenarios and their conversation could flow naturally.

Roxy Jacenko who has been in a reality TV pilot before would be a great edition to the cast as would her sister Ruby. Lara Bingle is not doing much she could be a worthwhile addition to the show.

I am sure there would be quite a few who would put their hands up to be on the show, remember Bethenny Frankel is now worth $55 million.



1 SEDI { 01.06.12 at 6:52 pm }

I remember ‘The East’ well – apparently one of Kyle and Jackie O’s ex-producers was going to be one of the stars. What happened to it?

Altough I am not a fan of The Real Housewives franchise I could see Arena giving this a red hot go. There should be a lot of potential for it. Oh David Leckie’s wife would be PERFECT! She is pretty trashy and has appeared on Kyle and Jackie O several times.

2 the real housewife of Sydney TM { 01.19.12 at 2:58 pm }

They’re a bit too late. I already exist!

3 Sophie Koutoulas { 01.13.13 at 1:09 pm }

I’m a devotee of housewives, my fav is NY. I am a wife
Mother , dentist and business owner . But definetly
middle class and not in the housewife circles.
I have often wondered how a grounded downtown
Housewife would do mixed in the existing groups .
It would give the average viewing demographic a
chance to experience the housewife lifestyle through
the eyes of a peer, and to contrasting reactions of
someone without the priveledged lifestyle . Just
an idea to keep it fresh ….?