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My Kitchen Rules Contestants Names Are Starting To Be Released

My Kitchen Rules will be airing in a matter of weeks and slowly the names are starting to be leaked.

In NSW Samantha teams up with her potential future mother-in-law Jillian. Sam who is only 23 has been dating Jillian’s son for three year. They have a “high end boutique” approach.

The other NSW team is also from Sydney and they are a brother and sister team of Helen 46, and Steve, 51. They have a Greek background, and their parents owned a fish and chip shop.  Helen when she was 16 had to take over the cooking for her family as her mother had died.

Tasmania will have a newly engaged couple Megan Woodman and Andy Appleby, and they look like we might see a bit of fire between them.

The Mercury article states:

“I think just the fact we’re in a relationship as a couple, so we work together really well because we know each other so well,” Ms Woodman said. “I think we can bicker and fight about things and not hold back.”

“I run around like a headless chook, I’m a bit full-on,” Ms Woodman said.

“Andy’s more laid back and relaxed, which annoys me.”

Meanwhile there’s some disagreement about who’s in charge, but the situation seems to have worked itself out.

“Megan thinks she’s the boss and I like to let her think she’s the boss, but I really am,” Mr Appleby said.

Also the “princess” type character who says yeah a lot has been revealed to be Jennifer Evans from Adelaide. She is teaming up with her friend Leigh Sexton. They told Adelaide Now the princess tag is not warranted and they may have been hamming it up for the cameras.
The Western Australian teams are Angela Schlegel, 44, and Justine Matchitt, 42, who have been friends for 26 years.Schlegel, a hospitality lecturer at Polytechnic West, decided to enter the pair in the competition last year.

“I was watching the show and thought ‘We can do this’, so I entered us,” she confessed to Access All Areas.

Matchitt, who drives a dump truck at a mine in the Pilbara, took a while to come around to the idea.

The other team are couple Emma Donnelly, a science outreach co-ordinator at Curtin University and Andrew Paton, an environmental scientist.

My Kitchen Rules will start after the Australian Open finishes.

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