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Celebrity Apprentice Australia – The Celebrity Art Auction And A Snog With The Hoff

It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it… After not being able to lob onto the first challenge of Celebrity Apprentice Australia Season two, I thought I better hustle to the Celebrity art auction that was open to the public. Oh and try to get a bit of action with The Hoff.

I took my two young interns who had to be sacked, if you think Gen Y’s have issues then just you wait for the Gen Z’s to hit the workforce they are prima donnas. Going by the George Calombaris school of industrial relations I paid them with an ice cream and they still were not happy.

Anyway today it was the Celebrity Art Challenge and it was open to the public.  There was the girl’s team plus The Hoff – clearly they are sharing him around, and the boys team going to head to head in an art challenge where the celebs had made art pieces to sell charity. Whoever wins will have made a motza  for their charity as the prices were high.

What is like on the set of reality TV show? Well basically the shows are made in an editing suite as there was not a lot of action happening on the ground. Just small little vignettes that will be edited into something fast paced. There is at least three days of filming that goes into one episode.

Marion Grasby was project manager for the girls team and Dicko for the men. Like last season to make the money it was all about the corporates. The girls had roped in Staedler the stationery company and the guys had Roses Only, also BSC some sort protein bar turned up with a cheque.

Charlotte Dawson who has clearly found the elixir of eternal youth is looking fantastic – just to show I am an equal opportunity blogger and think of the male readers here is Charlotte looking foxy.

Tania Zaetta also appeared to have dabbled in the dark arts of botox as does The Hoff whose nickname should be the fantastic plastic.  Tania Zaetta must be this season’s villain as there is not a lot else going on there. Though her career does limp along so she must have some fans or a very good agent.

The intern took a photo of Dicko and as I was on a middle aged man rampage also he is the reality TV veteran of the show he has been in four. Even Nathan Joliffe indulging in body art could not turn my head.

However what I did see were the celebrities determined to win the challenge as well as make an entertaining reality show and the viewer should reap the benefit of this.

Celebrity Apprentice Australia Season Two will air on Channel NINE in 2012.


1 SEDI { 01.24.12 at 5:31 pm }

@RR – Hoff-snogging has to be THE career highlight, RR!

Fingers crossed I can make it to the next filming as it looks to be a hoot!

2 Ruby { 01.24.12 at 7:55 pm }

Great goss. Tania Zaetta would have scratched your eyes out for looking so good. Did the Hoff share a burger with you? Any Patti Newton sightings? She claimed that Matthew encouraged her to do the show & would give her some tips (as quoted in the Sunday Herald Sun). Better warn the young women to take up self defence?

3 Producer { 01.25.12 at 7:17 am }

“What is like on the set of reality TV show? Well basically the shows are made in an editing suite”

Well done in totally dismissing the hard work of field crew. You have no idea what goes into making a television show. No dog-and-pony-show doesn’t mean nothing’s happening – in fact, it means working for story is harder and takes more skill.

Learn more before blanket statements, please.

4 Reality Raver { 01.25.12 at 8:48 am }

Producer – Yes I totally get that the field crew including producers, cast, and camera crew are hard at work on the set. In fact I suspect the camera and sound crew on The Amazing Race are one of the most important team members on that shoot.
And course yesterday there were scenarios being set up – with a film crew chasing out the Hoff who went and stood in front of a corporate car etc etc.

However what I was trying to impart that if the person turning up were expecting fast paced action like they see on screen that would not be the case.

I think what makes a reality tv show would be more of an essay then a light hearted piece about going on set and puckering up with The Hoff.

Ruby – Patti was there, just so I don’t spoil the first episodes for people I did not mention all the cast that were there which would mean readers would be able to identify who had been eliminated in the first episode.

SEDI – LOL not sure about a career highlight but up there. However I did feel like a hypocrite that he was the one my blog post concentrated on, as I am always slightly critical about our need to import B list overseas celebs for our show, however he was impressive in how hard he was working to give good TV and the excitement he was creating.

5 Picnic { 01.25.12 at 9:05 am }

Good pic RR and loved you on ACA – they would be loving K fed’s heatlh scare

6 Nic { 01.25.12 at 9:25 am }

Loved reading this post. I think the fun nature of your pieces keep readers interested in what your writing as well as keen on viewing upcoming reality programs. You can be nothing but a positive influence on this shows ratings!! We all know about the hard work going on behind the scenes but we cetainly dont want to read about it…..yawn. Looking hot with the hoff to boot. Thanks for keeping us interested!!

7 Producer { 01.25.12 at 10:06 am }

Hmm, what a convienient and perfectly-worded post there, “Nic”. I don’t think Emma could have written it better herself. Oh, wait…

Emma, the fact remains that you write commentary on a subject you know intimately only as a viewer. Literally millions of other people can claim the same qualifications. May I suggest that if you wish to write in depth about reality television and call yourself an “expert”, you get some experience in it – starting with learning correct terminology and the roles of who does what in a production team.

8 TMC { 01.25.12 at 10:21 am }

Producer- Maybe you should get to know the regulars on this blog before sprouting shit.

Have a good Day!

9 Leop { 01.25.12 at 10:29 am }

Producer, haven’t you got a show to get on with; why are you bothering posting on this site and ‘correcting’ us, the viewers and posters. Dont understand why your getting your knickers in a twist

10 Culinary Boner { 01.25.12 at 10:33 am }

Gee, Producer… a bit touchy aren’t we? Things not going so swimmingly for you “grunts” in TV-land? Well join the club. Us “grunts” in other less-precious fields of economic endeavour are also feeling unloved at the moment.

Let’s just assume for a second that the piece of entertainment schlock that is the topic of this post was instead a heavy-hitting doco on, say, a day in the life of President Obama or Newt Gingrich. The “action” as filmed live by the production crew, if shown to the public as it happened, would be plain, ‘effing boring. Viewers would want to neck themselves after about 30-minutes of this ‘as recorded’ stuff.

The ‘real life’ of other people, as it pans out and if shown live is excruciating. Well, unless we are fortunate enough to catch them breaking the law, fighting, picking & eating their ear wax or rooting.

It’s the editing plus, of course, a combination of good planning, an eye for what visuals and events to focus on, and often just plain-old good luck, that would result in on-screen entertainment.

Presuming that every sequence in Celeb Apprentice is not scripted (happy to be corrected here*), then this would also apply to this show. And sure, there’s a shit load of work to ‘stage’ the event. But this applies for thousands of events staged across Australia. It’s called ‘event management’ and its far from an arcane art or rocket science.

I think Raver touched a nerve because she was just calling it as it is.

* With a himbo like The Hoff on set, a fuckwit like Akermanis and possible ADHD candidates like Zaetta and Dicko on set, I reckon this show would rank as one of the hardest to script.

** warning to all gullible Gen Ys out there. While events are glamorous (especially if you iz one of the VIPs the event is designed to ‘suck up to’), event management is soul-destroying, menial work with the added benefits of having to stroke egos, shout at people, and get shouted at yourself. And then when the event’s rolling you can watch everyone else have fun. Top job.

PS. Raver, where was The Hoff’s left hand?

11 SEDI { 01.25.12 at 11:03 am }

@Producer – far out Emma is just trying to create a bit of excitement and simply telling it as ‘she’ sees it – it is a blog after all, you know, a web-log?? Anyway she has already spoken highly of the other staff working on set.

@RR – I know there is constant debate about what value B-list celebs bring to reality shows BUT they are usually the one most willing to entertain. From what Im seeing of the Hoff in the media, im very pleased that he is giving it his all. And for anyone else doubting this, he also gave it his all when supporting his ex-wife on Celeb BB last year, so I think this is genuine.

12 Wurstsemmel { 01.25.12 at 12:26 pm }

Loved the shot, Emma. Snogging the Hoff indeed!!!

13 brain dead dave { 01.25.12 at 1:14 pm }

Ah , Producer. Thanks for making my day. One day you’ll make it to the editing suite. It must be tough peeling potatoes in catering. Hey, there’s a chip on your shoulder. Good luck on your pompous journey.

14 Reality Raver { 01.25.12 at 2:21 pm }

Producer – Firstly thanks for reading my blog. Nic is not me, I don’t have the need to hide make up a fake persona to fight my battles for me. In fact I like a robust debate. I must admit I find it quite ironic that you are quite happy to hide behind a non-de-plume.
As a producer it would be interesting to know if you have ever had your shows stuffed up in the editing suite. As you know how they are sliced and diced is what can give the show it’s edge.

In my opinion one the main differences between My Kitchen Rules season 1 and MKR season 2 was the it was a faster pace.

Yes my expertise does come from watching, reading and thinking a lot about the genre. By the way I think it is legitimate to be able to comment or advise on issues you have knowledge of, but may not necessarily have worked in. Do I need to have been worked in a classroom to have or give an opinion about education? There are other ways of gleaning this knowledge. In fact having a fresh eye can give a new and different perspective in my opinion.

This blog is about entertaining people, promoting the shows, having a bit of fun with snark, and also looking at things in a quirky way. This blog post covered all of that, also tried to convey that what you see on the ground is not what ends up on your screen.

By the way I don’t claim to have the monopoly on the title of “reality TV expert” but I am confident in my knowledge and ability in the area. In fact contestants have contacted me to ask how I get it so right – not something I generally put on my CV. However at times I do get it wrong, as I have in all other professions I have worked in.

By the way I am happy for you to show me around a reality TV set and in fact do a day in the life of a reality TV producer looking at the nuts and bolts would probably be fascinating for my readers and myself.

15 Nic { 01.25.12 at 2:48 pm }

@ producer…..thanks for the compliment re my writing ability. I am honoured to think that someone in your profession assumed my writing was at the standard of a professional blogger. Im just a reality television enthusiast that revels in RR’s thoughts on programs I enjoy. I did just spot an error in my grammar from my earlier comment. Im surprised you didnt pick up on it @ producer…….

16 Reality Raver { 01.25.12 at 2:49 pm }

Nic – the grammatical error is what probably made him think it was me….

17 Andrea { 01.25.12 at 6:43 pm }

I will reserve my comments about the show when Ive actually seen it but I think its good that a producer took an interest in what we all say on this blog. I wish more of them would come on board and explain all the behind the scenes stuff of our favourite shows and give us some good gossip so we have more to talk about.

18 bella vita { 01.26.12 at 3:02 am }

As one of the long time readers of this blog…prob one of the first regulars…I stumbled upon this blog because we all have something in common….we enjoy reality TV.
RR has never claimed to be an expert…and certainly in the blog’s early days….they were short observations from one person’s perspective…which is what most blogs these day are about.

Now that RR has had a bit of media attention, it seems that many people are in fact jealous as are many so called professional Media commentators….that it’s taken them 25 years to do what RR has done in 3….get the industry talking a bit and shake it up.

@Producer Why don’t you cast RR in your latest show…so she can learn more about the industry? Everyone needs to start somewhere…just like every other profession out there.

And what I hate the most? The fact that the TV industry is sooooo small here in Australia…..they recycle the same Producer’s, Production Company Staff (who go from company to company), the Freelancers…it’s really starting to become a huge bore seeing the same faces behind the scenes.

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