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Academic Does A Study On Something That Reality TV Fans Already Know

A Queensland University has done a study on where you are placed to sing on talent reality can effect the voting patterns.

The article states the study found the person who sang last had an advantage over the other contestants.

It states:

They found that even after accounting for a contestant’s talent, those who performed later in the show had an advantage over other contestants.

American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson regularly performed later and went second in the final show and has gone on to become arguably the world’s most successful Idol contestant.

Researcher Dr Katie Page said the later a contestant performed in a show, the more likely they were to not be in the bottom two in the following round.

Is this what academics do studies on these days? I thought universities are about intellectual rigour?  Any fan of the show would have been able to tell these researchers that the last spot is commonly known as the pimp spot, as that is where the producers will regularly put their favourites in to help keep them on the show. Remember which position Reece Mastin was put in the week after he landed in the bottom two in the last season of The X Factor Australia?

At least she acknowledged that where you perform is not pulled out of a hat, it is where the producers decide where you should sing.

The study also found contestants who performed first were more likely to be judged favourably than those who went second or third, which were found to be the worst positions to perform.

Apparently this has to do with memory of the voters, but I would also say that a lot viewers also can miss the first few songs as they not be settled in front of the TV yet.

Anyway I hope by the time my kids get to university this quango research has been replaced with some academic rigour, because I can just save the not inconsiderable fees and teach them this stuff at home when they are in fourth grade.