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My Kitchen Rules – Ticks All The Reality TV Boxes

Just when I consider My Kitchen Rules judge Manu Feildel a little bit 2010, he pops back on the screen showing he does have the onscreen TV presence to engage the viewer. This is a positive thing as My Kitchen Rules is going into its all important third season and the show needs to maintain the momentum it had last year.

The cooking competition reality TV show should rate well, as it is entertaining television, because it ticks of the reality TV boxes.

These are:

1. Two good looking personable male hosts, Manu Feidel and Pete Evans, MKR producers obviously realise the majority of Reality TV viewers are women;

2. However for the men there are some cute female contestants, and a few guys that may also appeal to the fairer sex, well if you like droll men in army uniforms;

3. Casting is great, even in episode one, we see who the villains are, and it is not just Jennifer and Leigh the “princesses” from SA, yes Tom I am casting a side eye at you;

4. The savvy casting will ensure lots of chatter both online, at work and in the media because everyone is going to want to have an opinion;

5. Because of said casting, friction and sniping is already occurring around the table  and by some of the looks the judges give one of the girls by episode two you can see they don’t particularly like them;

6. The cooking and drama in the kitchen is entertaining with the usual stuff ups,  forgotten ingredients – there will be tears; and

7. Also the new $250,000 has upped the ante so expect much more strategic scoring as the show progresses.

There does not appear to be too much fiddling with the format at this stage. The judges and the teams go to each others homes and have to score the couple cooking and then after the two groups have completed this they will go back to the My Kitchen Rules kitchen where the eliminations will commence.

It could be argued including a New Zealand couple into the mix to try and bring up some trans-Tasman rivalry is a format change. But seriously who gives a rats? They can’t win as when they have to cook some ethnic food they are going to struggle, apparently there are no Greek restaurants in New Zealand. I am sensing a business opportunity for George Calombaris there, I wonder what the industrial relations laws are like over there?

The only thing that irritated me was the whole judges deadpanning as they ate the food, and looking concerned and then breaking into a smile and saying I loved it. It felt a little drawn out and we have seen that trick in season’s one and two.  Other then that My Kitchen Rules is a lovely diversion from all the weight loss shows on our screens.

My Kitchen Rules starts tonight, Monday 30 January at 7.30pm and will screen four nights a week  from Monday to Thursday in this timeslot. 



1 PollyB { 01.30.12 at 12:12 pm }

I’m really looking forward to this tonight. Like most reality shows we can all do without the condescending faux drama and scene repeats, MKR is not the worst one for this. Hopefully the producers have taken note of what happened with MC and don’t try fix what isn’t broken.

2 Wurstsemmel { 01.30.12 at 12:29 pm }

I’m looking forward to this too, although I am completely over the Manu Feildel thing. I think you were right the first time, RR, Manu is 2010.

There was some gossip in the papers about friction on the set – some contestants believing they’re as good as celebrities already apparently.

3 Culinary Boner { 01.30.12 at 2:31 pm }

Finally, a semi-decent reality cooking show back on our screens…plus the kids are back at school. Hip hip ‘effing hooray!!

Can’t believe Raver your comment that there are no Greek restaurants in NZ.

Were all the Greeks pissing off outta the homeland for greener pastures in the 50s and 60s scared off from NZ by the Haka? Didn’t they milk bars and fish and chip shops in NZ? Haven’t their federation and pre-war homes been ‘landscaped’ with paving, columns and tiles?

Australia’s very own Napoleonic gastro-legend George C better be careful because the Hobbits might not fancy the competition.

4 brain dead dave { 01.30.12 at 2:51 pm }

I’ll be switching over to this at 7.30……yeeeeeah.

5 littlepetal { 01.30.12 at 3:33 pm }

I will be watching too.

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7 Reality Raver { 01.30.12 at 5:23 pm }

BDD – So MKR is going to drag you away from the Weigh in on The Biggest Loser? Wow. Also you have to watch Please Marry My Mother it is right up your alley and I need to know what you think of the mothers and the sons.

Wurstsemmel – I don’t know why they would think they are celebrities none of the MKR crowd have really gone on to big things. I know Bella and her sister pop up here and there occasionally.

CB – Well they say it tonight.

Polly B and Little Petal – Will be interested to know what you think.

8 brain dead dave { 01.30.12 at 5:32 pm }

C’mon RR ,the quality of TBL is sagging further than the fatties arses this year. TBL is being encored in the afternoons,so I won’t miss the weigh in,anyway.

Not to mention the self absorbed trainers….ie Tiffiny was here on the weekend doing a book launch-and she’s only been around for a year. My mail is that she looked totally fake with the peroxide job on her hair and the trout pout. The book signing didn’t last very long either.

I’ll be watching Marry My Desperate Wanker,too.

9 Reality Raver { 01.30.12 at 5:36 pm }

BDD – LOL – I just don’t think TBL is a four night a week show. Too drawn out, and the focus on Tiffiny who for some reason has the skill to have both males and females not like her is getting far too much airtime. so in summary I agree with what you are telling me.

10 Cherkin { 01.30.12 at 7:03 pm }

Looking forward to the start of my kitchen rules. And please marry my boy. It’s a big night for reality fans!

11 AT { 01.30.12 at 9:00 pm }

i don’t get why the SA teams always seems to be labelled as the villians in MKR? the same happened in the first 2 seasons. kinda feel sorry for the SA viewers. although i guess this time, it doesn’t help that she labels herself as the princess…

12 littlepetal { 01.30.12 at 9:26 pm }

Wow!!! Love the first episode. I thought the Helen and Steve were very nice and the ‘Princess’, she is the real villain from Day 1. They didn’t mention what she does and I can understand why the producers picked on her to be the villain. Waiting to see the the explosion between Justine and Jennifer!!!!! Can’t wait for Wed to see whether there will be a melt down in the princess’s kitchen.

13 brain dead dave { 01.30.12 at 10:16 pm }

The princess is a real embarrassment to SA and humanity in general. I’d already like to see her left alone in a room with that appalling bull dyke from The Biggest Loser.

I thought the Greek siblings did a great job.

14 nanaliz { 01.30.12 at 10:40 pm }

Evening all. Great to have something other than sport or reruns at last. Doesn’t seem like they have changed the formula this year thank goodness. Enjoyed getting to know a bit about contestants. The princess sure has an inferiority complex, NOT. Luved it when she asked if Manu really French. Army guys seem pretty fair if a bit bland but only first ep. Like WA girls so far.

15 PollyB { 01.30.12 at 10:56 pm }

Huge reality night for me – Excess Baggage, MKR, Top Chef Dessert, haven’t got to Wife Swap yet!
MKR is still cool. One thing I don’t like that they’ve kept, Manu & Pete giving their verdict before the other guests even taste the meal. Some, ie Princess, will take their cues from this.
On Princess. What a complete over-indulged prat. I’m assuming her competition partner is her partner. Gold, her asking Manu such a stuuupid question.