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Excess Baggage – Are There Too Many Numbers For Viewers To Comprehend?

It is all very well to not have any weigh-ins but to flick three numbers up for each person ended up getting a bit confusing. They were measured on body fat, waist measurement and fitness level.

I know the idea is a noble one about it being seen as getting healthy is not just  about losing weight. However the simplicity and the impact of just having one number on the scales as seen on The Biggest Loser  may make it easier for the audience to comprehend who is losing weight.

And of course what the audience does want to see is transformations on their TV screen particularly if they are going to spend hours each week watching the show.

The highlight of the episode was getting to delve into the lives of the people on the show and the stories behind them.

Having said that I was sceptical of Darren Lyon’s claim of the prime motivation of being there was to get healthy. I suspect it is more about the money and raising his profile in Australia.

I suspect  a lot of people will resonate to Ajay Rochesters story and struggles as a yo-yo dieter. Her weight has bounced up and down, probably related to what is going on in her life. Gabby Milgate revealed her emotional eating particularly related to battling periods of depression, and career struggles.

Christine Anu talks about how her career and kids had come first and she had not prioritised herself, and Kate Dearaugo revealed she did not perform anymore because of her weight. They may be “celebrities” but their day to day struggles are no different to a lot of other peoples.

Also it was great to get some back stories to the ‘real life’ contestants. Lana is going to turn into a swan once she stars losing weight, she is an attractive girl, and like some of the contestants on The Biggest Loser appears to not realise this. She has never had a boyfriend, and takes on some of the responsibility of caring for her disabled sister.

Sarah who is partnered with Kate is a wannabe singer songwriter is also going to blossom, however I am not sure they needed to get her to sing acapella on the show at this stage. It was sweet but I was not overwhelmed with her talent.

Matthew who has a cheeky personality talks about his addiction to everything,  should give good reality TV.

John is there because he has type 2 diabetes and he is only forty. What I did find disturbing in the home shots of him was how overweight one of his daughters was. So hopefully new habits might have a ripple effect at home.

However hopefully there will be a bit more humour injected into the episodes and that is what the celebrities are there for to entertain us.

Darren Lyon’s will fulfil that role. He says he is being supportive of his partner Lisa, and it cuts to a shot of him yelling at her as she is running. Also it was revealed in this week’s TV WEEK that him and Ajay cannot stand each other so hopefully there will be fireworks there.

Finally Christian the trainer received a lot of screen time, which was not a negative thing as he is very easy on the eye.

Excess Baggage is not on Wednesday night due to the cricket, however you can see the first two episodes again after the game has finished. A fresh episode will be shown Thursday at 7.00pm on Channel NINE.



1 smauge { 02.01.12 at 7:28 am }

You underestimate our ability to deal with numbers RR lol! I’m really liking the “wholistic” approach in this show. And I’m just going to come out and say this, here goes….Kevin Federline seems like a nice bloke. There I said it.

2 Calliegirl { 02.01.12 at 8:51 am }

Yep – enjoying this show – so different from TBL…

3 littlepetal { 02.01.12 at 10:43 am }

Just catching up on EB and I realised that I did a boxing course under Christian. He was a no nonsense guy.

4 Paul { 02.01.12 at 12:41 pm }

Awful figures last night. Beaten by TBL which is rating horribly as well.

Will be on Go before you know it. Nine are not going to sit this one out.

5 Picnic { 02.01.12 at 2:31 pm }

EB is boring, I think I will stick with BL which is a relief as I am having trouble fitting all the shows into my life. BL families was the first season of BL that I watched and I loved it, so I am still enjoying the format.

6 Reality Raver { 02.01.12 at 4:54 pm }

Paul – I disagree I think they have to sit it out in the timeslot as they have committed to reality in that timeslot. However they could put Big Bang in and hope the audience leads it into the 7.30pm.
However I am writing a blog post tomorrow on strategies on how EB can get the audience back

7 Culinary Boner { 02.01.12 at 5:24 pm }

My two bobs worth…
they need to show a whole lot more of Ajay. Just saying.

8 smauge { 02.01.12 at 5:26 pm }

Why is that? Does she give you the horn or something?

9 brain dead dave { 02.01.12 at 6:09 pm }

Ch9 …Still the one ….for over- hyped mediocrity.

10 PollyB { 02.01.12 at 9:49 pm }

I’m going to ffwd, as usual, but gotta see how Darren Lyons and his partner go. Chalk and cheese!

11 Izobel2 { 02.01.12 at 10:26 pm }

PollyB, wouldn’t you be like ‘why me?’ if you got stuck with Darren Lyons. That chick must be hating it!