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Brian McFadden Says Kyle Sandilands is Depressed

Kyle Sandilands fellow judge on Australia’s Got Talent and close mate Brian McFadden has told the Daily Telegraph that Kyle is depressed and that is why he has been off sick from work. He has missed his breakfast radio show, plus was a no show at the Melbourne auditions for Australia’s Got Talent.

The article said:

According to McFadden, the highly paid party boy had “been really down. I think everything’s getting on top of him,” McFadden said yesterday.

“When we say he’s sick it’s more than just being in bed with the flu. I don’t know if it’s depression, he’s just not a happy camper at the moment.”

However what was most interesting about the article was Brian’s theory that NINE were going to put The Voice up on a Tuesday night against Australia’s Got Talent so there can be some ex-girlfriend/boyfriend rivalry between him and Delta Goodrem who is a judge on the new show. This sounds like a conspiracy theory that he has cooked up himself.


1 Culinary Boner { 02.14.12 at 1:32 pm }

Boo ‘effing hoo

2 Mel Brand { 02.14.12 at 2:02 pm }

Kyle after sympathy to try and woo advertisers back to his vile radio show ?

3 Mahlia { 02.14.12 at 2:28 pm }

It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s depressed. The life of negativity he leads must catch up with you eventually.

He chooses to live that way though. Which separates him from other people with depression.

4 Wurstsemmel { 02.14.12 at 3:52 pm }

Brian really does have tickets on himself.

5 brain dead dave { 02.14.12 at 4:01 pm }

Best get him to a vet and be properly diagnosed.

6 Lisa { 02.14.12 at 4:14 pm }

Having Brian as your mate would be very depressing

7 smauge { 02.15.12 at 2:53 pm }


8 Cherry Gripe { 02.16.12 at 11:31 am }

Sure, he might be depressed. But that doesn’t give him licence to be a shit.