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Wife Swap Australia – Christians Swap With A Lesbian Couple

Harry thinks being gay is a major sin, but being a lazy and doing nothing around the house is not. Where does it say in the bible that the women do all the housework.

Tonight the Wilkinson’s swapped with the Matikanien’s but there was a twist one of the couples were lesbians and the other were Christians. Yeah you know where this is heading.

Carey who is married to Harry works, cleans the house, and cooks the dinner. While he gets to go surfing and do whatever he wants after his work day is finished.

They are Christians and they live by those core ‘values’. Though their daughter Sharni doesn’t appear to be fully embracing this as she lives in sin up in the road with her boyfriend. Sharni was nice and was amused that her dad was going to have to spend a week with a dyke.

However Harry was not the only one that was housework adversed, Karin who was partnered with Roxy did no housework and it was left to Roxy. Also Karin’s teenage son did not do anything around the house either.

Harry was mildly freaked out about having a gay person in the house, and would not let her talk about her living situation in front of the younger kids. He also downloaded articles off the internet that said how sinful being gay was. Basically they were trying to equate it with paedophilia. Let’s face it Harry was not the sharpest tool in the shed.

However Karin was having to do all the housework which was not a negative thing for her, and Carey was having a nice break from it.

However Roxy was having to dress up as a dyke on bike, and she was told she looked the part. For Carey it was a back handed compliment as that would be the last thing she would want to be. She also found it difficult about the crudeness of the conversation but she did clarify that she would have felt that way if they were heterosexual.

At the time of the rule change Karin made Harry do the housework, and Carey took over from some of the chores with Roxy. She also made Karin’s son come out of his room and help, and he got  a job in a music store.

Karin also made Harry sit down and chat with a gay minister and go to a gay pub. Harry did reveal that his brother-in-law had died of AIDs and this is what had entrenched his views on the issue.

What was interesting at the scene where the two families meet up was how Carey broke down when Karin told her how fabulous she was, and she said “she never gets told that”.

Basically all the wife’s learnt something from the swap, and Harry said he appreciated his wife more, however it was unclear whether he had changed his views on homosexuality but he was helping around the house more.

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1 Culinary Boner { 02.14.12 at 9:50 am }

Thanks for the recap Raver. Sorta glad I missed this episode as myopic, bigoted, bone-headed Christians of the type Harry appears to be based on your review shit me to tears with their obsession with everyone else’s sexuality and life choices (choices that are consensual and DO NOT HARM OTHERS). Somewhat ironically, no other institutions have harboured – and protected – as many sexual perverts, paedos and sadists as the churches, most of whom preyed on kids. Especially the Catholic church I was brought up in. But to be fair that’s probably the case in peace time only, and they seem to have finally woken up to the problem. In war it’s the turn of the armed forces to unleash the sick and depraved onto humanity. (Yes, Private Lynndie England we’ll so ’em Islamic primitives just how much more advanced us Christian Americans are by stripping ’em naked and whacking electrodes on their genitals. That’ll prove our God-given superiority.)

Isn’t SLOTH the fourth deadly sin, Harry???

2 Lebay { 02.14.12 at 10:41 am }

I have so far only watched part of the ep. I will never understand people’s obsession with what other people do in bed. Who give a fat rats who is giving what to whom. Really! Safe, Sane and Consentual….

My family and I love watching and trying to pick the ‘dud’ family (which we would no doubt be if we were to appear), Last 2 weeks there has been a bit of a line ball. I mean last week there was the messy family, and the cold german… Both had issues, but we picked the German as the dud, as weight can be lost, mess can be cleaned but that level of detachment is built in forever. This time we picked the Christians, because of narrow mindedness….