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Britian’s Got Talent Casting Outside The Audition Process

It is well known that shows cast outside the official audition processes, however it is always a shock when someone does out them.

I do disagree with her view that these programs are exploitative, it is a way for people to showcase their talents to a large audience. Yes other things other then talent can get you through the audition process like a quirky act or a good back story, but folks that is show business.

Jack Vidgen who won Australia’s Got Talent in 2011 probably loved every minute he was on the show.

Thanks to Injera for alerting me to this.



1 Rob { 02.15.12 at 2:41 pm }

Australia’s Got Talent does this as well.

2 sue N { 02.15.12 at 4:00 pm }

I have to say that Jack Vidgen lost me the minute he got his teeth capped!!! they (his teeth) are now too big for his face, and he looks silly when he talks or smiles. so phony and so “hollywood”- such a pity too because he seemed like a nice kid before he got “discovered”….

as for the fake talent being discovered- most reality shows (& I do like watching some of them!!!) have an element of being “scripted” or fake- I mean seriously…the Kardashians??????? But I hope Simon Cowell is put in his place- smug, conceited man with boobs- yuk!!!!!

3 Georgie { 02.15.12 at 4:10 pm }

sue N – agree with your views on Jack Vidgen. I was astounded when I saw his ‘gob job’ – it completely ruined his appearance. He reminded me of the muppet Dr Teeth.

4 brain dead dave { 02.15.12 at 4:57 pm }

You can give a turd fake teeth but it’s still a turd.

He needs a better, more suitable stage name….like Jack $hit.