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Survivor: One World – Race, Age and now Gender, again?

Set in Upolu, Samoa, the battle for the ‘Sole Survivor’ title returns to U.S. screens tonight on CBS with its 24th season, Survivor: One World. Though neither Nine or Go! have scheduled the program for an Australian premiere, it’s bound to get people talking for more than one reason. The premise of this season is exactly in its title. There will be two opposing tribes, but for the first time in the show’s history, both teams will be sharing one camp from the get-go and for an indefinite amount of time. I can’t be certain whether we’ll see the blurring of alliances and strategies shifting, but it’ll surely be interesting viewing.

But if you thought the limited space would make it harder to draw obvious alliances, you might need to think again because it won’t take a challenge or bandana pick to decide who’s on which team. This season, there are eighteen castaways – nine men and nine women – and the line is drawn straight down to their gender. Splitting the contestants into tribes based on gender has been employed in previous seasons and it’s certainly nothing surprising, with age and skin colour a decider for teams in other seasons as well.

With the men sticking with men and women sticking with women in one communal camp, there’s bound to be debate as to who’s the better sex! And I’m guessing the tribal lines will certainly be crossed if anyone’s in need of some ‘cosying’ up during the long, gruelling nights, sometimes without food and shelter. Who’ll be the first the sneak to the opposing team for some cuddling? It’s a diverse group, so there should be a match for everyone if they’re looking!

The ages of the castaways range from 21 to 64 and there’s also number of different ethnic backgrounds represented, which isn’t anything new for Survivor. The show’s always been quite diverse in their casting and I think the most important criteria is probably to be fit. It’s an environment where you’ll have to be both mentally and physically strong in order to get through challenges, injuries, tribal councils and back-stabbing schemes. There’s no doubt someone will cry and vow to leave the competition… There’s always at least one!

It won’t be for a while before this season hits our shores, but you could check out the list of contestants in time for when Nine picks a date:

Salani Tribe (Women)
Nina Acosta, 51, Clovis, Calif., retired LAPD officer
Christina Cha, 29, West Hollywood, Calif., career consultant
Monica Culpepper, 41, Tampa, ex-NFL player’s wife
Kat Edorsson, 22, Orlando, timeshare rep
Chelsea Meissner, 26, Charleston, S.C., medical sales
Kourtney Moon, 29, Austin, Texas, motorcycle repair
Alicia Rosa, 25, Chicago, special ed teacher
Kim Spradlin, 29, San Antonio, bridal shop owner
Sabrina Thompson, 33, Brooklyn, high school teacher

Manono Tribe (Men)
Jay Byars, 25, Gaffney, S.C., model
Colton Cumbie, 21, Monroeville, Ala., college student
Michael Jefferson, 30, Seattle, banker
Leif Manson, 27, San Diego, phlebotomist
Jonas Otsuji, 37, Lehi, Utah, sushi chef
Bill Posley, 28, Venice, Calif., stand-up comedian
Matt Quinlan, 33, San Francisco, attorney
Troy Robertson, 50, Miami, swimsuit photographer
Greg Smith, 64, Houston, plastic surgeon

(Yeah, I don’t know what a phlebotomist is either!)

It should be an interesting season and even if the twists and tribe dynamics don’t hook you in, you could just watch it for the babes and hotties. With the tribes obviously divided, it would be easy to focus on your preferred gender!

Check out the cast photos here:
Survivor: One World Castaways – Photo Gallery – E! Online


1 Izobel2 { 02.15.12 at 3:01 pm }

Hey RR I just googled it… and it’s not as exciting as I thought! “one who is trained to draw blood from a live person or animal”!

I can’t believe no-one is advertising this yet on our screens…. I’m sure it won’t take long though, then they’ll put some double ep’s on in a row at 10.30pm at night to catch up! Thanks for the info.

2 Susan { 02.15.12 at 3:23 pm }

Oh Izobel2 – I really hope your right – I need my Survivor fix!

3 Mahlia { 02.15.12 at 3:51 pm }

Survivor is the benchmark for great reality tv. (And maybe Amazing Race.)
The best possible cast for me would be people who don’t care about their integrity or the friendships they’ve made here on the Island. So over a bitter jury who award the win to the person that played the game the least.

But it’s always addictive reality tv.

4 Andrea { 02.15.12 at 5:43 pm }

I hope we do get this seasons asap as its a great show!

5 Ashley Proud { 02.15.12 at 5:53 pm }

Not that we encourage illegal torrenting but I am going to pull this down ASAP when it comes. I can’t wait!

6 Cheryl { 02.15.12 at 7:29 pm }

This cast is even less balanced than usual – 6 of the 9 women are under 30 while only 4 of the men are under 30. Is it just me or does a 50 year old male swimsuit photographer sound really creepy?

7 JStar { 02.15.12 at 8:00 pm }

And the best thing (or worst, depending if you liked it or not) is there is no Redemption Island nor returning players for this season. OMG! Could we viewers possibly survive without another year of seeing Coach or Boston Rob milking every millisecond of his 15 minutes of fame?

To the Survivor Nerds out there, this twist of living together at one location was used briefly in Season 5 – Thailand – during the fake merge scenario. That season was only memorable for forcing the producers to vet contestants more thoroughly after it was won by a soft-porn actor whose soft-porn actress wife, surprisingly, couldn’t swallow a Thai delicacy of boiled tarantula. Funny, I could have sworn she had swallowed much worse things in her line of work. 😛

The boys vs girls scenario has been done before in Season 6 and 9 and both times it resulted in an eventual tribal swap. With contestants cozying up on the beach together from the start, maybe a tribal swap will accelerate the drama and showmance for us viewers? Bring this season on GO!

8 Reality Raver { 02.15.12 at 8:43 pm }

Cheryl – maybe because of the 50 yr old swimsuit photographer is why there are so many young women

JStar – Wow you know your stuff, love it. When I retire I want to watch all the survivors again from Season 1. Yes I need to get a life.

9 JStar { 02.15.12 at 9:39 pm }

Maybe for this thread RR, I should go by the callsign of Cochran. LOL.

10 Anonymous { 02.15.12 at 10:20 pm }

a phlebotomist is just the person you go to for your blood tests.

11 Izobel2 { 02.15.12 at 10:41 pm }

Hey Cochran welcome back! Loved all your comments on last season’s Reality Ravings posts! Looking forward to your views. And thanks for the current info. I’m glad there are no past players or Redemption Island.
RR – I’d love to watch from Season 1 again too. Mind you I’d still not be able to remember everything like ‘Cochran’!!

12 Cheryl { 02.16.12 at 1:23 am }

Survivor Amazon was the first male vs female season and it was really interesting to watch the dynamics at the tribal switch. One particular girl (Shawna) was just about ready to quit the game until the men turned up and then she all of a sudden was interested in sticking around. Even right to the end the groups were still in male vs female mode which is why it’s even more surprising that a woman won the season (Jenna M). The season Chris Daughtry won was more interesting because they started out in 4 tribes (older male/younger male/older female/younger female). He managed to get a group of women to keep him around despite them having a strong female alliance led by Amie and then he pulled off a win as well.

Brian is notable for more than just soft porn, he also shot a puppy with a bow and arrow :( And he will never ever get onto a Survivor reunion because he allegedly pissed off Mark Burnett.

13 Mahlia { 02.17.12 at 2:36 pm }

@Cheryl I always wondered why soft porn Brian was never seen again.

14 Surviving Survivor | reality ravings { 02.19.12 at 6:49 pm }

[…] preview of the season is here. Related PostsFebruary 15, 2012 — Survivor: One World – Race, Age and now Gender, […]

15 Dee { 03.29.12 at 11:15 am }

What is Alicia’s ethnic race? Is she black, hispanic or what?

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