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My Kitchen Rules – Peter and Gary’s Turn – Seriously It Is Not That Hard To Cook Beans

So they have six degrees between them, but Peter can’t cut more then one bean at a time. Que? Seriously did they get their degrees over the internet?

Peter and Gary are quite delusional in their own abilities and also quite scathing about the other contestants. Peter is particularly  arrogant and condescending saying things  like “At least we know how to cook” and querying whether any of the contestants would realise they had used their own stock in the jus.

Their instant restaurant was french themed with a Gold Coast feel. There was plastic, a bit of kitsch, and just lacking in that little bit of class. As Sam said “I was really expecting class and glamour and we just did not get that”, also Nic and Rocco said it felt like a kids table.

Not that you could tell them that, as they say Potato Gratin others say Bake. Seriously same ingredients, saying something in a mangled french accent does not make it taste any better.

What did this pair do in their prep time? They made some pastry and tart filling? As nothing else appeared to be done. Maybe they would have been better putting down their champagne glasses and chopping some vegetables. They have no hope in the MKR kitchen when there is a time limit placed on them.

There menu consisted of entree of Gruyere & Tomato Tarts, main was Beef fillet en feuilletons and duxelles, green beans, and port jus, and for dessert it is Poached Pears Sauterne with Two Sauce.

The judges loved the tart. Pete Evans thought the dish was nearly faultless. He said with a dish like this you have nowhere to hide. Nor could they they hide the part of the tart tin they did not remove from underneath.

However the contestants were not so enthused.

Peter would have justified this with his view that “If they are not familiar with french food they may not understand the flavour combinations”. Really Peter you made a tart with three ingredients, did you get the recipe from the other Gold Coast “foodies” the 4 Ingredient cookbook gals.

And then it was the three hour wait for the main, and it appeared they really could not care less about their guests.

Peter actually expected empathy from them, as he thought they would know what they were going through

Sam is definitely getting frisky with the men around the table and I wonder what her boyfriend’s mum thinks of that. Last night she was trying to get Manu to cook her rabbit, and tonight she wanted to eat Nic.

Finally the main arrived and Pete noted “It looks like meat and three veg but there is only two!”. Most people thought it tasted good, but then they were probably starving.

It was 1.00am before the dessert was served, and Manu and Pete looked irritable.  What was bizarre was that they served two pears on each plate each with a different sauce of chocolate and raspberry.  As Emma said the dessert did not show creativity or flair.

Pete said the pears are cooked to perfection. However they did not like the two sauces and thought it was one sauce too much. Also for such a classy couple why was there no fork to eat dessert with?

SA gave them a 6, WA gave a 5, NSW gave a 4, Vic gave a 5, Tas gave a 4. For a combined score of 24 out of 50. They blamed strategy. Gary was shocked and insulted.

“As this competition has gone on I have got less faith in people abilities to be food experts,” said Peter.

The judges were not as harsh with Manu giving a nine for entree, six for main, and a five for dessert.

Pete gave a nine for entree, six for main, and four for dessert.

Peter was deluded he thought without the timing issue they would have scored a nine for main. Gary was gutted by the four for dessert. So they got a grand total of 63, which puts them into third position.

Ironically Andrew had brow beaten Emma into giving them a five, when she wanted to give them a four, and now they were in the bottom three. If they had gone with the lower score they would have been equal on the scoreboard.


1 TaraMacca { 02.16.12 at 5:47 pm }

I can’t help imagining how much crap their students are going to give them at Uni… How do they manage to organise themselves to LECTURE & mark papers?? HATE to be one of their students…
What an arrogant pair of men.
It would’ve been much more impressive if they had their menu in Latin.

2 Calliegirl { 02.16.12 at 5:50 pm }

I’ve enjoyed all the posts even more than the show last night. You are very perceptive littlepetal – spot on with your comments. BDD and CB you both never fail to give us a laugh. Keep up the postings everyone – so entertaining….

3 brain dead dave { 02.16.12 at 5:55 pm }

Merci beaucoup, Calliegirl.

4 littlepetal { 02.16.12 at 6:03 pm }

I don’t speak French like BDD. I like to contribute to this blog. Can never compete with BDD and CB. They are both legends.

5 marketeer { 02.16.12 at 6:04 pm }

TM – if you were one of their students, you’d know what you’d cop if you say as much as ‘boo!’ to their professorships. They have a wide stripe of vindictiveness in them. One word, and your score will go down! If Les Boys give a single score over 5 to the others, I’ll fall off the chair.

More to the point, what are the schools at which they teach going to think? Hardly a feather in the cap for their employers to see the public performance of ‘teachers’ as nasty and self-centred as these two are.

6 TaraMacca { 02.16.12 at 6:20 pm }

Marketeer; I would NEVER put up with them giving me shit for being late ever again!! I went back to Uni mature age & there are plenty of channels for complaint re marking- esp after you have a disagreement with a lecturer.
Being Medicine & Law, I’d assume it’s Bond Uni- anyone from there wanna comment on your 2 lovely professors?
Btw boys, I wouldn’t be going anywhere near the psych dept for about a year or so…cos I KNOW what they’re thinking!!!

7 marketeer { 02.16.12 at 6:32 pm }

Good for you going back to Uni, TM! Cool!

Still, would be hard to sit there with a straight face and have them teach you, non?

8 Leop { 02.16.12 at 6:37 pm }

littlepetal, no he didn’t cook did he – and couldn’t even be relied on to put champagne glasses out tch tch – in fact he should go to Cutting Bean Classes if he is going to be of any help
What a long night; desserts at 1am?
Hope the girls do well tonight………..

9 sue N { 02.16.12 at 6:50 pm }

A ce moment, il est très EMBARASSING to admit that I live in QLD- thankfully not ” Cote D’Or” 😉

10 smauge { 02.16.12 at 6:58 pm }

Sorry if I’m going over old ground but I haven’t got enough time for 55 comments.
Was I the only one that noticed that they used their prep time to go out for breakfast at a cafe?
I think Andrew wanted to bump the score up to 5 to cover the delicious play doh.
I was genuinely surprised. Stupidly I’d given them the benefit of the doubt, thinking Peter was honest in his belief of their abilities. And I truly thought they might back it up. I didn’t expect another Nic and Rocco-like performance, but I thought they might end up comfortably in second place. I was shocked at what they turned out. Not meaning to sound like Peter, but my husband could cook better than they did!

11 Jenn { 02.16.12 at 8:02 pm }

At least Peter showed a little decorum

12 Dr T { 02.16.12 at 8:11 pm }

Oh god… just saw the ratings for last night on Wikipedia

P&G’s instant restaurant attracted 1.933 million viewers
The next closest for the WHOLE series so far was Nic and Rocco on Monday 1.673 million

In fact, looking through Wiki Pete and Gary got the highest ratings ever…

13 Gay v Gay { 02.16.12 at 8:21 pm }

Peter and Gary look and sound like two bitchy old queens who just think they are soooo much better than anyone else – oh, maybe they ARE two bitchy old queens…! And that is coming from a gay guy. They give gays a bad name. Get over yourselves guys – looks like everyone else has!

14 MKR Fan { 02.16.12 at 8:37 pm }

Peter and Gary are a prime example why same-sex marriage and surrogate adoptions should be allowed. They have both made it to middle-age and beyond without learning anything about empathy, generosity and adult behaviour. They lack commonsense, something that doesn’t come with a degree and display the oblivious childish bravado that only comes with being able to live a long life without having to put someone else’s needs before your own.

15 Jenn { 02.16.12 at 8:50 pm }

MKR Fan don’t you mean ‘should NOT be allowed’?

16 Georgie { 02.16.12 at 8:57 pm }

Tonight Jillian said, “Maybe now Peter and Gary can understand what it’s like to have to wait so long for the main course”.

I thought they already knew, because they waited 2.5 hrs for Jillian’s!

Besides being extremely displeasing to the eye, that woman is tragic.

17 Jruth { 02.16.12 at 9:18 pm }

@TarraMacca- They both teach in the Medical School at Griffith Uni, Gold Coast Campus.

18 littlepetal { 02.16.12 at 9:43 pm }

They still think their food is much better than the girls. Looking forward to see next 6 nights when all the knives are out.

19 brain dead dave { 02.16.12 at 9:45 pm }

Jillian reminds me of an outback Australian reptile -the Painted Dragon.

20 littlepetal { 02.16.12 at 9:50 pm }

If they continue with the same scoring system for the bottom 6 cook off, it’s going to be very strategic and not about food. They will give low scores to those they don’ t like and the last team to cook will be the worst if the last team is one of those nasty ones.

21 brain dead dave { 02.16.12 at 9:56 pm }

Good on the girls for bringing out the champers to make the delay before main more bearable. Just a basic courtesy.

Last night Gary and Peter let their “guests” practically die of thirst while they chin chinned , moving like glaciers in the kitchen.

22 Dr T { 02.16.12 at 10:21 pm }

I don’t get it… Gary is very senior at the place where he works, and the website shows he is a very accomplished academic with a record that I would be proud to have as a doctor.

I don’t not see what possible gain he is getting out of being on this show. He hasn’t been shown in a good light at all. From watching the edits (which they don’t have control of) and what they have said (which they have control of) nothing good has been shown, but they the critical things they have said have been very nasty.

Seeing as how there is another round of instant restaurants (yippie – I am looking forward to it in all seriousness) I think Pete and Manu would have been quite happy to push the Vic girls over the line to give Peter and Gary another go round

23 MKR Fan { 02.16.12 at 10:24 pm }

Jenn, I mean SHOULD be allowed to marry and adopt. Most of us don’t start to grow up and consider the needs of others until we have children. I can’t believe these vicious, childish men are teaching at Uni. They both seem incapable of sticking to a schedule and seem like nothing more than self-congratulating alcoholics. Would love to hear from anyone who worked with Peter, the Commonwealth Prosecutor who ‘never lost a case”. He must have been unbearable.

24 Georgie { 02.16.12 at 11:14 pm }

Being a ‘lawman’ Peter would know the difference between anecdotal evidence and factual evidence as presented to a jury in court.

Talking up their culinary abilities is anecdotal evidence they can cook. They then have to prove their abilities by actually cooking to a standard that matches the anecdotal evidence. When they have succeeded in doing that, their abilities become fact.

Peter refuses to accept the factual evidence and continues to promote the anecdotal evidence as proof of fact.

Shit what a rave!

25 Reality Raver { 02.16.12 at 11:28 pm }

Dr T – It did cross my mind about why they did it. However I reckon they did it because they think they can win, and they have sat at home in the previous seasons saying I can do better then that. Also it is a unique experience, and the instant restaurants look like fun.

26 Lyn { 02.16.12 at 11:39 pm }

Re Georgie: “I noticed while all the nonsense was going on around the table during the wait, that Pete and Manu were nowhere to be seen. This confirms my earlier comment that they wait somewhere else away from the plebs at the table.”

That may be, but I think in this case they’d gone for a pizza.

27 Marie { 02.17.12 at 12:04 am }

BDD – Exactly, bringing out the champagne and apologising is a basic courtesy and makes all the difference seeing as they are being judge on their ‘restaurant’. It should be mostly about the food of course but the girls were polite, gave good service and in the end took nowhere near as long (as WA man whose name I have forgotten pointed out: timing wise their dessert was still out before Peter and Gary’s main).

28 Georgie { 02.17.12 at 9:55 am }

Lol bdd – “moving like glaciers in the kitchen” and the “Painted Dragon”.

29 Georgie { 02.18.12 at 8:03 am }

Lyn – spot on and I don’t think they shared it with the contestants either.

30 Von { 02.18.12 at 10:29 am }

Peter was stoned, thats why the meal took three hours..Did you see him with his shades on? Thats also why he took to cutting beans one at a time.

31 Georgie { 02.18.12 at 11:11 am }

Von – I think you may have hit the nail on the head there.

I remember being at dinner parties where the host/cook was stoned. It was nothing for the main to be served around 10pm or later and no matter what they put up, it was always ‘cooked to perfection’ and tasted fantastic.

So Peter and Gary’s big mistake was ‘bogarting’.

32 Koala77 { 02.21.12 at 7:39 am }

Hey,i saw these comments and just thought i had to say something in support of gary and peter.i actually work at the uni they work at and gary used to be my boss.ive also been out socially with them both and I have to say that they are both really nice people.i love reality tv as the much as the next person so it is really quite a shock to see how a program can make its audience think exactly what it wants, I mean of course peters playing up to the villain role but seriously some of you guys are talking about him like he is the devil himself! He is actually really funny and sweet and although he speaks his mind he has never offended me and i am the worlds biggest softie!And Gary is a really lovely down to earth guy and one of the best bosses I’ve ever had, definitely a perfectionist but very gentle and caring and for those of you who think he’s hated by the students you would be wrong -since I’ve been there he has been nominated by the students for best teacher award and even though hes deputy head he doesnt sit with all the other academics but on the same floor as the admin staff and student tute rooms and his door is always open for a chat even if he’s really busy!.if he was really such a snob i dont think he would do that. I know it’s easy to judge and believe me I no I have done the same and probably would again if i didnt know them but if you just start looking at what there not showing you might understand that the show is trying to do just that and put on a show!where are there good comments when they give people 8 out of ten??& if they are awful people how can u explain that Peter and Gary are really friendly with some of the other contestants on the show and still meet up even after they have given them negative comments?! Its tv and it shouldnt get personal.sorry about the long rant but honestly thought you should at least hear the other side of these two even if it doesn’t change your mind :)

33 smauge { 02.21.12 at 7:53 am }

As I’ve said, I really Gave Peter and Garry the benefit of the doubt right up until they did their restaurant. I know they edit comments to make the audience think one thing or another, but they don’t put words in people’s mouths.
I thought a lot of their negative comments regarding being scored based on strategy and/or revenge made them seem completely delusional. I’m sure their food tasted good, but it certainly didn’t look as out of this world as they made it out to be. The gap between courses has been well documented so I won’t go on about that again.
Having said that, I started to like them again last night after, once again, I felt like their comments were honest and fair. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that Peter COULD cook a better roast that what the Victorians plated up. But maybe this time, prove it in your ACTIONS boys!
Speaking of the Victorians, they seem hell bent on stealing the villains crown off the Doctors. I sure hope the other teams have learned more from their first time round! Don’t forget the sauce!

34 Jenn { 02.21.12 at 8:42 am }

OMG loyal local defending Peter.
Yews they delete stuff from the show but YES Peter has been behaving like a princess bitch. The show doesnt put the words in his mouth. They are his words. I would NEVER have him defend me legally. Gary seems a nice guy and you dont see him bitching but Peter YES!! Sore loser

35 Reality Raver { 02.21.12 at 8:48 am }

Koala 77 – thanks for your comments talking about the “real” Peter and Gary. I don’t think it is a negative thing for them to be cast as the villains. They are getting heaps of air time and at least will be remembered unlike say the Tasmanian couple

36 craig { 03.09.12 at 7:48 am }

peter & garry need to make sure they can back up their mouths, darling you cook the best potato mash ever ?? couldnt even present it on the plate. Before the cook off started they were that sure of them self that the girls were going home after the cook off, what a turn out. go back to the 60’s gay boy