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My Kitchen Rules – David and Scott From QLD Cook

Manu when he was discussing the Queensland army boys menu stated “Green curry is traditionally the hottest curry in Thai cooking…” – Clearly he has never had a Jungle curry. However to be fair Manu Scott’s Green Curry appeared to pack the same punch as a jungle curry.

In fact they should have shown more footage of the table eating the Green Lamb Curry as most were clearly struggling and were wiping away sweat and barely able to swallow it. It was kind of amusing.

David and Scott are a good pair in the kitchen, they are calm, supportive of each and trust their decisions, and they are organised. Some of these traits must have been picked up in the defence force.

Tonight the menu was a homage to Scott’s wife who is Thai, for entree they served Thai Noodle Rolls with Prawn and Tofu filling with sweet chilli sauce, main was Thai Lamb Green Curry with Rice, and dessert was Coconut Parfait with a Ginger Brandy Snap.

It was impressive that David made his own sweet chilli sauce but maybe he should have thought about pulling back on the chilli in one of his courses.

Thomas and Carla were relaxed and enjoying themselves as they were not longer on the Β bottom however they don’t appear to be real popular with the others in the group. Tasmanian Megan called them “bottom feeders of the group”.

Peter and Gary obviously are more eurocentric with their palate as they were not happy with the chilli on the menu. Nor was Emma from Western Australia.

The plating up of the entree was problematic as the noodle casing kept on ripping. Also they only served three with the sauce in the side instead of the requested four, and Emma made an interesting point about why she was the one who received a dish with sauce over it.

She said Β “He gave the dish to me as he knows I will be less harsh then the others.” She was right as the other three were Thomas, Peter and Gary and they all got their sweet chilli sauce on the side. Though if Scott was being strategic it backfired as the WA team gave the lowest score of the evening.

Pete who clearly likes his Asian food said the entree was almost perfect.

However the green curry was too hot for Manu, but Pete thought it was great, but to hot for most people around the table. He was correct. Megan and Andy appeared to be the only couple that finished it. Thomas did but he gulped his down.

Pete said the dessert had hardly any flavour on the plate, maybe he had burnt his taste buds off. Manu said the parfait was too icy because they had not used enough sugar.

Thomas was trying to tell Andrew to vote strategically by giving them a zero, but this also tipped the WA team off to the fact that Thomas and Carla must have done that to them. This did not please Andrew at all.

NZ scored them a six, WA scored a three, Qld academics a four, Tas a six, Vic scored a five. This was a total of 24 out of 50.

Manu scored them an eight for entree, six for main, and a two for dessert.

Pete scored them a nine for entree, six for main, and a one for dessert. Pete thought it was one of the worst desserts he had had, but not as bad as the lavender cheesecake Thomas plated up.

However the Queensland boys had a total of 56 so were third on the scoreboard and therefore safe from elimination. Tomorrow night it is Peter and Gary’s turn to cook again, and hopefully they will get their food out in more timely manner.


1 littlepetal { 02.27.12 at 9:55 pm }

RR-are you still in the States? I am amazed that you can do a recap so quickly if you are in the States. You must know something that I don.t.

Too much chillies in the dishes. Army boys should test the hotness of the chillies here. Sometimes the hotness are insane and sometimes less hot. I always test the hotness and then decide how many chillies to use. If they are too hot, I will have to take out the seeds and the centre stem of some of them.

I don’t agree with Scott saying too bad this is how Thai curry is. When you have guests, you want to cook your meal to be enjoyed by the guests. When they are so hot, you can hardly taste anything.

The idiot trying to persuade Emma and Andrew to give a zero and said we will support you. They gave Army boys a 5!!!! Please get rid of these 2. I rather have a meal with Peter and Gary than Thomas and Carla.

2 Georgie { 02.27.12 at 9:57 pm }

Probably a tad presumptuous of the guys to think everyone at the table tonight would be able to eat such spicy hot food. No wonder dessert had no taste – in comparison.

3 Maz { 02.27.12 at 10:39 pm }

Thomas should be concerned about his professional reputation post MKR. He is coming across as vindictive and spiteful.

Strategically, the QLD boys should have toned down the heat and accommodated the other guests’ palate.

4 brain dead dave { 02.27.12 at 10:42 pm }

Scott said he had never done a green curry with lamb before or done a green curry for so many people before. Not exactly military intelligence to divulge that on national television. It’s hardly surprising then that the main crashed and burned in the schlock and awe.

These guys were even too tight to lay on some yoghurt for the casualties of their unfriendly fire before launching the abortive dessert storm.

5 Georgie { 02.27.12 at 11:02 pm }

I think Tom has outgrown his ‘catty’ tag and moved into the ‘snake’ zone – a real viper!

6 Anonymice { 02.27.12 at 11:42 pm }

@Maz – I was thinking exactly the same thing. He needs to be careful about his professional reputation,. I believe I read somewhere that he is a podiatrist….hopefully his behaviour on MKR is simply misrepresented….and courtesy of careful editing. I’d hate to think if it wasn’t!

7 brain dead dave { 02.27.12 at 11:52 pm }

By the way, Gary and Peter will be attempting a roast on Better Homes And Gardens this Fri evening on 7 with Joanna Griggs..

8 sue N { 02.27.12 at 11:56 pm }

thomas is a foul, ferret faced douchebag…enuf said πŸ˜‰

9 sue N { 02.28.12 at 7:37 am }

& I hope there is a twist and the bottom 2 get to face off, or their combined scores are used, and hopefully Vic lose!!!!

10 kleenex mum { 02.28.12 at 8:52 am }

Sadly yes i think the army boys shot them selves in the foot with there meal, I have no doubt that the curry was an original Thai curry but not a meal to be served in a cooking competition, i was disappointed with them, I think they have real potential. As for thomas who yes is a podiatrist, uuggghhhhhhhhhh you want to reach through the tv screen and punch his lights out, what a creeeeeep.

11 Calliegirl { 02.28.12 at 9:28 am }

I cannot believe that they put 26 chillies in their sauce!!!

12 Chels { 02.28.12 at 9:36 am }

I find it ironic that teams are criticised for having a tarte tatin etc on the menu and then not presenting exactly that on the plate, and last night they produce an authentic thai green curry and are criticised because it is too authentic (read: hot).. It’s meant to be hot!

13 sue N { 02.28.12 at 9:53 am }

Pete & Manu both praised the green curry sauce for it’s excellent flavour and authenticity, it was just that they said- for the competition, toning it down a bit to suit the palates of the people scoring them, may have been a better idea. I do agree- they cooked it well, but perhaps it wasn’t a great choice, given how hot it was! But I think they are great and I’m glad they beat “ferret face & friend”. Pity Andrew & Emma scored so badly- dammit! :(

14 Lebay { 02.28.12 at 10:23 am }

I remember watching a cycle of the British Come Dine with Me, there was a lady who was scoring very low and giggling about how stupid the other contestants were for scoring fairly cos she was gonna win. This happened all week, and she got more and more smug…. Until after she presented her final score, and the producers made her score the whole week again, this time fairly. Oh wouldn’t it be good if that happened here.

15 Suzanne { 02.28.12 at 12:15 pm }

Ok, admittedly I didn’t watch the whole episode, but I was a little confused wth the so-called strategic voting. Was Thomas so sure of the scores of others that they could still give a 5 to the QLD boys? Yet he was trying to influence the WA team to give a zero? It all seemed a bit machiavellian.
I will be very sorry to see the WA team go as they have been funny and genuine in their appreciation (or not) of the food.

As to the green curry, I’m surprised they didn’t go with a red curry which is a bit milder, but still has a gentle kick.

16 Stacey { 02.28.12 at 1:22 pm }

I like my food spicy but even THAT looked too spicy for me. Everyone looked like they were crying! As for Thomas and Carla, I think they’re both as bad as each other, just that Thomas is more open about it. He’s just like ‘Whatever, give ’em a O.’ Carla just sits there like the smug biatch she is and agrees with him. It made my frakken blood boil watching them laughing and joking knowing that they weren’t going to be eliminated.
Arggh. Anyhoo, glad to see that the QLD boys wont be eliminated either. They can obviously cook and they are nice people. Can’t wait to see Gary and Peter cook tonight, I am actually starting to warm to them a little bit in comparison to Mr Underbite and Ms Trunknose.

17 Jen- Why { 02.28.12 at 1:32 pm }

Maybe the top team will get to choose which team is eliminated for their “prize”- seems a bit sad the outcome seems obvious- I hope for a twist that sees Thomas & Carla shafted

18 littlepetal { 02.28.12 at 2:04 pm }

Jen-Why – Look at the bright side!!!! We can continue to see how T&C embarrass themselves on national TV. I would be embarrass to show my face if I am Carla. Would have to walk around with a mask.

19 Picnic { 02.28.12 at 5:00 pm }

I would like to see the bottom 3 teams cook off in Kitchen Stadium – it would give the WA couple a chance to stay in. As much as I don’t like Tom and Carla you are right littlepetal, they are good value. Would love to see T&C, Dr Evil and Krudd sit down with the princess

20 Kate { 03.08.12 at 1:58 pm }

Is David from QLD single? Yummo