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My Kitchen Rules – The First Kitchen Challenge – Sam Flips Out

Finally they cook in My Kitchen Rules kitchen, and the first challenge was to cook a chicken dish in 30 minutes.

Andy freaked out and could not work out how to do it in the time frame. Clearly he had not realised that he was not expected to roast a whole one. However they were expected to cut one up so Peter and Gary were already in trouble as they are so slow with prep.

There was a twist in the challenge they had to use the implement that was below their bench to cook it, either a wok, baking tray, skillet or deep fryer. The team could try and swap with another team but no one did. Sam and Jillian decided not to swap their wok with Jen and Leigh’s baking tray even though it would have better suited their roulade, as they knew how badly they wanted it and strategically did not want the SA team being totally comfortable with their cooking implement. This was there first mistake.

However Leigh and Jen, who are looking like a force in this competition decided to stick with cooking Drunken Chicken in a baking tray. After a few dramas they managed to cook a nice dish and were safe from elimination.

Scott and David who work really well together, doubt if we will see any meltdowns in their kitchen were happy with their baking tray. They were making Prosciutto wrapped chicken with snow peas and mash. It was enough to make them safe.

The WA girls were making crispy chicken on a noodle salad, which they oversalted, which would have been fine in the following challenge. However it was good enough to make them safe.

Sam and Jillian were making a chicken roulade in a wok, and it was a dumb decision, as it was never going to cook through in the hot implement. Sam then began flipping out and saying they should not plate it.

Lucky that Jillian is cool as a cucumber and just chopped it up to cook it in the wok before the time ended. However Sam still did not calm down and just as time finished she screamed “don’t touch it” as she then reached down and flipped a piece of chicken on the plate. Not that this helped as their plate was a mess and even their vegetables were undercooked. No surprise they had to stump up for the next challenge.

I wonder if Jillian will be so keen to have her as a daughter-in-law after going on the show with her.

Megan and Andy made Mexican Schnitzel and they were criticised for their presentation. The green goop of sauce was not good. Also not sure why they added in sour cream. They were deemed to be not safe.

Nic and Rocco grilled chicken with mushroom risotto. They were told that the risotto was good, however just grilling chicken to put on top of it was not good enough.

Steve and Helen made basil chicken and kept the bone in, which went down well with the judges, and they were safe.

Peter and Gary had clearly forgotten about what the judges had said about mixing protien and fruit as they made Chicken Mango Salad. So clearly not as bright as they claim to be. Pete laid into them saying the hot chicken did not go with the cold mango. They had to go to the next challenge as well.

The next challenge for the four remaining teams was to cook with pepper and salt.

Nic and Rocco did Pepper Crab with Egg Noodle. Peter and Gary did beef with peppercorn sauce, Jillian and Sam did Pears with a Pepper Sauce, and Megan and Andy did Blackened Fish.

Megan and Andy had a bit of a fracas as she was not happy that he was criticising her sauce. He said it looked like water. The judges liked the dish but again did not like their presentation.

Nic and Rocco were having issues with salt. However the judges thought the saltiness just balanced out with the sweetness of the crab.

Peter and Gary were again criticised for the 70’s style french cooking, but they are doing it well and they got through.

Sam and Jillian’s pear was thought to only be using pepper as seasoning, and they were the team being sent to the cook off against Carla and Thomas. It should be fireworks in tomorrow nights elimination episode.

Channel Seven have announced a fourth series see previous blog post for information. Also remember there is a $250,000 first prize so not bad, not bad at all.


1 Georgie { 03.02.12 at 1:02 am }

Peter’s comment a couple of weeks ago, about Nic and Rocco’s roast being a little ‘pedestrian’ for this competition is truely laughable in light of his and Gary’s never ending repertoire of mediocre offerings.

2 Georgie { 03.02.12 at 1:25 am }

I think we can dispense with the sob stories too – this isn’t a cooking show for the disadvantaged.

3 littlepetal { 03.02.12 at 7:14 am }

Both Carla and Thomas and Sam an Jillian can go. Sam and Jillian were trying to be strategic in not swapping the wok for the baking tray. They forgot in this round it is not about winning but to stay off being in the bottom 4. If the Princess can come up with a brilliant dish so what. Can’t stand the way Sam speak (more like shouting) all the time.

Looking forward to see what Peter and Gary cook next especially if they are thrown to cook something Asian-can they come out with a 70’s classic, maybe Sweet and Sour Pork?

4 kleenex mum { 03.02.12 at 8:33 am }

Let me just get my tissues, what a spoilt little bitch sam has tuned out to be, she certainly cant take the pressure off competition cooking so maybe she should apply for: This is your Life, she can cry all she wants then. The cook off should be good veiwing.

5 Jen- Why { 03.02.12 at 8:53 am }

The judges seem to be giving Rocco & Nic a hard time- I thought they should have been safe & the WA girls should have gone into the next challenge. It was a chicken challenge & Pete criticized the girls chicken, but said Rocco & Nics was well cooked- I know they said it seemed like an afterthought- but what else do you do with chicken in a grill pan? I guess they don’t want the whole competition to be a Nic & Rocco whitewash, so they have to create some doubt…

6 sue N { 03.02.12 at 9:06 am }

Jen-Why, my thoughts exactly. I know whose dish I would have eaten- and it wasn’t the chicken with the bad seasoning!!!

I also thought Sam’s smeary tears effort was very “convenient”- let’s see, stuffed up another dish, let’s cry and see if that gets us out of trouble!!!

I also think it is a tad unfair that The NZ couple got a prize, but Nic & Rocco didn’t!!! I am not saying NZ didn’t deserve a prize- they got through the tense instant restaurant experience twice after all, but surely Nic & Rocco deserved immunity also, for coming 1st out of absolutely everyone- by a country mile!!! a little bit inconsistent… still they get to cook a bit more so that is good TV πŸ˜‰

7 Calliegirl { 03.02.12 at 9:19 am }

Loved the show last night – so much cooking -in so little time. Great viewing. Only thing I didn’t like was Sam’s tearful ‘confession’ about her past – not needed.

8 paulski { 03.02.12 at 9:28 am }

Callie, I don’t think any of us did. I actually turned over the channel for a few minutes.

One thing that’s occurred to me is, even though it’s pretty wide open as to who might win this thing, it’s quickly becoming very apparent as to who won’t. Pretty sure we can already scratch Sam/Gillian, Tom/Carla and probably even Megan/Andy and Peter/Gary. I think it’s already down to maybe 4 teams realistically.

9 kathl29 { 03.02.12 at 10:50 am }

Can’t believe Sam tried the tears trick when the dish failed. Thank goodness that the judges were still just looking at the food as I really don’t want MKR to do a Masterchef and become all about the sob stories the contestants have.

I would have loved to have eaten Nic and Rocco’s risotto as it looked delicious and agree with the other posters there is not a lot you can do with chicken and a grill pan.

Good to see the QLD soldier boys go well and they seem to work together really well which will help them go far in this competition as other teams have meltdowns.

10 kess { 03.02.12 at 11:25 am }

Don’t forget Gary & Peter serve up their roast tonight on 7s home show whatever it’s called.
I’ve come to love these 2, love how the lawyer gets flustered with the Doc and his plodding. Love how they seem to be preserved in a time warp – but the lawyer is struggling to break free I feel.
And – I think lot of what seemed bitchy at first, was their shock at how awful the food is they have to eat.
Love the Princess, girl has serious skills – like I mean food and technique I’ve never heard of and it all sounds tasty.
Are the Italian boys so good they have to give them a hard time just so it doesn’t seem a one horse race?
It’s pretty obvious who is going to last. There are only a few teams with both skilled, most of them have a cook and kitchen hand – they may actually work better becasue one is the boss.

Anyone here watch the Vicar of Dibley? Thomas cooks like that old lady, the one who liked fish with icecream, steak with whipped cream and strawberries, pancakes with liver……her weird food combos are so very Thomas.

11 drb123 { 03.02.12 at 11:39 am }

As a couple Megan and Andy seem to fight with actual aggression, rather than the condescending passive aggression we’ve been used to with previous contestants. It always seems half a chance he’ll belt her if she doesn’t see things his way

12 Georgie { 03.02.12 at 11:50 am }

drb123 – agree these two seem to have a lot of friction. I remember is their second round ‘instant restaurant’, Megan dumped the mussels in the bouillabaisse too early and Andy called her an idiot. Not nice!

13 Chunks { 03.02.12 at 12:19 pm }

I think I enjoyed last night more than any previous episode. Having to use the implement you were handed was a great twist. I think Nic and Rocco are great cooks, they just didn’t make the chicken the hero of the dish and needed to be reminded of that central fact to these shows. What did Peter and Gary get told about protein and fruit previously? Can’t beat a good beef and apple or lamb and date tagine, but admittedly the fruit is cooked and warm in those. Chicken and cold mango. Erk. Have to agree the Princess is definitely the one to beat. Those two have the skills, the palate and the design flair. Their dishes just beg to be eaten.

14 Rosie { 03.02.12 at 12:32 pm }

>>Anyone here watch the Vicar of Dibley? Thomas cooks like that old lady, the one who liked fish with icecream, steak with whipped cream and strawberries, pancakes with liver……her weird food combos are so very Thomas.

Exactly, kess, well said! And his food seems about as popular as hers…

I laughed out loud at G and P’s 70’s peppercorn sauce, but was actually pleased to see them a little more relaxed. They even showed them calling each other darl and darling, which made a nice change.

15 littlepetal { 03.02.12 at 1:00 pm }

I think Nic and Rocco are great cooks, they just didn’t make the chicken the hero of the dish and needed to be reminded of that central fact to these shows – from Chunks

The same for the WA girls, crispy chicken on a noodle salad. Not much chicken there and too salty. I would think Nic and Rocco should be safe but just because they are better cooks the judges were more critical with them. Not fair.

I couldn’t even listen to Sam when she started her sob story.

16 Ralphie { 03.02.12 at 1:40 pm }

I wish Sam would change her eye makeup. That eyeliner is so yuk and too thick. It should not stop half way but go to the end of the eye especially with her eye shape. She should wear waterproof mascara from now on after last nights sob story.

17 littlepetal { 03.02.12 at 1:50 pm }

Ralphie-Don’t worry, Sam may be gone by Mon but will have to endure another round of sob story.

18 brain dead dave { 03.02.12 at 1:56 pm }

I was unable to watch last night because of visitors. So what was the sob story about? Go ahead, make my day.

From the recap and comments above ,sounds like it was a good episode bar the sob story.

19 Stacey { 03.02.12 at 2:12 pm }

BDD – Sam’s sob story came out of goddamn nowhere. Her and Jillian cooked a shitty roulade IN A WOK and then she started crying about her life in foster care… W. T. F.

It’s now between Sam and Jillian and Thomas and Carla in the cook off. I am personally hoping they send both of the teams home!

20 kelley @ magnetoboldtoo { 03.02.12 at 2:16 pm }

the comments have cracked me up.

Yeah I was surprised by the sob story from whatever her name is and it CLEARLY was rehearsed as a way to sway the judges. Lots of reality shows use personal tragedy as an angle (like Biggest Loser) but it is in context, not thrown in out of nowhere cause you f*cked up your dish.

21 brain dead dave { 03.02.12 at 2:24 pm }

Thanks ,Stacey.

Yes the cook off looks to be an epic struggle on paper.

22 Marie { 03.02.12 at 2:26 pm }

I agree Jen, about them making it more difficult for Nic and Rocco with somewhat flimsy explanations. Yes to Kess as well, I can definitely see a parallel between Letitia and Thomas!

bdd I did actually watch her sob story and I still don’t know what it was about. The transcript would read something like: “sob pity me sob family sob cooking sob life sob victim.” Usually when people cry on these shows I am a little moved or empathetic but I was so embarrassed and just could not follow what was upsetting her.

23 brain dead dave { 03.02.12 at 2:37 pm }

For mine the undisputed master of this an an American televangelist James Robison who tears up virtually every day in a relentless drive for cash for his Ministry. Clare Winton Burns’ work on Ma$terchef was exemplary,too.

Infomercials have lots of tearful testimonies about various products in order to sway the viewers feelings.

24 Marie { 03.02.12 at 3:05 pm }

Oh I know I am being manipulated but empathy isn’t exactly something I can switch on and off.

25 kleenex mum { 03.02.12 at 3:31 pm }

Whilst I dont have a lot of time for Sam and the mutton dressed up in Lamb, the way sam treats her future Mother in law is disrespectful, and more fool Jillian for putting up with it, I also agree with the above comments about andy and megan, the way they act with each other borders on hostile. why do so many couples that cant really cook, cry at the drop of a hat or cant cook out of the 70’s apply to go onto these shows……. maybe they all want there 5 minutes of fame

26 littlepetal { 03.02.12 at 5:25 pm }

I have noticed Sam behaviour in previous episodes. It’s the way she speaks – always shouting. I don’ t know why cry. Isn’t she doing very well now? A part-time model, has a boyfriend and goes shopping in posh areas. Not bad for a 23 years old.

I read in the TV guide that next Thurs elimination cook-off is a cracker ‘ These sudden death rivals have a history and their fight is personal.’ I wonder which 2 teams?

27 Bev { 03.02.12 at 6:26 pm }

Her ‘sob story’ didn’t come out of nowhere. Pete said her dish hadn’t been cooked with any love.

She was stunned and went on to say that that was for her what cooking had been all about, that she’d cooked for her younger siblings – her story is actually quite tragic. But hate away.

28 Georgie { 03.02.12 at 6:59 pm }

She didn’t sound very loving, while flapping and flailing and yelling at Jillian, just prior to her sob story.

29 JM { 03.02.12 at 7:01 pm }

I loathe these manipulative Masterchef-type sob stories but I have to cut Sam some slack here because she has mentioned that she grew up in foster homes and never had a real family. She better not try these crying fits too much but for now I think people should be aware of her sad childhood.

30 Georgie { 03.02.12 at 7:13 pm }

I hear what you’re saying JM but those people are there supposedly because they fancy they can cook. I’m sure other contestants have a ‘story’ too but handicap and disadvantage is not what this show is about.

31 brain dead dave { 03.03.12 at 1:08 am }

If it was about that , it’d be called My Soup Kitchen Rules.

32 Georgie { 03.03.12 at 8:20 am }

Lol bdd – and wasn’t there a cooking show for disadvantaged youth in recent years, called ‘Conviction Kitchen’?

I didn’t watch it because I don’t find other people’s troubles entertaining – confronting yes, but not entertaining. I have enough ‘confronting’ in my own crock so I look for a diversion, not more of the same.

Speaking of diversions – I don’t care what anyone says, Malinga is a ‘chucker’!

33 Laura { 03.04.12 at 2:52 am }

I actually love Peter and Gary now (after vehemently hating them until this week).

I think it would be HILARIOUS if they won. In a good way.

For one thing, it would show that MKR isn’t Masterchef… It’s not amateur cooks wanting to be chefs, it’s home cooks wanting to show off their skills. So I really think that Pete & Manu should quit being so serious and harsh on the contestants, it’s so boring. They should have more fun and be more open-minded about what constitutes a good home cooked meal. Who cares if a dish is “old fashioned” and the presentation is not “restaurant quality” if it’s enjoyable to eat?

Anyway. That’s why I’d like to see Peter & Gary win. But that’s just me!

34 Laura { 03.04.12 at 2:54 am }

PS Of course, it seems that Peter & Gary’s meals may not be tasty either. So they’d have to work on that either way!

35 littlepetal { 03.04.12 at 10:41 am }

I watched Peter and Gary on Better Homes and Garden and I like their sense of humour. People have start to warm to them. Sometimes I think Peter made those comments to stir the pot not like Thomas who is just mean and nasty.

36 littlepetal { 03.05.12 at 7:38 am }

In case we don’t have enough of MKR, the show will be on on Sun from 11 Mar. I guess they need to catch up with the elimination so the show can finish in early April.

37 PollyB { 03.05.12 at 7:54 am }

Yes, something to watch on Sunday nights.

38 PollyB { 03.05.12 at 5:34 pm }

Ooh, getting excited peeps. Being reeeeally negative, but so looking forward to Thomas tanking. Apologies to that bright, blue train engine :-)

39 littlepetal { 03.05.12 at 8:25 pm }

Thomas is like a train or headless chook? Running laps in the kitchen. Very funny. Look like they will be safe and Sam and Jillian to go. Mains were horrible.

40 brain dead dave { 03.05.12 at 10:08 pm }

How many times did Thomas open the ovens to check on the gruel inside?

WTF do the manufacturers put glass on the door for?

41 littlepetal { 03.05.12 at 10:16 pm }

To make the oven look pretty!!!!!! Obviously Thomas can’t cook. He can’t even make a raspberries coulis. He made a whole pot of raspberries syrup for 8 small chocolate cups!!!! He must have added heaps of water into the raspberries

42 Georgie { 03.05.12 at 10:31 pm }

Lol bdd and littlepetal on the oven door.

Two teams who can’t cook going head to head – I’m amazed they could come up with a winner.