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The Biggest Loser – Rock On

Previously! On The Biggest Loser! Margie stood! The White team camped! Reds and Blacks plotted! Hamish sooked!

“Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air…” when I see how hard Shannan is working on exploiting the Hamish/Michelle connection.

Where were we? That’s right, Temptation. Simon chose his second barbie last night and, after exhaustive recaps of how we got to this point, we will see what he has chosen. It’s immunity! Margie seems genuinely pleased that he didn’t have to take on too many calories to get it.

Storm footage takes us to the White team, who have been camping for “nearly a week”. Selena is thinking of leaving the competition because she doesn’t handle change well. “I have a lot of demons to battle.” Michelle and Kasey try to motivate her to stay. I think providing moral support to Selena is probably one of the biggest calorie expenditures Michelle and Kasey have got going for them at the moment.  They need her to stay.


We are promised that we will see some Hamish love-motivation footage next, so I’m going to go to my happy place and I’ll pick this up again when we move on.

I will use this interlude to say that there is a tight, 30 minute show in here somewhere. Perhaps there’s an editor-Commando out there somewhere who could teach the production team to trim some fat when it comes to presenting snappy entertainment. Constant flashbacks, montages and previewing/recapping have created a bloat-fest. Sure, it means more opportunity for ad revenue, but I find myself drifting off and even – oh, the irony! – raiding the fridge.

Tiffiny opens the gym of life again today, and accessorises her warriors with mud stripes on their faces. Michelle then has a cry because she thinks Selena is a black hole for Tiffiny’s attention. She’s right, of course. In a surprise twist, she interviews that she misses Hamish. Look, I’m guessing that there was somebody behind the scenes prompting the revelation, but it works a lot better than Shannan’s relentless nagging of Hamish to achieve the same result.

Michelle takes the Red team swimming. Man, I like Margie! She interviews that she stopped swimming a few years back “purely because I thought I might need Sea Shepherd to come and protect me”. That kind of self-deprecation can be a continual reinforcement of negativity – I’ll put myself down before you can – but it’s a lot more appealing than the self-pity we see in some others.

I’m guessing the Black team is still in the competition. Either we didn’t see them or I was off on a snack run…

Challenge – Quarry

Today teams will break rocks and fill an opponent’s basket. The winning team gets to remove another team’s trainer, and make phone calls home to friends and family. Video phone calls! Hayles doesn’t tell us yet if Hamish is exempt from being the target of the winning team. I guess if he is, and Shannan is removed, then that quality Luke time might be on the cards, as suggested by mkm on yesterday’s post.

In another twist, the Blacks choose the Red team’s competitor, and vice versa. Reds decide on Graham. Simon has to make the decision for the Blacks as Alex “refused” and “Graham just closed his eyes”. That’s a bit of a “dog bites man” headline, isn’t it? Get back to us when Graham opens his eyes. Lisa is chosen for the Reds. “This is bullshit” is her response. Lydia interviews that Lisa was chosen because she’s not as strong as the other two. Well, duh. Isn’t that why the Reds chose Graham?

Hamish’s rock-breaking strategy is to think “just break apart rock, break apart!”. Yeah, use the force, Hamish. Fortunately he has a sledge-hammer as backup. Lisa puts her first two buckets into Hamish’s basket. Graham adds his to the total and is feeling confident as he takes his second load up. Hamish is stockpiling rocks before taking any buckets up. When he finally takes the walk, he focusses on targeting Red. He reacts to Margie’s “why did you pick on Red?” comment as though it is the most vicious sledge known to man. He sooks to Simon about it, rather sensibly saying “don’t worry about it” when Simon asks what Margie said. He must have realised that repeating what Margie actually said would undermine his position.

Unsurprisingly, Hamish is first out. He feels disappointed to be first out, but he’s had a bit of experience at that, right? Should be getting used to it by now. Lisa is now counting on Graham to revert to his usual M.O. of slowing down and giving up. He interviews – with eyes open! – that he wants to prove he can meet his goals. This is a pretty good signal that he wins, I reckon. Lisa drops her bucket into the Black team’s basket. Oh, shivers, indeed.

Black wins. Margie is “filthy” at Simon and suggests she might change her mind about how she uses her power at the weigh-in. And, in an Oprah-esque twist, EVERYBODY gets a video call! But who will lose their trainer? If Black don’t choose Hamish, I’ll spit.

We won’t know until Monday. Monday, you guys! But before this, we are going to be treated to an extended look at Luke’s departure. Because that won’t suck.


1 brain dead dave { 03.02.12 at 12:44 pm }

We won’t need to wait til Monday Injera because TBL is going around at 7PM tonight. Half hour show (approx 22 minutes).

Today’s teasers are promising The Showdown. Shannan and Margie are in a sledging match. Margie’s amping up like a cranky wart hog.

Thanks for the recap.

2 Injera { 03.02.12 at 1:08 pm }

Phew! Thanks, BDD… I can relax, now 😉 And thanks for reading!

3 Lisa { 03.02.12 at 3:07 pm }

Michelle said she misses Hamish too.
Clearly the girl needs junk food NOW!!!

4 seepi { 03.02.12 at 9:25 pm }

Hamish is like the holiday romance you have in high school, as practice for relationships and to brag to your friends about (who never get to see the man in question.)

Poor Michele is having this proto-relationship on telly in front of us all.

5 Richard { 03.05.12 at 8:24 am }

I would have liked Hamish to have to lug a few more buckets up the hill before getting eliminated – might have helped his non-existent weight loss! I think we can guess that Hamish will not lose his trainer – I am guessing it will be the white team as the red team would train even without a trainer.