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Masterchef Australia – Jamie Oliver To Film This Week Also Anthony Bourdain To Guest

Jamie Oliver is in Australia to guest star on Masterchef Australia, and he will start filming on Monday according to the Sunday Telegraph.

He is thought to be filming a challenge. I wonder if it revolve around healthy eating?

Also in the same article they say Anthony Bourdain is currently in Sydney and will appear on the show as well. Bourdain was also on the show last year and in fact entered the Masterchef house as part of his appearance.

However don’t expect to many shenanigans this year as the article also says the show will be back to basics.

It states:

Yet beyond the famed chefs, we’re assured the new season of MasterChef will centre on the food; “be stripped back”, according to a production source, to mirror the first season when it was less a game show and more an engaging piece of entertainment built around some incredible talent.

From that end, don’t expect another bizarre stunt like last year’s visit from his Holiness (and tough food critic), the Dalai Lama.

Cardinal Pell will be disappointed…


1 brain dead dave { 03.04.12 at 5:34 pm }

Yawn. Ma$terchef. “Back to basics”, “All about the cooking”,blah blah. Overcooking the golden goose until it’s a massively overblown culinary comedy/soap opera.

I expect the ratings will be “stripped back ” this year,too.

2 Mrs T { 03.05.12 at 2:22 pm }

Your right BDD, no evidence of stripping back here. Lets hope they actually let the contestants learn something from the celebrity chefs rather than swooning and gawking at them for a brief moment.

3 littlepetal { 03.11.12 at 9:38 pm }

Sorry, don’t know where to post this.

So Jay Huxley from last series has opened up his restaurant but bad review in The Telegraph: