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Guest Post: Gabby Millgate – Excess Baggage – The Athletic Challenge

Hello you!
The Sydney athletic challenge saw us all show why we are not representing at the 2012 Olympics. Although Lisa would definitely have a shot. Yup! she revealed a secret.  She has been the Australian Champion at shot put.

While we were waiting to start the shot put Sarah and Kate had an altercation. Kate came off looking hard arsed and Sarah
came off looking really sad. This elicited a lot of twitter support for Sarah and quite a lot of Kate hate.

What wasn’t shown on television was more of this dynamic. Girls can get emotional – nuff said

From my perspective it was two people trying to find new ways of communicating their frustrations. I was a little emotional myself.
I didn’t win the high jump which meant our team  may be in the bottom two for the 2nd elimination.

We need big check in numbers to stay in the competition. So I was a bit emotional when I said Kevin’s lifestyle choices
were catching up to him.

NOTE TO SELF….send high horse to the glue factory