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My Kitchen Rules – There Is Going To Be A Showdown

Channel Seven are cunning, they started setting up the Peter and Gary versus Carly and Emily showdown on Tuesday, with the Queenslanders snarky comments about how they don’t like the girls. Tonight it was revealed the pair also had a “tiff” maybe Peter does not like being the only tertiary educated contestant in the village. As Carly is a vet.

Tonight the teams other then Steve and Helen who were safe, and Peter and Gary who were up for elimination, had to cook in the My Kitchen Rules kitchen.

The first challenge was a 30 minute cooking one (take off of the Top Chef Quickfire?), with only one of the team mates cooking. Clearly they had not watched last year, as they all put up the stronger cooks, and after they went and got the ingredients for the dish they were told they had to swap…

Megan and Andy freaked out and continued to for the next 3o minutes, wow this pair are not as bad as Chris and Anastasia from last year’s The Amazing Race Australia but will their relationship survive the show?

Having said that she pulled off the chocolate volcano dessert and was safe from the next round. However if they want to remain they better get their shizzle together with plating up.

As were Jennifer and Leigh, who must be the favourites to win. Jennifer has done a commercial cookery course and I do wonder what advantage that does give her, but she does know her flavours and can cook so I don’t have a huge problem with it.

Meg and Simon were safe with their whiting, and surprising everyone including themselves, were Thomas and Carla.

The next challenge was to show themselves on a plate and they had 60 minutes to do so. Both Nic and Rocco and Angela and Justine made pasta, both were liked by the judges.

Scott and David made roasted spatchcock with sweet potato puree and beurre blanc, and Carly and Emily made duck with a cherry sauce.

After Pete nearly broke a tooth on a cherry pip their chances of being safe reduced dramatically, and they were told they were going to be in the elimination challenge against Peter and Gary. Very much looking forward to seeing the elimination episode, particularly Peter and Gary cooking under a time restraint.


1 Smee { 03.08.12 at 12:43 am }

I have seen the shorts for tomorrow and it is going to be a cracker.
♫ ♫ Mashed potato, mashed potato ♫ ♫

Egg on face ??

2 brain dead dave { 03.08.12 at 1:43 am }

Ma$hterchef here we come.

3 Isabel { 03.08.12 at 6:14 am }

I don’t like Mr Tasmania ….

4 starleopard { 03.08.12 at 7:37 am }

I was kind of hoping from the ads that they might be creating the mashed potato mountain from Close Encounters. Serious vote winner.

5 Lebay { 03.08.12 at 8:34 am }

Ohhhh I am soooooo looking forward to this…. The phone will be unplugged, the mobile turned off, and God help anyone who knocks at the door!

6 kleenex mum { 03.08.12 at 8:46 am }

Isabel, im with you, he really is over the top and I think last night showed that he wears the chefs hat and she does as she,s told, Thomas again shined as the want a be chef, peter is just out right mean it would be good to see what really goes on behind the scenes, cant wait for tonight …..

7 LouLou { 03.08.12 at 9:04 am }

Peter may be mean but at least he is funny, on the other hand Thomas may be mean but he is just weasley!

8 Mia { 03.08.12 at 9:17 am }

I honestly don’t get Peter and Gary’s beef with Carly and Emily?
I hope the girls wipe the floor with them, just to wipe that smug grin off Gary’s face.

For someone who desperately wants to be seen as far superior in intelligence, maturity and sophistcation than everyone else on the show, my god, he comes across like an absolute petulant child.

9 Leop { 03.08.12 at 9:21 am }

The more we saw Peter waving the sisters goodbye, the more I think it will be Peter & Gary who will be leaving. I read the judges favoured the sisters (interview given by Peter)

Also, MKR starts airing on Sundays now……

10 smauge { 03.08.12 at 9:22 am }

Do you think the judges make Nic and Rocco sweat enough? They looked so relieved when the judges gave their verdict I thought they were going to cry.

11 Mrs T { 03.08.12 at 9:30 am }

I agree smauge, I think they are being pretty hard on them, but maybe they are trying to get the best out of them. Jennifer and Leigh have surprised me, last night they did a great job. I understand the criticisms of Mr Tasmania but seriously, Mrs Tasmania is pretty frustrating. Maybe they should study the army boys, they are great.
Tonight will be great, Peter and Gary’s delusional side have come out again, the sisters are real competitors.

12 Izobel2 { 03.08.12 at 10:09 am }

I want to know how you can be a couple and have a fabulous recipe in your mind that the other team mate has no idea about and you know all the correct amounts of it (ie Mr Tasmania and his 1/2 cup icing sugar etc)..
And how setup did the whole Gary and his “I hate Carly & Emily” thing look. It made it a bit obvious that they would get bottom. Maybe they said it about all the teams but only those comments were selected to convince us it will be a good clash tomorrow night!

13 Aneets { 03.08.12 at 11:11 am }

I cringed when Thomas & Carla used wonton wrappers for their ravioli. That would never fly on Masterchef!

14 paulski { 03.08.12 at 11:12 am }

Good to see Peter’s true colours showing – he clearly IS that nasty after all. Who would have thought such an intelligent, educated adult could be such a bitch? Here’s hoping the girls do a number on them tonight and karma kicks the queens in their collective behinds.

15 Andrea { 03.08.12 at 11:36 am }

BDD Cindy has a comment for you . Nic and Roccos meal looked the best to me and I hope peter and Gary get through, I like them for the entertainment value.

16 brain dead dave { 03.08.12 at 12:07 pm }

Thanks, Andrea. My reply to Cindy hasn’t been printed.

17 Jruth { 03.08.12 at 1:06 pm }

Although I suspect they’ll lose tonight, I’ll be cheering for Peter and Gary. Carly & Emily are just too boring for TV.

18 kess { 03.08.12 at 1:09 pm }

So if this goes by the usual RTV editing tricks it must be the girls who go????
Well i hope so, I’m not sure exactly why but I love watching the 2 old guys and not so much the sisters – who I loved first round, but they are just as bitchy as the gay guys, they have said equally mean stuff to camera but then they giggle and simper.
The loud mouth sister would drive me nuts.
7 are excelling with this show it’s so much fun.
Lots of very ordinary food. The only real stars – Nick/Rocko/Princess, everyone else’s food looks and sounds rather pedestrian.

In fact I laughed out loud when the WA truckie and shreaker were serving pretty much exactly the pasta I was serving to my family – and I managed to whip it up in the add breaks. Quick pasta with salami and olives sauce.

19 Chunks { 03.08.12 at 1:12 pm }

True, it will be a tragedy if Peter and Gary go. They are reality gold while Carly and Emily are dreary. Agree that Mr Tassie is nasty but Mrs Tassie is unbelievably annoying. They balance each other like sweet and sour.

20 Bruiser Brody { 03.08.12 at 1:13 pm }

Is it really a “rivalry” when one team has no knowledge the other is gunning for them??
Apparently all started when the girls were aggrieved by PETE’S comment that their meal was better (wrong!) and they had the unmitigated gall to stand up for themselves!
Really think PeteGary are just flat-out women-haters!

Pretty sure you’ll see a look of shock on the girl’s face once Pete drops a few snide comments…they really are delusional…

And I love how a pip can have “serious ramifications”…. I must’ve chowed on over 40,000 olive pips accidently, but when its on a cooking show “THAT PIP COULD’VE TAKEN MY EYE OUT!!” “THAT PIP COULD’VE STOLEN MY CREDIT CARD AND COMMITTED FRAUD ON A NATIONAL LEVEL!!” Givitarest!!

21 wannabecook { 03.08.12 at 1:41 pm }

haha BB about the pips. Sometimes the culture of cooking has to do with what is acceptable or not. As a chinese, I have grown up eating poultry or fish on bones and picking out the fish bones is just part of the eating process! If the food was OK, why worry about a pip unless you are feeding 3-4 year old kids. But the judges made it out to be as if one of the Ten Commandments has been broken!

22 littlepetal { 03.08.12 at 2:04 pm }

I posted earlier on an earlier episode about why Peter doesn’t like Carly.

Read gossip magazine that P&G don’t mind Princess. They think Princess is honest with her comment. They or Peter don’t like Carly. Said she is not honest with her comment. She told Peter about the score she gave them in their instant restaurant (which was higher than the actual score they gave) and Peter found out that she gave them a low score. He just think that they try to be nice in front of the cameras but were different when the camera was not on.

I would think the sisters will get through since they said the filming took 41/2 months.

I think the judges were being unfair to Nic and Rocco as they set a higher benchmark for them.

BTW the sisters said the judges like Jen and Leigh and said something to the line that even if they served crap, the judges would still say it was beautiful…..

23 Suziekue { 03.08.12 at 3:21 pm }

Don’t get me wrong – I really do like Megan and Simon – but safe with pan fried whiting and what looked like a mountain of potato cassata? Hmmmm – “safe” being the operative word, because level of difficulty was 1:01. And what’s with the damn ads this year – cut to 5 minute ad break, back for 20 secs and cut to another ad break…ad nauseum. Sorry but watching MKR has become an intolerable ad marathon. I’m firing up the video tonight. Pip pip hooray!!!

24 drb123 { 03.08.12 at 6:41 pm }

The Tassie couple use the word darling to each other like a threat.

I wonder how many of the previous couples are no longer together. I remember the SA couple from last year looked like they were on a knifes edge

25 SmackEm { 03.08.12 at 9:02 pm }

Nice knowing you Pete. Surely your expertise translated in your cook off tonight…..

26 idontknow_lo { 03.08.12 at 10:06 pm }

So disappointed Peter and Gary are gone…….. ;-(

27 Andrea { 03.08.12 at 10:38 pm }

Poor Peter and Gary! Nothing went right for them tonight. Thomas didn’t have to laugh and snigger quite so much though. It was a bit comical but they were out of their depth, I don’t think they are used to cooking for so many people, it will be interesting to see what they have to say on Sunrise tomorrow.