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My Kitchen Rules – Smackdown

“I am a lawyer and I have never lost a case and I am not going to start now” said former Public Prosecutor, Peter, who was battling it out for My Kitchen Rules survival with his partner Gary. Β Well he did win a prize tonight – the worst looking dish ever to be put on the judges table. I doubt he will be putting THAT on his resume.

He also said he saw Carly and Emily’s youth as “inexperience”. They girls gave a nice jibe back about their youth would make them move faster in the kitchen, having a crack at the slow prepping Queensland pair.

You knew at some stage Peter and Gary would get their come uppance but it really is a pity to see them go so soon. For all their “villainy” and arrogance, Channel Seven can thank them for assisting in bringing in huge ratings for the reality show in its third season.

Again their menu was 70’s retro of Spinach and Cauliflower Soup, Kangaroo Stroganoff, and Custard Tarts with Banana Flambe. Their retroness was criticised, but I would prefer to see 70’s food on the table then some of the culinary combinations of the 80’s. However as has been commented before the pressure of the strict cooking time frames was always going to bring them down at some point and it did last night.

Their problems included:

  • Peter taking the most of the prep time at the start in making too moist short crust pastry, and putting them in the tart tins, however he made the mistake he did not blind bake the cases;
  • Not having enough time for the cauliflower soup to cook;
  • Again the main prep time Peter was making the custard for dessert, with Gary doing most of the prep for the Stroganoff;
  • No time to cook the mash potatoes, then putting to much cream in it so they could not serve it; and
  • The pastry of the tarts was too wide and the egg was overcooked, even scooping over the banana could not save it.
With Peter always talking the talk, it was Gary tonight who did most of the cooking, and I am not surprised he grumbled about having to plate up the dessert that had taken up so much of Peter’s time.

Whereas Carly and Emily had a dream run with their menu of pan fried dumplings, steamed fish served with snow pea shoots, and their black rice pudding served with coconut mousse.

Not sure where all hype was about taking a risk about making an asian dessert, they are not the maligned dishes that they were ten years ago.

They produced near flawless dishes which gave them a huge score of 51 out of 60.

There was no hope that Gary and Peter could win, particularly after Liz Egan said their Stroganoff was the worst dish ever placed on the judges table.

The received a three from each of the judges, except for Guy Grossi who thought it was so bad they gave them a two. They scored only 17 out of 60 not even half of what the Victorian girls scored. Comprehensively beaten, Peter would not even be able to appeal the decision…

The next episode the teams are off to Far North Queensland I note they showed all the teams excited faces, except for Scott and David who are from there, and knows how hot it is heading into the summer months.

You can live blog with Peter and Gary on the Herald Sun at 11.30am today Sydney/Melbourne time. This could get interesting.


1 Dunbi { 03.09.12 at 1:58 am }

Sad to see them go, they were good entertainment value. Thomas’ attitude is appalling.

2 Jen- Why { 03.09.12 at 6:05 am }

Well, that was spectacular! A spectacular car crash, but bloody good tv. Agree Dunbi- Thomas laughing & snivelling at the boys food & scores was just mean- you would think he might have eaten some humble pie by now, but apparently he’s as deluded as always. Oh well, last night proved karma’s a bitch & Thomas will get his!

3 Isabel { 03.09.12 at 6:21 am }

OMG! I’m gobsmacked .. I was watching alone but that didn’t stop me from yelling at the tv – that main course looked absolutely disgusting – the presentation worse! Oh to have such self confidence — Peter thought they were in with a chance when they served the mains! The reaction from the judges was classic. You are right Jen-Why, karma will come and bite Thomas on the bum – I think we’ll have to call him Dr Evil now – his reaction to P&G’s demise was disgusting.

4 Georgie { 03.09.12 at 7:23 am }

I’m sorry if I offend anybody but that was sooooo funny I laughed till I cried. You couldn’t write better comedy than the antics that went on in Peter and Gary’s side if the kitchen last night.

I totally lost it when Andy said “that looks like a pile of poo with carrots on top”, as they carried their main to the judges table. The horrified look on the judges’ faces when they saw it was hilarious- like ‘OMG do we have to eat that!’ Then one of the judges said “maybe it tastes better than it looks”.

Then when they got the tarts out of the oven Gary said something along the lines of “the pastry is very thick and the custard has shrunk” and Peter’s comment was “something’s wrong!” It took me 10 minutes to stop laughing.

I did notice that the only words of encouragement from the other contestants that the editors put in was ‘come on boys’ and ‘boys’ this and ‘boys’ that. I didn’t hear anything directed at the girls which I guess is what the editors wanted, to make it appear the girls weren’t popular, which I don’t believe for one minute.

I have to say in Tom Toe Jam the Podiatrist’s defence that his laughter looked like genuine amusement, similar to my own. Also much like the guffawing that went on over his lavender cheese cake.

5 Isabel { 03.09.12 at 7:37 am }

And I didn’t see the soldier boys on the previews for Sunday … wonder where they were.

6 Georgie { 03.09.12 at 7:43 am }

Isabel – maybe they took the opportunity to call in home for a while.

7 littlepetal { 03.09.12 at 7:46 am }

Thomas will get his day and I bet that episode will have the highest rating in MKR. Thomas doesn’t know how to eat a humble pie and still thinks he can cook. Love to see how he crash again in the coming episodes.

8 sue N { 03.09.12 at 7:55 am }

I found Peter deliciously delusional, and fairly gracious in defeat ;-). I think the time frame was always going to be their downfall- & obviously Gary is the main cook, and Peter just usually assists- or stands there for company and conversation, lol. His pastry looked pretty awful ;-).

Anyway, it will be interesting to see the show’s dynamics now they are gone- they were quite amusing IMO. PLEASE- can ferret face and friend be next to go?????PLEASE!!!!! πŸ˜‰

9 Kate { 03.09.12 at 8:01 am }

I agree Peter and Gary were very entertaining. The two girls are so twee and perfect that it is unsettling.

10 Lesley { 03.09.12 at 8:10 am }

Bring on Masterchef at least it does not discriminate about people involved in their show but then MKR will do anything for ratings.

11 Lebay { 03.09.12 at 8:13 am }

Im going to miss Peter and Gary. When Thomas and Carla go, who will I hate then??

12 littlepetal { 03.09.12 at 8:15 am }

Masterchef is the same. They destroyed the show with their unnecessary drama and favouritism to some contestants

13 Cookie { 03.09.12 at 8:17 am }

I agree with Georgie. I almost wet myself laughing last night. The look on Karen Martini’s face when she ate the kangaroo strog was priceless. I rewound and watched the judges reaction to the strog about 7 times! Anyone who didn’t laugh at last night has no sense of the ridiculous.

If I was there, I’d be reacting like Thomas did as well. If Thomas could make fun of himself as much as he does of other people he would not be odious- he’d be funny

14 LouLou { 03.09.12 at 9:02 am }

Brilliant episode! How could you not laugh when Gary went to blend the cauliflower soup and it went everywhere? Or his comment about the potatoes being ‘firm but not hard’. Absolute classic, looks like they took some cooking tips from me!

15 kleenex mum { 03.09.12 at 9:04 am }

I agree with Lesly bring on Masterchief, this show should be all about COOKING, its a COOKING show not an Entertainment show, yes channel seven are very clever, so they should rename the show MY WE CANT COOK BUT WE ARE ENTERTAINING TO WATCH.
I never thought for one minute that Peter and Gary had a chance against the girls, as from there previous dishes it shows that they CAN COOK…… and its a cooking show…. once Carla and her side kick thomas exit we will see a genuine group of people cooking, to win a competition.

16 smauge { 03.09.12 at 9:06 am }

What are you insinuating Lesley?? Surely you don’t think Pete and Gary’s food was judged poorly based on their homosexuality? Dear God! That would make you just as delusional as them! I enjoyed their time on the show, loved Pete’s comments (which I have defended quite often in the comments sections here) but they served up shit last night (almost literally by the look of the main.)
I will miss you Dr Evil and KRudd With Beard! I think out of all the couples on here (as in life partners, not friends or sisters/brother) I think their relationship has come out strongest. Despite all the disasters that befell them, they hardly raised their voices at each other. Take note other couples!
BTW RR – It’s not banana flambΓ©; it’s bananas FOSTER. Please study up on your mum’s stained old WW cookbooks before you post an article! πŸ˜‰

17 Moonstruck { 03.09.12 at 9:13 am }

The problem with Masterchef is they have too many contestants and it lasts way too many months. I wonder how many visiting chefs they’ll get this year from food and wine festivities.

18 Calliegirl { 03.09.12 at 9:15 am }

Loved the show last night – could anything actually go right for the ‘boys’. Couldn’t believe it when Peter put the potatoes in boiling water and wondered why the water didn’t keep boiling – duh!! Not blind baking the pastry!! Putting too much hot liquid in the blender!! Too much cream in the potatoes! Too much salt in one of the soups! Too many bananas on top to hide the disaster underneath! I must admit I felt sick just looking at their main – disgusting!! Looked like they had opened a tin of dog food.

19 sue N { 03.09.12 at 9:23 am }

Masterchef is so contrived and ridiculous that I no longer watch it all. I think it beggars belief that ANYONE could defend Masterchef as “all about the cooking” & MKR is not- seriously….as delusional as Peter!!! πŸ˜‰

20 oh dear { 03.09.12 at 10:00 am }

It was sad. 2 academics so blinded by their conceit that they needed the verdict from a panel of informed judges to let them know that their opponents can really cook.

Visually, the dishes were clean simple appealing vs heavy clunky vomitus.

I’d recommend they eat out a little more. On second thought, best not embarrass themselves unnecessarily in public. The university may have to find new positions for this duo.


21 Mel { 03.09.12 at 10:43 am }

Sue – I’m with you. Give me MKR any day over MasterChef.
masterchef is contrived telly at its wost. and then it lacks some more. Masterchef is one dimensional mashed potatoes vs a smorgasbord of deliciousness on MKR.

22 Ralphie { 03.09.12 at 11:26 am }

Peter & Gary`s cauliflower & spinach soup is straight out of the Women`s Weekly Dinner Party Cookbook No.2 on page 20. It shows a picture of the soup that they tried to copy – one half cauli & the other half spinach but the boys soup did not look like the picture. Their recipe of the soup is not on the MKR website, so I cannot be sure if their ingredients are the same as in the book.
There is also another recipe for the soup in the Women`s Weekly Starters & Soups Cookbook on page 119.
It seems that these cookbooks are their bible.

23 littlepetal { 03.09.12 at 11:45 am }

So I know what to send to Peter and Gary for they birthdays or anniversaries- Women’s Weekly Cookbook

24 Ralphie { 03.09.12 at 12:17 pm }

littlepetal – you could buy these Women`s Weekly Cookbooks to send to Peter & Gary for their birthdays.

* Super Fast Recipes
* Fresh Food Fast
* Quick & Fast
* Quick & Simple Cooking
* Meals in Minutes
* Fast
* The Quick-Cookbook

Or if you really want to impress them – try the Modern Entertaining Cookbook.

By the way, these are all real Women`s Weekly Cookbooks that have been published over the years.

25 Rosie { 03.09.12 at 12:21 pm }

Oh what a wonderful show! Although my shrieks of laughter terrified my cat at times, watching P & G’s comeuppance was as good as it gets.
Who would put “pastry” like that in the oven for heaven’s sake? Pastry is not that hard. Erm, I mean not that soft. Or wet. You needed more flour, Peter! And to blind bake it.

I’ll miss them. Such great entertainment.

26 Mia { 03.09.12 at 12:29 pm }

Like Georgie and Cookie, I was laughing at Peter and Gary’s cooking comedy of errors. You couldn’t script stuff like that. Gold.

I did think it was a little odd that Peter went from pure vitriol to doing a complete 180 and being so gracious in defeat.

I’ll miss the delusional fuddy duddies. They gave great TV snark.

27 Georgie { 03.09.12 at 12:33 pm }

Ralphie – don’t forget the children’s birthday cakes. I bought that in the eighties to make the butterfly for my daughter. You never know they might have friends with kids or grand kids

28 littlepetal { 03.09.12 at 12:38 pm }

Thanks Ralphie!!!! I just received a flyer inside the Good Food Magazine to subscript to the Women’s Weekly cookbook. You get one every month. Will be a good gift for P&G.

I have the How to Cook Absolutely Everything cookbook from WW. At least it is not that old

29 Dr T { 03.09.12 at 12:55 pm }

1. I wonder if P&G can get an endorsement sponsorship from Woman’s Weekly giving all the free plugs they’ve given

2. I think the reactions of P&Gs competition standing on the side watching were the funniest. No one had really seen them cook in any detail in the competition to date (with the exception of the city challenge – where everyone had their head down over their own work).

30 drb123 { 03.09.12 at 1:12 pm }

The saying “Those who can’t, criticise” comes to mind with Peter and Gary. What they said when critiquing their opponents food throughout the competition may have been valid, they just couldn’t produce an acceptable dish themselves. From what I saw of their cooking and their home on Better Homes (their home looks like a barn built in the late 70s), they seem to be in a timewarp and the modern day has just blown past them

31 old fart { 03.09.12 at 1:35 pm }

dRb123 – “they seem to be in a timewarp and the modern day has just blown past them”

agree – but that ain’t a crime!

Not saying I want to go to theirs for dinner, but really when it’s well done you can’t get past some of the good old-fashioned recipes from the sixties and seventies. I’d rather that then nouvelle cuisine or fusion, but then that’s probably old hat now too. God I will miss those two. All the less-good cooks are the witty humerous one (aside from T+C) and they will all get peeled off one by one, damn it.

32 Leop { 03.09.12 at 1:40 pm }

drb123 – Touche –
each to their own, if they are happy what does it matter about their home – Live and let live

33 drb123 { 03.09.12 at 1:47 pm }

old fart – on re-reading, my comments may come off a little harsh.

They seem pretty happy with their lot and proud of their achievements, good luck to them. They’ve been wonderful entertainment, and I’ve ended up liking them for their honesty and sense of fun. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough for them to win this particular competition

34 paulski { 03.09.12 at 1:51 pm }

Sorry, but I don’t know where Lesley’s coming from at all. Peter & Gary got a very good deal on MKR considering the sheer nastiness and spite in many of their comments. Frankly, they got what they deserved in the end – as Jen-Why said, karma is indeed a bitch.

35 anonymice { 03.09.12 at 1:56 pm }

Off course Peter you have never lost a case! You’re an academic. Academics dont play in the real world. I bet you tried your last case back in 1970 – the same era as your cooking.

In all fairness I enjoyed watching these guys and will be sad to see them go :(

36 Dunbi { 03.09.12 at 2:17 pm }

I rather liked their home. It looked cosy and inviting and had a bit of character.

37 Andrea { 03.09.12 at 2:30 pm }

PoorPeter and Gary, I felt sorry for them and they will be missed! Thomas should stop smirking so much, he will be next. I saw a picture in Who magazine of Peter and Gary together when they were young, probably in their twenties so it seems that they have been a couple for a long time and they would know each other very well. I like all the old fashioned meals, nothing wrong with them, and the boys were very gracious in defeat, maybe they could do a cooking show called “Cooking with Peter and Gary”. It would be entertaining and fun!

38 smauge { 03.09.12 at 2:30 pm }

I got that in my Shop Til You Drop magazine yesterday too LittlePetal! I was going to say that too but you beat me too the punch. Seriously, I was tempted by the offer, but I really already have way too many cookbooks!

39 Cherry Gripe { 03.09.12 at 2:33 pm }

I’m going to miss Peter and Gary too. Peter could be such a hilarious bitch. Thomas drives me insane, but I want him and Carla to stay around for a few more weeks for hating purposes. I would rather have seen the Tasmanians go last night, largely because the husband is a control freak who flies off the handle waaaay too easily.

40 Stacey { 03.09.12 at 2:35 pm }

That Roo-Poo main was just…. awful.
And thats all I’m going to say.

41 LouLou { 03.09.12 at 2:48 pm }

I’m 100% with you Cherry Gripe! I really don’t like Thomas and Carla but they are quickly becoming two of the only ones I don’t really like so I need them around for a few more weeks till someone else starts to annoy me.

42 littlepetal { 03.09.12 at 3:43 pm }

I think we all agree that Peter and Gary can’t cook under pressure and within a time frame. Last night even though they knew they are behind with the cooking, they couldn’t move faster. If cooking for a party of 6 and in their own sweet time, they may be able to produce some classic 70’s food.

Surprising many people are saying they will miss P&G because they are good fun to watch and they are honest with their comments (even though sometimes they come out nasty). I don’t think we will miss T&C

43 Suit { 03.09.12 at 4:39 pm }

Gary reminds me of K-Rudd

44 anne { 03.12.12 at 10:37 am }

LouLou – well there’s always the Princess