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Celebrity Apprentice Australia – Lauryn Eagle’s Love Life Appears To Be Fraught

Lauryn Eagle soon to be seen on Celebrity Apprentice Australia Season Two appears to have a less then healthy relationship if reports in the papers over the last few days have been correct.

Lauryn who is 24,  has been in a relationship with 40 year old boxer Lovemore N’dou for 12 months, and it appears to have been a volatile one if you read the subtext in the articles.

Yesterday the Sunday Telegraph reported that he had a sex tape which she went to the Police last year about, however this was later withdrawn when she reconciled with him.  She also described their relationship as “very dysfunctional” with the 40 year old boxer.

It is alleged her management agency Chic stopped working with her due to his involvement, and you know when you mother talks to the media outlining her concerns there must be some savoury stuff going on.

The article states:

SPORTS star and swimsuit model Lauryn Eagle is embroiled in an explosive sex tape scandal after a messy bust-up with boxer boyfriend Lovemore Ndou.

The Sunday Telegraph has been told Miss Eagle had made a complaint to police late last year over a sex tape featuring her and Mr Ndou.

Soon to star in Nine’s Celebrity Apprentice, Miss Eagle revealed she split with Mr Ndou on the fourth anniversary of her father’s tragic death in a freak speedboat accident on Sydney Harbour.

Describing their relationship as destructive and dysfunctional, the 24-year-old said she had called an end to their volatile 12-month affair because “it was not ideal”.

“I acknowledge the relationship was very dysfunctional and people around me have been concerned,” she said.

“My career is really important to me. I’ve worked hard to get to where I am and staying with Lovemore will more than likely put an end to everything, people seem to distance themselves from me while I am with him.”

Miss Eagle said “many” of her friends had expressed “concern” over the relationship with Mr Ndou, 40, and even though she knew they cared, that was difficult.

Miss Eagle’s mother Kerrie admitted last week she had been concerned about her daughter’s relationship.

“I really hate the situation, they fight all the time and since she has been with him she has changed. I have been desperate to get her home … she could be with anyone she wanted, it doesn’t need to be him,” she said.

“Part of Lauryn’s problem is that she hasn’t faced the tragedy of her dad (Peter, a 10-time Australian water skiing champion) dying.”

Today Lovemore who was not talking yesterday but today he is. He says he is not holding Lauryn to ransom over the sex tape and maintains he has deleted it from his mobile phone.

He told the Telegraph:

“The idea that there is this explosive ‘sex tape’ scandal is ridiculous,” N’Dou said yesterday. “It was a clip that I sent her and I destroyed it last year in front of Lauryn. There is no tape.

“It was a private matter between a couple. It’s no longer an issue.”

The 40-year-old pugilist also denied suggestions that he had been a bad influence on Eagle since they began dating, claiming it was he who never found acceptance amongst Eagle’s friends and family.

“I don’t think they felt I was good for her image.

“It created a lot of stress on our relationship, especially for Lauryn.”

 Sounds like she is well rid of him, and hopefully this on/0ff relationship will stay off.
Celebrity Apprentice Australia will start on NINE soon.


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Why a young woman who is sure to get plenty of male attention would couple up with a 40 year old father of three is beyond me…

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