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Big Brother Australia – New Logo?


(Source: Official Big Brother Australia)

Followers of Nine’s Big Brother Facebook page and Twitter feed have been anticipating the new eye logo for the last few days, with the graphic appearing on Facebook today – but only if we can answer trivia questions!

The new logo is being revealed piece by piece on a jigsaw puzzle, as fans are being tested on their knowledge of previous seasons.

I wonder whose idea this was?

Here is the post on Facebook:

Big Brother has asked us to play an eye-catching game. See the above jigsaw puzzle? We’ll reveal pieces of the puzzle when you correctly answer. Are you ready to play?

I think it’s a bit tacky, but at least they’re trying to keep the buzz going!

This is the first trivia question, worth one or few jigsaw pieces:

Lets get started: What was the name of the Housemate who nearly killed Chrissie Swan with laughter by cutting out the eyes of the Big Brother picture?

While this post has already gotten 47 comments in the last hour, many are still asking when the auditions are! There hasn’t been an announcement as this stage, and the Twitter feed was very misleading a few weeks ago when a tweet was made, along the lines of: “The wait will soon be over! Auditions coming soon!”… But when I checked their page a few days ago, the tweet was deleted.

When news of the show’s return on Nine were first announced, there were rumours of adapting France’s Big Brother: Secrets format where every contestant will enter the house with a personal secret. It was reported by TV Tonight late last year. But there hasn’t been any further information about the show since.

Check out the Facebook page from 7pm tonight to see more bits of the new logo.