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Half-wits vs Bogans – Kelvin Thompson takes aim at Tamara Ecclestone

Hers might be “an extraordinary world of private jets, super yachts, fast cars and VIP luxury” but Labor MP Kelvin Thompson wonders when Victorian taxpayers will get their share of Tamara Ecclestone’s billion dollar limelight.  His comments were made in the context of the Australian Grand Prix weekend, which kicked off today and remains somewhat controversial, with many questioning the benefit of the $50 million price tag.  I’m sure we will all feel better about that investment once we see how hard Tamara is working.  As the show’s blurb tells us, “despite her wealth she’s determined to succeed in her own right”.

Tamara Ecclestone: Billion $$ is showing on Lifestyle YOU. You can still catch repeats of the first episode, with the second screening on Monday at 9.30pm.