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Guy Sebastian Leaving The X Factor to Make a Career Overseas?

The auditions for The X Factor Australia are underway, but judge Guy Sebastian is yet to sign on to officially take part in the show. Even though he is locked into taking part in this series, no contract has been signed. His future on the program could depend on how much time is put in expanding his music career.

With a new album set to release this year, Guy is eyeing the UK market after some relative success in the US last year with his hit song, ‘Who’s That Girl’. The singer funded the release without much promotion but radio play, yet sales were hitting the 60,000 mark through internet downloads. He hopes to replicate this success in the UK through proper marketing.

Despite being a judge and mentor on The X Factor Australia for the past two years, Guy has continued his singing career and put time aside to fly overseas for events and gigs. There’s been weeks on the show, where his primary contact with his contestants were through video conferencing.

He admits that his role on the show makes up in a considerable portion of his income and putting it aside for a desire to break out overseas, may be something he’ll need to think over.

“It means I’m at home, you have a reliable income… I’m at that crossroads: do I take a massive hit in income and release in the US and UK, or do I do the show and try to do both? It’s going to be a tough decision.”

Guy says he’s set for a career overseas, but is still in the process of planning.

“I’ve locked in a little team of lawyers and agents and had a meeting with a label who’s keen.”

If he decides to commit himself to the singing competition, we’ll have to wait and see how much he can juggle.

The singer and Australian Idol winner became a father recently. He and wife Jules welcomed son Hudson Sebastian earlier last month.



1 brain dead dave { 03.19.12 at 4:09 am }

Be sure to pack lots of chicken wire, Guy.

2 Georgie { 03.19.12 at 8:13 am }

ROFL bdd – you are soooo funny.