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My Kitchen Rules – Megan Wigs Out At Andy

To quote Huey Lewis – The Heat Is On or it certainly was in Megan and Andy’s kitchen though all teams were feeling the pressure when they were told one team would be eliminated each day this week.

If that was not bad enough, they also had a jury who was scoring as well and it was made up of the teams that had been eliminated.

Peter revels in his role of villain and if he had on a fedora hat he could slot right into any of the films from the 1940’s.

“Where here for a different purpose now, we are here to wreak havoc,” said Peter. Unfortunately we don’t know if he actually did as the scores they gave were not revealed.

The first challenge was a good one, the teams had to cook with a key ingredient that was found in ever fridge and it was mince.

Peter and Gary were bitching about the teams not going out of their comfort zones. He said Carly and Emily were doing asian and the SA boys doing italian. But come on if they had been there they would have been cooking retro 70’s food. Stuffed capsicums perhaps?

Nic and Rocco were making Pork and Fennel Meatballs with Fresh Pasta. However they going to use bottled passata for their sauce, something that Manu was not happy about. So they then went and got fresh tomatoes to make it from scratch. This was the right decision.

Justine and Angela were doing Beef Meatballs with Pasta. Justine took carriage of it as it was her recipe, however she kept on stuffing up the fresh pasta and in the end had to go with dried.

David and Scott made Open Lasagna. They said they were well and truly out of their comfort zone. It was interesting that Gary thought David was the boss, I always thought Scott was the bossy one, maybe that is because he gets more camera time.

Carly and Emily cooked Thai Pork Stuffed Omelette. Gary started sweating when he saw all the chilli going into it, he prefers his food mild.

Jen and Leigh made Beef and Lamb Dumplings with a butter sauce. This pair are showing they could win. Will it be an all South Australian grand final?

Helen and Steve made lamb mince and Polenta Bake again keeping to their tried and tested Greek recipes.

Andy and Megan made Greek Lamb Souvlaki with homemade tortillas. Megan has this habit of cooking things too early because she wants time to plate up. This proved unwise in this case as they were dry.

When it came to judging Manu thought there was a lot of chilli in Carly and Emily’s omelette, and Peter thought it was just mince with an omelette wrapped around it. He even mentioned the word soggy. We did find out they scored them four out of ten.

Andy and Megan were criticised for not cooking out the spices, however and the meat being dry. This must have been a bit retro as Gary liked it whereas the WA team did not.

David and Scott were congratulated for pushing themselves, however Pete thought the mince was under seasoned.

Nic and Rocco got thumbs up for their meatballs from everyone,  however for the same could not be said for Angela’s. Pete said it had great texture but her meatballs were lacking in flavour.

Jen and Leigh were criticised for presentation however they had lots of flavour. Manu loved it, these girls are bit of a favourite with him.

Steve and Helen were told their polenta needed more cooking but the lamb mince was delicious. Gary thought it looked more exciting then it tasted.

Angela and Justine were the first to go into elimination with only 12 out of 50.

Megan and Andy were nominated by Manu and Pete to go head to head with them.

They had to cook one great dish.

Angela and Justine were cooking Vietnamese Duck and Asian Salad.

Megan and Andy were making Coral Trout with Crab and Prawn Bisque. Andy being the seafood king was meant to be the boss, but it was getting fiery in their kitchen with Megan trying to get Andy to cook the prawns early so she would have time to plate up. She was grabbing him and even let the f word fly. She wanted time to plate up and he wanted the seafood cooked at last minute. Even after time was called she was still stony faced about it.

However she should apologise to Andy as  the judges thought the seafood was cooked to perfection and Guy Grossi loved the depth of flavour of the bisque. Liz Egan, Manu and Pete gave the dish a perfect ten.

The judges also thought Angela and Justine’s flavours were great, however Tobie thought the leg could have benefited from a longer cooking time.

Angela and Justine scored eights from all the judges except for Tobie Puttock who scored it a seven this gave them a  total of 47 out of 60. However they could not beat the Tassie team who scored nine and tens for a 57 out of 60. Manu said it was the best dish they had been served in the competition thus far.

UPDATE: MKR website has how the jury voted, interesting that David and Scott were considered to have the second worst dish.


1 Marie { 03.20.12 at 2:37 am }

Oh thank goodness you clarified Manu said it was the best dish ‘they’ had served so far, RR. I thought he said it was the best dish in the competition so far and I was really outraged on behalf of some of the other teams. Megan and Andy are stressing me out now. Not in an entertaining-to-watch way, just in a I-want-them-gone-way.

The returning jury of teams are being harsh! I wish we could see more of their scoring. I thought Peter’s hair looked like it could benift from a wash.

2 Marie { 03.20.12 at 2:41 am }

Oh no hang on, you did say that ‘they had been served’ oops. Colour me outraged again then!

3 brain dead dave { 03.20.12 at 3:58 am }

Megan was going off like a Tasmanian Devil…….except that Tasmanian Devils look after their hair better.

4 lej274 { 03.20.12 at 5:09 am }

FTR, “The Heat Is On” is by Glenn Frey (ex-Eagles). Written for the soundtrack for Beverly Hills Cop in the 80’s.
Love the blog & agree Megan should’ve apologised to Andy. He nailed that seafood!!

5 Francois Gilbert { 03.20.12 at 7:04 am }

Poor old Peter and Garry! Still so bitter. Amazing to see how these two “professionals” behave

6 littlepetal { 03.20.12 at 7:16 am }

The scoring by the jury is poor. Didn’t I see one team scored Army boys dish 5 out of 10. They were the eliminated teams and they obviously think they could cook better then them.

I have enough of Andy and Megan.

Did I hear Manu said by the end of this week only 4 teams remains? I thought by the Thurs episode only 3 teams will remains. Wonder did I heard wrong or Manu got the week wrong?

7 PollyB { 03.20.12 at 7:24 am }

I had closed captions on last night. Andy and Megan’s to camera he was saying how she ended up being bossy. The cc people put in ‘cow’ instead of bossy! Had a good laugh.
Tonight showed that I am not missing Gary, Peter or Carly. Thankfully we didn’t hear from Thomas. Not liking this jury being involved. Why do producers have to change things every year when they have great ratings.
Thank God for Foxtel, MC Professionals is back, and Top Chef started again last night. No vested interests for the judges other than they want the best cooking performers to win.

8 Georgie { 03.20.12 at 7:30 am }

If Andy is the ‘seafood king’, Megan must be the ‘fishwife’.

9 Isabel { 03.20.12 at 7:48 am }

Ha Georgie, great comment! She’s rough isn’t she, a real fishwife. And those eyebrows .. sorry to bring them up again, but they seemed to be shaped more like a clown’s than before … I can’t see that relationship lasting much further beyond the end of the series

10 Georgie { 03.20.12 at 8:01 am }

Yeah Isabel she’s wearing very thin and I agree, the eyebrows just enhance the stupid looks she gets on her face. Dumb as …

11 AnnyB { 03.20.12 at 8:40 am }
12 Picnic { 03.20.12 at 9:09 am }

thanks AnnyB, that was interesting, looking at the Kiwi scores I think they are still bitter and twisted from loosing as they have scored really low

13 Q { 03.20.12 at 9:20 am }

thanks as well AnnyB, interesting that Thomas & Carla were pretty generous with their scoring now that there is no strategy, and that megan and andy had the 4th worst dish according to the jury

14 Dunbi { 03.20.12 at 10:52 am }

I wonder why Justine didn’t try using the food processor for the second batch of pasta. Rocco had his made in minutes.

15 littlepetal { 03.20.12 at 11:46 am }

The jury scoring is pathetic and inconsistent. They should eliminate the highest and lowest scores like the Olympics. How can a dish can have a score of 3 from 1 team and 8 from another? Either 1 team have poor taste buds or they think they are better than the other?

16 Dunbi { 03.20.12 at 11:59 am }

Maybe it should have been blind tastings by the jury.

17 brain dead dave { 03.20.12 at 12:04 pm }

I like that. Also use a plate of dog food as the “control”.

Pete and Gary , Thomas and Carla will give the dog food a “ten”.

18 Bruiser Brody { 03.20.12 at 12:22 pm }

Absolutely blind tasting! Really think P&G aren’t being vindictive with scores of 4 for C&E when they averaged 8 from other scores?!?
And what a complete knobhead to come out and actually speak when asked for comment – ungracious little bitch getting undeserved airtime…that deluded you think you still have grounds to comment on any food product given you were ELIMINATED for being sht!
Carla, really a funny lass isn’t she – “big portion, must be Justine’s”, “Justine should stick to driving dump trucks” – ie “Justine a big fattie fat fat!” oh the lol’s
Who are these idiots to give any kind of validated decision – given they weren’t even competitive enough in the first place… ever heard of the word ‘compassion’, given you’ve been in the exact same time-pressure environment? Prolly give a Ramsay dish a 2 yea?

oh well, glad the Reactionary Clown Faces are gone
Loved Andy’s courage under fire! Just cook solo a!

19 Rosie { 03.20.12 at 1:23 pm }

Megan, Megan, Megan! When you said that Andy was in charge tonight and you were just going to be his assistant, why say the words when you had no intention of following them? “Darling”.
I just wonder how their marriage is faring.

20 brain dead dave { 03.20.12 at 1:44 pm }

Megan doesn’t know her plaice.

21 drb123 { 03.20.12 at 2:08 pm }

I really don’t enjoy watching Megan and Andy cook (it’s like watching my parents before their divorce), but the end product seems to be outstanding………as long as it is seafood. I still think he will belt her while they are in the kitchen before the series concludes

22 Dunbi { 03.20.12 at 2:20 pm }

Megan and Andy aren’t married. Newly engaged. Part of their profile on the official site reads “Their biggest strength is their teamwork and communication skills.” !!!

23 kleenex mum { 03.20.12 at 2:32 pm }

I would love to have been in the room when megan and andy watched theses shows, what an embarassment megan is, whilst I have trouble with Andy pandy i would seriously want to shove a whole fish down darls throat, my god she is seriously unbalanced, calling andy and IDIOT of national tv, oh shame, not happy that the jury consists off two couples that are sore looses and couldnt cook, hence being voted off….. now they get to vote off who they bear a grudge with… not fair mkr.

24 Mrs T { 03.20.12 at 3:43 pm }

it really is frustrating to watch Megan and Andy, particularly when she makes the same mistakes time and time again. she always wants to cook things too early. Things worked out last night but she won’t learn from the experience sadly.

25 Andrea { 03.20.12 at 3:49 pm }

I agree, I used to like Megan and Andy, especially as I love Tasmania and my daughter’s name is Megan, so I was kind of going for them, but last night they were annoying me so much with all the whingeing and nagging” seriously DARL, we have to put the prawns on NOW!” It was driving me up the wall. Definitely this jury should not have a say unless its a blind tasting as they all have their favourites and its not fair.

26 PollyB { 03.20.12 at 3:56 pm }

Do the jury watch the cooking? No blind tasting then.

27 Reality Raver { 03.20.12 at 4:00 pm }

Here is how the jury voted it is on the MKR website.

28 Melanie { 03.20.12 at 5:51 pm }

I agree that the tastings by the jury ought to have been blind. It’s clear that Peter and Gary do not assess each dish on its merits. Their palates are not not great. I’m not so keen on the jury assessment process.

29 sue N { 03.20.12 at 6:01 pm }

biased or not, the “jury” only selects 1 of the 2 bottom 2 dishes, so there is still plenty of opportunity for the “jury selected” couple to cook well and get through. the elimination judging is done by the judges only. So I do not think it is too bad, and it certainly adds an element to the show- lol :)

30 Rosie { 03.20.12 at 6:18 pm }

Megan and Andy aren’t even married yet? My God.
Run far and run fast, Andy!

31 brain dead dave { 03.20.12 at 6:42 pm }

You get the feeling that there’s going to be more than fish battered in their household.

They’re not sole mates.

32 Francois Gilbert { 03.20.12 at 6:55 pm }

Not nice of Carla to comment– “big portion, must be Justine’s”, “Justine should stick to driving dump trucks”
well, I have news for you….you can’t cook, otherwise you would still be here this week

33 Francois Gilbert { 03.20.12 at 6:57 pm }

I used to like the kiwis, but they are very bitter

34 JM { 03.20.12 at 8:15 pm }

Darl and Darling Andy & Megan need to go. I have developed a violent dislike of the formerly beautiful word “Darling” thanks to them.

35 Georgie { 03.20.12 at 8:36 pm }

bdd – your quips remind me of that song by Jim Haynes, ‘Lobster and Never Flounder’.

36 sue N { 03.21.12 at 12:17 am }

I take back my comment- no 29. tonite was farcical, no way should the girls have even been there…bugger it! Nor the boys really :(

37 megan nearly parker { 03.21.12 at 2:46 pm }

i’ve become a massive fan of MKR and haven’t missed an episode this season. but it’s so very disappointing that at this stage of the competion, the food is not being judged on its merits by the jury – rather the personalities are. there is no way leigh & jen deserved to be in the cook-off last night. channel 7, you’re ruining a great product by allowing the eliminated teams to judge as they are – disgracefully. and it shows what poor losers some of them are too. it’s not a personality competition – clearly – or the first two to go would have been either peter & gary or thomas & carla . but no – they were rightly afforded the respect of being judged on their food. why the remaining teams are not receiving this respect is completely beyond me. unfair channel 7.