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The Voice To Premiere On Sunday 15 April at 6.30pm. Will You Be Watching?

The much promoted show The Voice Australia has finally got a start date. It will premiere on NINE on Sunday 15 April at 6.30pm. Has it been placed in this timeslot to avoid getting involved in a three way tussle with Dancing With The Stars and Masterchef Australia? If so smart move.

The show which has been much hyped and has the advantage over other reality TV talent shows where the opening episodes with the auditions are one of the best bits because the judges must pick their team on their singers voices only. This gives them a huge opportunity to draw viewers into the show.

Theoretically it makes it a level playing field at this stage of the competition. Obviously to get to the aforementioned audition they must send in video clips of themselves to get there. Shouldn’t it have been audio clips only?

Anyway this is a must watch show of 2012, with pressure on the judges Seal, Joel Madden, Delta Goodrem and Keith Urban to make a hit show for Channel Nine.

The pre-publicity has been ramped up with hints that Delta Goodrem may have hooked up with someone on set. Rumours online were hinting that it was the married Joel Madden, however this week they were trying to say her and host Darren McMullen were getting close.

Joel Madden has hit out by saying his marriage with Fashion Star judge Nicole Ritchie is as strong. Anyway it will be interesting to see what chemistry all the judges have.

The mentors on the show are Ricki-Lee Coulter, Megan Washington, Darren Hayes, and Benji Madden. They will be helping the judges with their team.

Here are some of the promos for The Voice which will start on Channel NINE on Sunday 15 April at 6.30pm.


1 littlepetal { 03.25.12 at 4:33 pm }

Nice to hear from you again RR!!!!

Dancing with the Stars time slot is usually on Sun at 6.30pm. Could be a challenge to see who will win the rating.

2 brain dead dave { 03.25.12 at 5:02 pm }

Yes ,good to hear from you,RR. The Biggest Loser is now having elimination eps on Sunday same time. I’ll be watching that,at least until Margie gets what’s coming to her. So much rubbish and so little time.

Delta really wants the viewer to check out her tush on the promos the way she sticks it out.

Then I’ll give The Voice a whirl but seriously when the judges have no enduring talent, what hope is there for the contestants?

3 Andrea { 03.25.12 at 5:30 pm }

Yes it is good to hear from you again RR. I will try The Voice but you know The Biggest Loser comes first with me! ( until its over of course ) Some of these contestants seem to be semi professionals already such as Mahalia Barnes so I don’t know how much further they can progress by going on this show if they haven’t made it big by now. It’s worth a look though.

4 Marepoppin { 03.25.12 at 5:41 pm }

BDD, k.urb is an enduring talent, he’s been around for over ten years now and is enjoying greater success every year, in the right circles. The others I don’t give a stuff about but I will watch the audition process for this show; RR is right in saying its the (only) interesting part of a talent search

5 Daphne O'Donoghoe { 03.25.12 at 6:14 pm }

In the 4th paragraph, you have said Delta Madden….oops..

6 Georgie { 03.25.12 at 6:55 pm }

The Freudian slip – we hope. Delta doesn’t need any more bad press concerning her love life.

7 Reality Raver { 03.25.12 at 7:08 pm }

Yes sorry for the break in transmission illness something I can neither confirm nor deny was self-inflicted. In fact I had done a MKR post and thought I had pressed the publish button but clearly I was even incapable of that it was only later in the day that I realised my f**k up.

8 sue N { 03.25.12 at 7:28 pm }

so are you going to press the button now 😉 or is it too late?? :)

9 Reality Raver { 03.25.12 at 7:59 pm }

Sue it was a pretty average post due to aforementioned affliction will encompass main discussion points in tonight’s post. Basically I said it was fair how the semi rounds were decided

10 nanaliz { 03.25.12 at 10:20 pm }

Glad to see you up and about RR. I am sure your afore mentioned illness was caused by something you ate or too much sun . Buttons can be easily missed . I am sure there is a perfectly good explanation after all you are very creative. Anyway good to have you back.

11 Shelsta78 { 03.25.12 at 10:31 pm }

I will watch anything that involves Megan Washington! Looking forward to something new in the mix – I’m not sure I can do MC this year!

12 Louise { 03.26.12 at 7:50 am }

So wish we could view this VOICE in the USA. Lucky Aussies. I hope the show is a smash hit!

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14 Simon { 04.03.12 at 8:44 am }

@brain dead Dave

That isn’t true some of the coaches are very talented & the reason that most are on the show is because either some have made a lasting impact (Keith Urban, Seal, Joel Maddern) or some have broke records (Delta Goodrem). I wonder how the mentors will be included because I stopped watching the voice USA after blind auditions. Good thing we have a recorder at home so if channel seven air Dancing With The Stars against The Voice then you can record them. Everyone who is stuck between Dancing & The Voice get a recorder. Go Team Delta, Team Keith & Team Joel!!! Seal nothing personal but I like these three more