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My Kitchen Rules – And The Winner Is…

I know My Kitchen Rules should be all about the food, however we need to talk about Rocco’s mother. Carly really needs to take note of this possible future mother in-law. She was overbearing and very bossy yelling out instructions, even giving orders about dishes she had not cooked before. She told Rocco to take the macarons out of the oven. He responded by saying they dry out better in the oven. But then he takes them out, and says  “she needs to shut her mouth”. Even Nic’s mother was getting a little annoyed with her.

It was Double Trouble  versus Burlesque, which for those with short memories was the name of Nic and Rocco’s and Jennifer and Leigh’s instant restaurants.

Tonight they had to cook a five course meal, but also there had to be twenty plates served up each course. This was no small task. In fact if the judges were telling the truth about what they thought of the dishes then the standard produced was very high.

Jennifer and Leigh’s made Crab Congee, Scallops and XO Sauce, Quail with Barberry and Quinoa, Wagyu Beef Ribs with Bone Marrow and Cauliflower Puree, and for dessert Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake.

Nic and Rocco made Seared Moroccan Tuna and Cured Salmon,  Bug Tails with Fennel Puree and Chorizo Essence, Spatchcock Two Ways with Heirloom Carrots and Thyme Crumbs, Poached Pork Belly, and Chocolate Raspberry Pop Delight.

The family, friends and the other MKR contestants were watching them cook and it was interesting to see who was cheering for whom. Obviously Carly and Emily were cheering for Nic and Rocco but so were a lot of the other teams. David and Scott did appear to be on team Jen and Leigh however not sure there were any others. Also Leigh’s husband hair needs a special mention it is something out of an 80’s video clip.

It was great that Jen’s mother was flown in from Thailand. She gave some great advice which was “just trust yourself Jen Jen”.

She should also have told her to calm down.

Jennifer was running around frantically in the first two hour prep time was freaking out about the stock for her congee not cooking. She seems to run around in a flap but she gets a lot done.

They also burnt the XO sauce –  twice. Leigh wondered why has this was happening. Probably because  they were trying to do five things at once.

The girls menu philosophy was to have a flow/progression to their menu and they started with a light Crab Congee. Pete said it was an extremely delicate way to start a menu. Manu thought there should be a little bit more to push the boundaries. He would have liked to have had a bit more rice. Karen queried whether it was too delicate?

Nic and Rocco started off with a Seared Morrocan Tuna and Salmon with two different salads and  Pete thought it packed a punch. Karen loved the intensity of flavours.  Even Gary said it was delicious.

For the second course the girls were cooking Scallops in XO sauce. They first deep fried the scallops and then they put them in the XO sauce. It was panic stations when they realised they did not have enough scallops. There were squeals saying they thought they had 70, however who would have counted them. Luckily they found some more and quickly cooked them.

The boys were having issues with their fennel puree they were serving with their bug tails. It was way too thin however Rocco put it on the heat to thicken up and this appeared to do the trick.

Guy Grossi thought the flavour conversation of the bugs was perfect. The girls scallop dish got the thumbs up as well. Tobie said he could not fault it and all the judges agreed there was no burnt flavour.

Gary thought the scallop tasted fishy so this meant they were overcooked. Considering he does not like seafood I was surprised he would even know what a scallop tasted like.

The boys had a disaster in the third course  and ran out of time with the plating. They got all the elements on the dish but it could only be described as rustic. The judges were still positive about the dish, after all it was the finale, but they only said the dish was great or nice.

The girl’s Quail was said to be delicious by the judges. However, Carly and Emily were hypercritical of the dish saying they would have liked the skin crispier.

However the boy’s brought it back with the pork. Guy thought the stock had such complexity. Liz said they have done a fabulous job with it as it was delicious.

Jennifer and Leigh’s Wagyu ribs looked rich. Guy said the braising made the meat melt, and Karen said the flavours sing on the dish.

Then it was down to dessert, the boys were well prepped but I do think points needed to be deducted for making chocolate mousse for about the fourth time in the competition, as well as doing another macaron. However their dessert looked beautifully presented.

However it was all stress in the girls kitchen where they were having issues tempering the white chocolate and after adding titanium dioxide and it went all lumpy. Even though they attempted to do it again it did not set in time.

At this stage Jen’s husband looked like he was about to have a heart attack.

Karen said the boys dessert was beautiful, and it was fun because of the pop rocks in it. Also Tobie said it was a fabulous way to finish a great meal.

The girls chocolate hazelnut cake had a salty caramel ganache in it and the judges liked it. A criticism from Liz was that the extra ganache on top looked sloppy. However the judges liked the salty caramel taste.

Now it was just finding out who was going to win the $250,000 prize.

Points for Nic and Rocco – Tobie gave a 9, Guy gave a 9, Liz gave an 8, and Karen scored an 8. Manu gave them a nine as did Pete. This was a total 52 out of 60.

Points for Jennifer and Leigh –  Karen gave a 9, Liz gave a 9, Tobie scored a ten, Guy gave a ten, Manu gave a ten, and Pete gave a ten. This was a 58 out of 60. It was a deserved win they have been pretty solid the whole way through the competition. Also it is good new for Leigh as she will be able to pay off her debts and Princess Jennifer will be able to buy another Louis Vutton and a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes.

There have been rumours the winning team are no longer friends however it is unclear whether this is in fact true.

Also I was surprised Nic and Rocco did not win, as they have been the nice guys the whole way through whereas Princess Jen and Leigh have been polarising of the public.

It has been a great series of My Kitchen Rules, in fact it was the best of the three. However only one complaint and that is get rid of Tobie Puttock his face does not change expression and he is monotone. He adds nothing to the table.

Who do you think should have won tonight?


1 Mel { 03.28.12 at 2:34 pm }

I just noticed an interesting coincidence…
Each of the three winning teams wore white chef uniforms as opposed to black in the final.

2 nanaliz { 03.28.12 at 2:46 pm }

Pete Evans clarifies on facebook and repeated in popsugar as to why the girls won. It sounds from his comments that the girls were far better than Nic and Rocco. Filming was done over 5 hours. Here is the link

3 Dutch Courage { 03.28.12 at 3:02 pm }

Special thanks to Karen Martini for the lovely cleavage. She is well on her way to become the Australian Nigella….yummie!!

4 nanaliz { 03.28.12 at 3:09 pm }

Has there been any interview with Nic and Rocco since last night? I have checked all the usual sites and nothing so far.

5 Stacey { 03.28.12 at 3:21 pm }

Dutch Courage – totally agree about Karen! She is hawt.

nanaliz – It should’ve been a longer filming time, no? Five courses surely would equal more cooking time, with also the introduction part at the beginning and the scoring at the end?

6 nanaliz { 03.28.12 at 3:43 pm }

Your right Stacy, re-read and Pete said show would have gone on TV for 5 hours. Having a more senior moment than usual.

7 Cheryl { 03.28.12 at 4:00 pm }

I picked it from the very beginning that J&L were going to win. The typical reality TV editing struck again – the boys were given very little airtime when talking about their families while Leigh went to tears and Jen talked about how long since she’d seen her mum. That pointed straight to a win, it always does. I swear there must be some sort of reality TV editing course they all do with guidelines such as “always play up the sympathetic side of the winner(s)” along with “create drama by adding face-to-camera pieces later”. It’s not that I blame them, it’s just that the more I watch the more blatant it is.

Actually I think the editors may have been slightly peeved that Emma and Andrew went so early in the competition, they were the best narrators of the series and the ones that followed (Peter then Scott then Emily) were nowhere near as good. You always know the narrator is not going to win (see also Masterchef Dani) but the longer they last in the competition the easier it is for the editors as they don’t have to work so hard on a replacement.

8 littlepetal { 03.28.12 at 4:39 pm }

I have learnt my lessons watching MKR. Ignore judges comments on the food as the scores does not match the comments. Also have learnt how to pick up general good comments on the food like the combination of chocolate, nuts and raspberries will never go wrong etc. More dramas with the cooking means they are safe (of course don’t apply to Peter and Gary)

I thought Gary don’t like seafood and there he was an expert commenting on the scallops having fishy taste!!!! When you don’t like seafood, they all have a fishy taste.

Just like asking me to comment on red meat-I don’t like the taste of red meat and I don’t eat red meat. Even when people say it is delicious and when I have a small bite I still can taste the strong flavour of red meat.

9 Andrea { 03.28.12 at 6:49 pm }

I thought the same thing with the lack of air time for the boys. Why didn’t they get to tell a sob story? It was obvious that the ex contestants seemed to be on the boys side as it was deathly silence at the end. Nic and Rocco seemed a bit stunned by the result. The peanut gallery were just annoying, they should have only come in at the end to listen to the judging and I think the fairest way is for everyone to cook the same dish and then get the judges to blind taste test it as they do on master chef. I don’t think the girls should have even got through with the gravel incident! It should have been Megan and Andy up against the boys.The judges always say that its who cooks best on the night who wins but thats not true in this case, all in all very disappointing and unfair result.

10 brain dead dave { 03.28.12 at 7:55 pm }

I think Leigh are Jennifer are more marketable than Nic and Rocco. Yeah!!

Italy did rather badly in WWII but hey ,they’ve won four World Cups. This was just a cheesy MKR Finale, not a real cooking competition.

I voted for Megan and Andy to win but wanted L&J to win when the mindless , over the top barracking and advice from the peanut gallery for Nic and Rocco started up.

11 nanaliz { 03.28.12 at 8:19 pm }

Looking good on Current Affair RR. Thought, understandably, the story a bit biased against Ch7.
I have thoroughly enjoyed this series, good, bad and ugly and take editing with a grain of salt. It is reality TV, if people don’t like it, watch something else, but given the high ratings all series, a lot like to watch.
Don’t tell me Ch9 wouldn’t edit the Block etc to suit best ratings.

12 brain dead dave { 03.28.12 at 8:26 pm }

Ch 9 were pretty predictable in their attack on MKR. They’d be dirty that Excess Baggage tanked and need a good performance from The Block.

Of course, there are no flies on Ch9- and me old China Scotty Cam would never be contrived.

Good job on ACA, RR.

13 spider { 03.28.12 at 9:02 pm }

It’s a real pity the series was so bitchey and I don’t believe other contestants should be influenced by the judges and as for the winners if they had have served the meal previous (serving rocks in a meal) at any other time in the series they would have received a lower score and not been in the running for the prize.

14 Anne { 03.29.12 at 8:26 am }

Did anyone notice that on the Current Affair story all the people interviewed on the street thought the boys should have won? It couldn’t be that CH 9 did some careful editing could it?

15 littlepetal { 03.29.12 at 8:50 am }

No Anne, editing only happens on other channels except CH9 when CH9 is doing the story.

16 Stacey { 03.29.12 at 3:59 pm }

I really don’t get all the hype that the boys should’ve won. They just weren’t as good a cooks as the girls, and they definatley weren’t as diverse. I think that if in the beginning, if Jen and Leigh weren’t portrayed so badly that it wouldn’t be such a controversy when they won.

17 disgusted { 03.30.12 at 4:16 pm }

I really wonder how many MKR execs those girls gave oral delight to for the win. I mean when you serve gravel one night and the next night miss part of your menu and are found to be perfect 10 – we obviously are NOT talking about food here.

18 littlepetal { 03.30.12 at 4:42 pm }

The girls can cook.

19 Dunbi { 03.30.12 at 5:11 pm }

That is totally uncalled for.

20 brain dead dave { 03.30.12 at 5:39 pm }

They’re MKR execs…not Ricky Nixon. Big difference.

21 Georgie { 03.30.12 at 6:33 pm }

disgusted – that’s a pathetic statement. If that’s your school of thought you’re so far behind the times you’re ready for exhibit in a museum.

If the boys had won what would your equivalent theory be? Or would everything be okay, because they won.

22 brain dead dave { 03.30.12 at 6:38 pm }

The boys would have had to put out for Pete, Gary and the two schnauzers.

23 Georgie { 03.30.12 at 6:44 pm }

What about Karen and Liz? Surely the ladies should also enjoy the benefits of being a judge, besides the obvious – food!

24 littlepetal { 03.30.12 at 6:48 pm }

Oh dear. I wonder is that the way disgusted get things down or go his/her way?????

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