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My Kitchen Rules – Two Endings Were Filmed Hopefully The Judges Knew The Result

My Kitchen Rules winners Jennifer and Leigh said on radio yesterday that they did not know the final result as two endings were filmed. Props should be given to both teams for fabulous acting skills. The reason was to stop the winning team from leaking out.

TV Tonight has a good article on this specific issue and writes about how other reality shows try and keep the ending under wraps.

David Knox talked to Channel Seven and they told him:

“Until the final moments of the grand final edition of MKR only a handful  of  people knew the actual, final result.

“It was important to let the magic of television and storytelling carry the day. Two endings were recorded in order to preserve the actual result, which is not unusual in the business of television production.”

Hopeful some of those people were the actual six judges on the show, otherwise THAT would be a reality TV scandal.


1 Georgie { 03.29.12 at 11:54 am }

The peanut gallery should get an Oscar then, for being able to manage their enthusiasm/disappointment so convincingly.

2 Leop { 03.29.12 at 12:01 pm }

Don’t know how that works. Jason Coleman was the other ‘winner’ in Celebrity App’, Poh was filmed as the ‘winner’ in MC and now Rocco & Nic – filmed as winners. Still I understand the reasoning, just dont understand how the contestant feels.
Does it mean the judges gave different scores; ie N&R got more than J&L; well, obviously – no wonder there was a delayed reaction from J&L when they were announced winners……………

3 Dutch Courage { 03.29.12 at 12:43 pm }

Not sure who came up with the term ‘reality tv’ for shows like this. It appears to be as fake and scripted as it can be and totally open for manipulation. The audience (and the contestants) are treated like complete fools.
But hey, we enjoy watching this stuff so why would they change?

4 brain dead dave { 03.29.12 at 1:25 pm }

Ch 7 should broadcast the two endings, so all viewers will be happy.

5 Andrea { 03.29.12 at 2:30 pm }

I don’t know how everyone can act so well. Still disappointed in the results.

6 littlepetal { 03.29.12 at 3:19 pm }

If no one was told the results they may just have to react the way they would have acted if Nic and Rocco have won or Princess and Leigh have won. They were very happy and loud when Nic and Rocco were announced the winner. Less enthusiasm when Jen and Leigh were announced the winner.

Channel 9 was trying to discredit the popularity of MKR. Funny listening to Luke Mangan saying that maybe someone is telling them what to do next etc when cooking as there are lots of things going on behind the scenes. Does he know something that we don’t know? He was on MC.

Also don’t agree with Susie saying that they were trying to turn the villian’s role of Jen. She forgot that the show is not live. From the word go, the producers already knew who were the final 2. They knew Jen was in the final and they could have not given her the villian’s role and they have many opportunities to soften their images if they wanted to.

7 Georgie { 03.29.12 at 10:45 pm }

There’s still a lot of fallout on the MKR website about who should have won and all the palaver is about the scoring in the final. What no-one seems to be mentioning however, is the suspect scoring in the semi final that got the girls to final in the first place.

If I had an issue with who won MKR, it’s the semi I’d be focussing my complaints on. Nic and Rocco would most likely have won in a final against Megan and Andy and their limited repertoire.

Imagine a five course meal of seafood!

8 brain dead dave { 03.29.12 at 11:05 pm }

“Oi need some ****in’ time to plate up them seafood macarons, darl!”

“STFU ya knob, yous have never cooked ’em before,so STFU ,darl”

9 Georgie { 03.29.12 at 11:18 pm }

Lmao – yet another language you’ve mastered bdd.

‘N donecha fu-get the squid ink butta cream fillin’ ya idiot – them macarooons ‘ll be a real hit.

10 brain dead dave { 03.29.12 at 11:39 pm }

“What the ****’s wrong with this ****in’ food processor? It ain’t like the one Oi got yaz from Cash Converters for Xmas last year”

11 Georgie { 03.29.12 at 11:45 pm }

Ya busted the f***er with all them crabs legs ya stuffed init ya douche-bag – wadda ya reckon.

12 brain dead dave { 03.29.12 at 11:58 pm }

“Oi’ll chuck this ****in’ mussel an’ seaweed pannacotta at ya , ya **** in’ skank. Get orf me case ors Oi’ll ****in’ hide ya ****in’ Cold Chisel CD’s”

13 Georgie { 03.30.12 at 12:07 am }

Yoo hide me f***in’ Chisel CD’s, ‘n Oi’ll hide ya sooo deep in the f***in’ chowda no-one ‘ll evva findja.

14 brain dead dave { 03.30.12 at 12:13 am }

“Yaz have got a bigger mouf on ya than that ****in’ Murray Cod I just chucked in the oven for main ,darl”

15 Georgie { 03.30.12 at 12:18 am }

Jus watchit darl – call moi a cod mouf, ya f***in’ growpa.

16 brain dead dave { 03.30.12 at 12:32 am }

“Oi fink I’ll jus keep drinkin’ an’ cruise round to the ex’s…gissum petrol money,would ya darl?”

17 Georgie { 03.30.12 at 12:46 am }

Ya f***in’ idiot – ya gunna drink ‘n drive? They’s made that ill-eagle in Tassoi larst woik!

18 brain dead dave { 03.30.12 at 12:52 am }

Course Oi ****in’ will, eyebrowz. Oi got two heads so it takes moi longer to get $hitfaced.

19 Georgie { 03.30.12 at 12:58 am }

So getcha soba head ta do tha drivin’ darl – that’ll fool them fuzz if they’s pullya up. They’s not gonna know what head ta breffalize.

What’s rong wiff moi eyebrowz ennywoi?

20 brain dead dave { 03.30.12 at 1:11 am }

**** me, Oi’ll troi an’ be sensitive darls but hey, they look real **** in’ bad.

21 Georgie { 03.30.12 at 1:16 am }

Nuthin’ rong wiff moi f***in’ eyebrowz – Unkle f***in’ Festa!

22 brain dead dave { 03.30.12 at 1:34 am }

We’ve only got a minute to plate up ,smartmouth. What the **** happened to those crustacean croutons for entree? Bet they’ll be as black as the ****in’ ace of spades now,darl.

23 Georgie { 03.30.12 at 1:40 am }

A minit – a f***in’ minit! Oi needs harf hour at loist ya dipshit!

F*** moi – wadda them missin’ croutons look loik ennywoi? Black ya say…

24 Georgie { 03.30.12 at 1:50 am }

Ok ya seafood macarooon – Oi gotta get some sleep. Thanx fa tha belly larf ‘n tha tears.

25 brain dead dave { 03.30.12 at 1:53 am }

Sea you later.

26 littlepetal { 03.30.12 at 7:17 am }

Stop it you two!!!!! Too much fun there.

27 nanaliz { 03.30.12 at 9:37 am }

You are hilarious, Georgie and BDD. Thanks for entertainment.
I cannot understand why there has been abolutly nothing from Nic and Rocco since the final. I see they are doing Cleo publicity for bachelor of year contest but no comments on MKR. Are they p#$%ed off about result as well as their fans?

28 Daze { 03.30.12 at 10:11 am }

nanaliz I think they are super busy, especially with the tv exposure; new website and cooking orders, the Cleo spread, new romance Rocco – we never heard of them before and now we know who they are – lovely boys any mum would be proud of

29 Anonymous { 03.30.12 at 10:38 am }

The disturbing thing is after seeing their blended seafood schnitzel I can totally imagine them doing a seafood macaron.

30 Georgie { 03.30.12 at 11:16 am }

Absolutely agree – it’s also hard to believe that an individual would actually take perfectly good, fresh seafood and render it the equivalent of ‘processed seafood extender’ FGS.

A bit like using fillet steak to make sausages!

31 littlepetal { 03.30.12 at 11:55 am }

It’s because you don’t have to pay for those seafood that we see some wasteful seafood dishes. For us poor people, we will just want to enjoy the natural taste of those expensive seafood like lobsters, scallops etc

32 disgusted { 03.30.12 at 4:07 pm }

I really wonder who those girls slept with to win. I mean when you serve gravel one night and the next night miss part of your menu and are found to be perfect 10 – we obviously are NOT talking about food here.

33 Georgie { 03.30.12 at 8:08 pm }

You get around disgusted – with the same lame theory.