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Dancing With The Stars Versus The Voice Means Delta Versus Vogue

If you are a semi-celebrity and wondering how you can get on Dancing With The Stars  consider hooking up with a Channel Seven reality TV judge.

First Kyle Sandiland’s then wife Tamara Jaber scored a place on the show, and now the even lower profile fiancee of Brian McFadden is going to be jiving on the dance floor this season.

Vogue Williams who only started living in Australia this year and is described as a model/DJ and must have only gotten on the show because of her connection to the Australia’s Got Talent judge.

However now she will be going head to head with Brian’s former fiancee Delta Goodrem with both their shows on at 6.30pm on Sunday nights.

To be honest I don’t think it is a huge story as  Delta Goodrem who is going to be a judge on The Voice, has a much higher profile than Vogue in fact if they did not continually remind the viewer that Vogue was going out with Brian McFadden most people would not know.

The Courier Mail had the Irish pair talking about their shows and they touched on the show down. However the issue I would like to know about is why Brian always feels the need to get engaged. Visa issues perhaps?

The article states:

And this is one plucky pair of ex-pats who realise their good fortune, as he quips of their small screen starts – “it beats fruit-picking”.

What they didn’t know when she signed on and we know now is this pits her against McFadden’s former flame Delta Goodrem on The Voice – the two reality shows go head to head at 6.30pm on April 15.

If she’s feeling the pressure, the 25-year-old Dubliner is not showing it.

“I’m just going to be myself and hope that people like me. I don’t really feel the pressure,” DJ Williams says of any comparison to Goodrem.

Asked if she’s a competitive person, the polite beauty pauses but is beaten to the punchline by McFadden.

“How do you even hesitate?” he explodes in laughter. “You’re the most competitive person I’ve ever met.

“She’s already been scanning Twitter going ‘Erin (McNaught) is doing five hours (training), Kerri-Anne’s doing six’. Then she’s ringing her partner (Chris Paul) screaming ‘we’ve gotta do more hours’.”

He may mock, but McFadden is obviously Williams’ biggest fan, encouraging her to take on the TV challenge.

“I think it’s great, I’m delighted for her. It’s a great opportunity for people of Australia to get to know her, instead of just in magazines. She’s got a great personality and this is going to be a great challenge.”

Then he can’t help himself: “She’s also got two left feet, so it should be a laugh … ” he adds.

Williams might find herself among the relative unknowns of this year’s DWTS line-up, but she leaves little doubt she’ll go out fighting.

Of any signs of trash talk, she purrs “not yet, but I’ll let you know”.

Again, McFadden jumps in.

“As soon as the live shows start, it’ll be on … ‘this one’s a bitch, that one’s a … ‘, he says.

Williams, who has been laughing along with his jibes, arcs up.

“Shut up, you’re making me sound like a bitch. But seriously, I don’t think there’s anybody in this who’s not trying to win the show. Otherwise, why would you bother?”

Brian McFadden also talks about why he would not want to be a judge on a talent show where it was all singing. So clearly we won’t be seeing him as a judge on The X Factor.

He says:

“I couldn’t sit there and listen to singers all day. I’d rather shoot myself in the face. I even get tired when we get three singers in a row … then along comes a guy who can pop his own eyeball out and you’re sweet.”

Expect more of the weird and wacky, he says.

“Kyle’s highlight this year was when he had a jelly-wrestling match with two strippers and a midget.

“This was on the show … Kyle and the midget versus two strippers. It was awesome, he was beside himself. I think I nearly bled, laughing so much.”

Sounds hilarious…….NOT.
Also he calls Keith Urban an egomaniac.

The Voice coming out has really got him pumped. He’s an egomaniac, we all know that … so as soon as there’s a fear he might not be the number one show and there’s somebody challenging it, well he’s really raised his game,” McFadden says.

“Once it comes to that, once you have crossed that white line,” as TV rivals, McFadden adds, “you’re not friends any more.”

A good thing about Brian McFadden is that he does say what he thinks.

Dancing with the Stars, Channel 7, Sunday April 15, 6.30pm

Australia’s Got Talent, Channel 7, Monday April 16, 7.30pm

The Voice, Channel 9, Sunday April 15, 6.30pm



1 Georgie { 04.04.12 at 10:14 pm }

When I first saw the name Vogue Williams I thought we had another tennis player!

2 brain dead dave { 04.04.12 at 10:59 pm }

The pressure of being compared to Goodrem. Yes ,that milk commercial Delta did is a real hard act to follow.

3 Reality Raver { 04.04.12 at 11:18 pm }

Georgie – It took me a while to work out who she was once the announced the cast.

BDD – LOL I had forgotten about that.

4 Georgie { 04.04.12 at 11:22 pm }

I don’t remember her milk commercial, so that was a waste of money.

I’ve also never seen/heard any of those judges sing –
Dannii, Guy, Brian, Ronan, Mel, Natalie, Delta, Keith, Seal, Joel – but I have seen and heard Kyle make a dick of himself.

5 brain dead dave { 04.04.12 at 11:29 pm }

The milk was called So Good.

6 Georgie { 04.04.12 at 11:51 pm }

That comment is a hard act to follow…

7 brain dead dave { 04.05.12 at 12:11 am }

The brand of milk in Delta’s ad was called So Good. It might have been a soy product.

8 Georgie { 04.05.12 at 12:24 am }

Yeah but soy milk doesn’t lend itself to any witty comeback does it?

9 brain dead dave { 04.05.12 at 12:50 am }

Aussie ,Aussie, Aussie

Soy, Soy ,Soy

If I sprinkle So Good on my cereal for 21 days, I’ll feel as good as Delta, according to her website. I’ll be careful not to do that.

10 Georgie { 04.05.12 at 7:05 am }

Lol bdd, that’s So Good – sorry I fell asleep.

You’d wanna belta if you felt as good as Delta!

11 sue N { 05.09.12 at 6:41 pm }

DWTS updates/blogs?