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The Biggest Loser – Bek, Lydia and Brenda Are Back In

It was all about who was going to get back into the Biggest Loser competition last night. The five contestants who had won weigh-in cards now having a a three in five chance of getting back in. Good odds.

Margie was looking pretty ambivalent about supposed good friend Lydia potentially getting back in. Also Kasey’s face was constantly looking sour whenever Bek was mentioned. It looks this pair won’t even become Facebook friends.

But first Hayley needed to talk about the relationships developed in the house.  Michelle confirmed Hamish was her boyfriend, and Simon also said he was looking forward to dating Lisa on the outside. Expect stories on these couples in the gossip mags in the coming weeks.

First the current contestants who had immunity got to weigh in. However they would lose immunity if they put on weight in the house.

  • Margie now weighs 110.3 Kg and lost 1.1 kg;
  • Michelle  now weighs 77.7kgs and lost 3.4 kgs;
  • Graham now weighs 152.2kgs and lost 3.7kg;
  • Kasey now weighs 94.6kgs and lost 2.4kgs;
  • Alex now weighs 111.1kg and lost 4.1kg.

So they all maintained their immunity. Now it was time to see who would get back in.

  • Bek weighed in first  and she was 92.3kg she lost 4.9kgs and which was weight loss percentage of 5.04%;
  • Simon weight was 122.9kgs and he had lost 5kgs and which was a weight loss percentage of 3.91%;
  • Lisa weight was 80.1kg and she had lost 2.8kg for a weight loss percentage of 3.38%;
  • Brenda lost a whopping 6.8 kgs to now be 90kgs this gave her a weight loss percentage of 6.96%;
  • Lydia also lost 5.1kg and was now 95.5 kg her weigh loss percentage was 5.07%.

So Brenda and Lydia were back in the competition,with Simon, Lisa and Bek relying on their former team mates vote. I thought it was interesting that Brenda and Lydia were allowed to vote as well.

Lydia voted for Lisa, Alex voted strategically  and voted for Bek, Brenda voted for Bek, and Margie voted for Lisa,

Michelle voted for Bek, saying Simon could lose big numbers and Lisa won challenges, and Kasey who really is a little bit thick gave the same reason for voting for Bek to come back in.

As Bek noted she was back in because she was considered not to be a threat, but she was OK with that. Did Simon and Lisa walk off hand in hand towards the sunset well who knows I am sure we will find out more about if their relation flourished in the coming weeks.


1 Anonymous { 04.09.12 at 11:25 am }

What happened to being in the house to lose weight? So much game playing. I understand there is money involved but the last few weeks its hard to judge the weight loss because of water logging. Wish there was more focus on diet and exercise then games. Last night the segment on snacking with margie just didn’t seem like enough. Also such a focus on romance. I realise its a series about singles but its just too much in some episodes. This is the first time I have watched a full series of biggest loser and I think I will think twice about watching future series. Also episodes need to be loaded online that evening. Sometimes it is and sometimes its delayed a day especially sunday episodes. People develop consistant viewing habits and want to view television different ways and tv stations need to realise this and be consistent which means loading an episode that evening for series that are on nightly. There are plenty of ads to watch during an online episode.

2 Andrea { 04.09.12 at 11:41 am }

It was very annoying that we had to wait so long to see the winner of the iron man competition, the result only took a few minutes at the beginning of the episode, this could have been shown in the previous episode. They dragged it out too long and viewers will lose interest. they push the single thing too much, Michelle always looks embarrassed, they are constantly pushing her towards Hamish making it more than it probably is. Hopefully the Swiss episodes will be more interesting.

3 Isabel { 04.09.12 at 11:56 am }

What a joke! Couldn’t believe that Kasey and Michelle voted Bek back in – I didn’t think they liked her. Oh well … should be interesting, I just hope it won’t be long before she’s booted out again. And a trip to Switzerland for them all – what have they done to deserve that – must be a sponsorship or two in there. It did look as if there was some sky diving involved – heaven forbid we have to look at a closeup of Alex as he’s in freefall, with his mouth wide open .. the wind might snap his tongue off!!

4 littlepetal { 04.09.12 at 12:17 pm }

Kasey and Michelle didn’t like Bek but she is a lesser threat than Lisa. Don’t let Bek get too far, please kick her out soon. She is getting onto my nerves. Her ‘too positive’ attitude is too fake.

5 Isabel { 04.09.12 at 12:20 pm }

Bek is a little like a contestant in an earlier series – can’t remember her name – wears lots of makeup to training … She’s a bit up herself, well more than a bit – thinks that the house is missing positive energy which she’ll be able to bring back …

6 alicia { 04.09.12 at 2:00 pm }

The show is more about dirty strategy and game playing than weight loss.
Also Hamish and Michelle just annoy me soooo much. They do not suit each other at all.

7 brain dead dave { 04.09.12 at 4:16 pm }

What will Margie do in Switzerland….snow load? That conniving cow should be taken aside and discreetly weighed by the producers without notice 24 hrs prior to a weigh in. When she has immunity she loses approx 1 kilo…when not ,it’s 4-5 kilos.

8 littlepetal { 04.09.12 at 4:49 pm }

They are do it. Waterloading. Lisa actually put on 3.2kg when she was weighed in the house after being eliminated the week before. Unfortunately she only lost 2.8kg in the weigh-in. Stop messing with their bodies, trainers. Do them more harm than good.