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Celebrity Apprentice – They All Go Off Like Firecrackers

There was more drama in the first five minutes of this episode then you normally get in a whole hour of reality TV shows.

First Aubrey O’Day had walked out, then Arsenio Hall was whinging about her  and he called her a bitch and a whore. Lisa Lampanelli quite rightly told him those words were not appropriate and probably lost Arsenio a lot of fans.

Then Lisa exploded when she saw Dee Snider had been eliminated and Dayana had again survived, and also Lou the project manager was still there.

Not sure how Lou Ferrigno got work as an actor as his accent is impenetrable. In fact I was glad when they started putting sub titles up. He was put out that he was not able to be the actor in their commercial. Also love it when he is pissed off he starts to twitch no wonder he got the role of The Incredible Hulk.

The challenge tonight was to make an advertisement for a voucher system called Theresa was project manager of one team and Dayana the other.

Lisa Lampinelli who thinks both Lou and Dayana are not that bright was starting to look worried, particularly since the other person on their team Penn had to leave early. However it was not the fireworks they were expecting and they all worked well together except for Lou being pissed off he was not the actor in the commercial. Why? Because no one can understand him…and the role was a romantic one.

The other team did an advertisement with some double entendre’s in it. It was clever but considering the US’s attitude towards sex I thought the company would like it but not deem it appropriate for their clients. However it won.

Theresa finally won some money for her charity and seriously how she is still there is amazing considering she does not bring that much to the table.

In the end Dayana and Lisa ganged up on Lou and got him fired.

Ivanka Trump again showed why she is great in her role with her wit and not being afraid to ask the hard questions. Donald should hand the empire over to her.



1 Mahlia { 04.12.12 at 11:45 am }

The reason I love this show is that exposes the celebrities for who they really are.
Very few are team players – even when the goal is thousands of $ for charity. Most are self centred and all about their own ego.

No suprises there. But how much their publicity machines cope???

2 Izobel2 { 04.12.12 at 9:23 pm }

I thought Lisa was AWFUL last night, a downright bully and one of the most meanest US Celeb Apprentices ever.
If Lou (who was the source of many of my nightmares as a child with him as the Hulk) hadn’t said that he liked the other teams ad better I think Lisa would’ve been fired.
I’m with you Mahlia, I’m not sure why they are so self centred when it’s all for charity. It really brings out the evil in a lot of them.
Some though, like Bret Michaels for example, I really liked!
PS What’s with Clay’s hair?!?!?!

3 Mahlia { 04.16.12 at 2:57 pm }

Heh, Clays beard looks weird too!