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The Voice – A Hit Show, But Did They Have To Put The Fat Girl Up First?

The Voice kicked off with a cracker first episode tonight and to just make sure the viewer knew it was all about being judged on “your voice” they unsubtly put up the fat girl first.

Casey Withoos managed to give all the right grabs in saying “this can be the only time where I can be judged on my voice”. Yes she had a good voice, but also this is the one  show where if you are a little outside societies norms for beauty you may have a better chance of getting through the preliminary auditions and get to sing for the judges.

Lets face it the judges are judging blind but the producers and talent scouts are not. Yes they are looking for people with great voices, but they are also looking for people who can sledge home the point of the show and Casey did exactly that.

Having said that there were no singers that looked like elephant man up on the stage. In fact no one was particularly unattractive on tonight’s episode.

Casey sang  Samson and all four judges pressed the buttons which meant they wanted her on their teams.  Seal ended up prevailing over Delta. I note Joel and Keith did not fight to hard for her. Maybe because both of their wives are skin and bones they might be a bit cellulite adverse.

Speaking of the judges and host Darren McMullen, it is a little ironic that the person who has the broadest Australian accent is Keith Urban and he has not lived here for over a decade…

Second singer on our screens was Adam Martin  who has heartthrob written all over him even though he came out with that well used cliche “Music is basically my life”.  He sang Apologize  and all judges picked him bar Seal. He ended up going with Keith even though he had botched up his name.

If a singer gets more then one judge pressing the button the performer gets to choose which person they would like to mentor them.  Delta Goodrem was having trouble getting any of the singers to choose her. Maybe the singers thought she didn’t have the industry experience the other three have, or maybe slight sexism was occurring, or maybe because of her poor taste in men they think she is lacking in judgement.  However it must have been frustrating for her.

Yianna Stavrou was 19 years old desperate to not be judge on her looks but her voice. To do this she wore a top with more cleavage than Delta’s which was saying something. She revealed she had been in a girl group called Trinity for five years but they were more known for their dubious dance moves.  She sang S&M and busted out the old Trinity shake your arse skank moves. Joel looked happy that he picked her and his brother Benji who he will be a mentor on his team was probably doing back flips when he saw Joel’s selection. He is the ultimate wingman.

Joel is also not bad with the double entendres “You looked like you are open to a lot things” said Joel. And she nodded her head in agreement.

Next up was Jerome O’Connor a 25 year old who his currently unemployed as the music store he worked at went into liquidation. Sign of the times. But he must be consoled by the fact that he did not get selected he still has a stunning wife. It must feel pretty bad for the performers as they get near the end of the song knowing the judges are not going to turn around.

Next was Carmen Smith a highly experience backing singer to Idol alumni Jessica Mauboy, Guy Sebastian, and Stan Walker, she had decided seeking fame via a reality TV show is obviously the way to go. She sang “Why Don’t You Call Me“.  Her voice was fabulous.

Joel Madden pitch to her by saying “I’m crazy, your crazy and we would be crazy together”. And she bought it. I thought she would have gone with Seal as he is more soul and gave her a great line about her having more voice then that song gave her the opportunity to show and to stay in her lane. Maybe the yellow varnish on Seal’s finger nails was turning the ladies off.

Jimmy Cupples who is going to be the old man of the competition at  46  years of age was seeing this as his last chance. Because of family responsibilities he has had to do a lot of gigs he did not want to do. He also said people had told him he if he had been good looking he would have been successful. I had always thought ugly vocal singers in rock bands were de rigeur, think ACDC and ZZ Top. He sang rock song Woman and he had a great voice.

He ended up going with Keith Urban.

Melanie Dyer sang Domino but turned it into a country song did not get picked even though she was put there so there were some country singers for Keith to mentor. Personally I thought her voice was a bit wonky, but Joel Madden was full of regret once he turned around and she sang another song.

Karise Eden is 19 has had  a troubled childhood growing up in foster care, but for once the voice lived up to the back story. She sang “It’s A Man’s Man’s World” and I hope she rips through the whole Janis Joplin catalogue while she is on the show. All four judges buzzed. However she chose Seal. She could be the Eliza Doolittle of the competition a bit of razzle and that noise ring pulled out along with that rasping voice she could definitely attract a large fan base.

Channel Nine look like they have a hit on their hands with this show there is some definite talent, the judges are fresh to our screens and the drama of the seat swivelling is entertaining.

It is on again Monday and Tuesday night at 8.00pm.

UPDATE: The Voice had 2.17 millions viewers last night according to the ratings, leaving Dancing With The Stars in their wake which got 1.07 million viewers. And best not mention The Biggest Loser at 739,000 viewers.


1 brain dead dave { 04.15.12 at 11:53 pm }

Behold the new Pops Wishart- Jimmy Crapples ,the wanker from Weribee.
I feel sorry for his wife and kids having to endure this appallingly deluded wankstain trying to get his Rock God jollies off. He can scream and screech- but then so can a galah. That he has no unique talent is the reason he hasn’t been successful.

2 brain dead dave { 04.16.12 at 12:05 am }

“Music is basically my life…. I just don’t want to study it and practice”

3 Reality Raver { 04.16.12 at 12:14 am }

I am sure that won’t be the last time we will hear that phrase on the show.

4 brain dead dave { 04.16.12 at 12:21 am }

Ah, I’m throwing back the vodkas and playing some ZZ Top, devastated that Margie’s still in TBL. I better shut up.

It seems the contestants would rather have a cruise on the Titanic than Delta for a mentor. I wonder if that’s what makes her spit the dummy and walk off tomorrow night?

5 Reality Raver { 04.16.12 at 12:37 am }

I am hoping Margie wins she has given good reality TV, without her the series would not have been as good.

6 littlepetal { 04.16.12 at 6:56 am }

RR-Are you referring to Margie from The Biggest Loser?

7 smauge { 04.16.12 at 8:10 am }

Sorry BDD, Jimmy’s an early fave for me and I hope I get to see him rip out some Zep or early Sabbath before he gets ousted in favour of the likes of the Trinity stripper.
I wanna hear some Janis too RR. I can usually pick what’s going to happen after the build up, but when Karise opened her mouth mine dropped. With a name like that, she’s going to have to become a rockstar.

8 Reality Raver { 04.16.12 at 8:15 am }

Little Petal – yes I was responding to something BDD said re: Biggest Loser, and I hope Margie wins.

9 Samelia's Mum { 04.16.12 at 8:48 am }

It was such a fun show. The concept of the judges getting spun around is cute.

How cute is Joel? Loved his personality.

10 Calliegirl { 04.16.12 at 9:24 am }

I don’t usually like singing shows, but loved this one. Mainly because it is so different. And I think Delta is just a little too wooden!

11 Mia { 04.16.12 at 10:14 am }

I sat through about 5 minutes of the show before Delta’s (fake) sickly sweetness nearly sent me into a diabetic coma, forcing me to pledge allegeance to DWTS for the rest of the season.

12 Joseph Skyrim { 04.16.12 at 10:41 am }

Actually watched this and found it really neat. No idea who the Joel guy is but he’s quite funny while Seal is bloody cool and seems to give sage advice for a dude wearing yellow nail varnish. Looking forward to the blind girl’s audition tonight and hope those judges press the button for her.

Kinda awkward if she goes “I don’t know if anyone spun around” and they say “uh… well. No.” 😛

13 brain dead dave { 04.16.12 at 11:25 am }

Not sure about Janis. That performance was basically a recycling of Renee Geyer’s version of “It’s A Man’s World” from the 70’s. Nice sob story but.
I absolutely love Zep, Sabbath and Deep Purple too, smauge-which is why I found the Weribee wanker hard to cop.

14 Calliegirl { 04.16.12 at 12:30 pm }

BDD sorry to be a stickler but her name is Kerise (yes I know very much like Janis). I also thought her voice was fading near the end.

15 brain dead dave { 04.16.12 at 12:37 pm }

Thanks, Calliegirl…one of the judges(insanely) likened her to Janis Joplin ,so I called her that. She could use a Jack Vidgenesque teeth overhaul, too.

16 Stacey { 04.16.12 at 12:38 pm }

Mia – totally agree with you on this one. I literally could not sit and watch Delta for more than like 3 minutes. She is excruciating… Interesting that nobody wanted to be on her team…

17 brain dead dave { 04.16.12 at 1:00 pm }

Delta’s really stinkin’ the place up for sure… a turd with big hair and shiny teeth.

18 Reality Raver { 04.16.12 at 1:15 pm }

Joseph Skyrim – I think they would not be showing it if the judges did not turn around. Yeah it was enjoyable. I have been a fan of the Madden Brothers since they did some mentoring on Aust Idol and were really impressive.

Mia, Stacey and BDD maybe Delta needs a little overhaul, I would like to see her with much shorter hair. She appears to be like Elle Macpherson who has had the same hair style for two decades. Personally I would like to see something new.

19 Laura { 04.16.12 at 1:53 pm }

I read an interview with Delta that said the reason she wears her hair so long is because she values it so much after losing it all when she had cancer. I understand.

I think she is just trying too hard. Hopefully she loosens up and lets her guard down a little more. I think she has potential.

Seal is lovely, a class act. I like Joel and Keith more than I thought I would as well.

2 things I love about this format:
1. They are only showing GOOD singers. And even when they are not chosen, the judges are supportive. I much prefer this to the nasty judging panels. I hate watching people be humiliated.
2. The contestants get to choose their mentor. I think it preserves their dignity and makes the relationships between judges & contestants more of a level playing field.

All up, I like this show!

20 Chunks { 04.16.12 at 1:55 pm }

Have to say I thought I was watching ‘Who Wants to be the Next Pussycat Doll’ when Yianni thrust herself on stage. Overall I thought the standard of the voices was a lot higher than most of these singing programs. No Johnny (bless his little cotton dancing socks) Ruffos on this show. Will be interesting to see how the producers bribe some of the contestants to choose team Delta.

21 Joseph Skyrim { 04.16.12 at 2:08 pm }

Might be that all the other guys have just been in the game longer than Delta so would naturally be better choices? Not sure. Also which judge would be the best mentor per music genre in your opinion?

I did catch this one morning last weekend and thought it was pretty funny too, part of the reason I decided to watch the first show.

22 Andrea { 04.16.12 at 3:44 pm }

The show was okay so far but its obvious no one wants to be in Delta’s team so that’s annoying for her. Seal’s nail polish looks awful, why does he do that? Also Joseph Skyrim,Joel Madden is married to Nicole Ritchie, they have two kids together called Harlow and Sparrow ( poor kid! ), if that helps you identify him. I will have to see more of this show to decide if I like it or not.

23 brain dead dave { 04.16.12 at 3:50 pm }

I’m not sold on the show yet either. Of course the judges are going to go bananas at the drop of a hat, no matter how mediocre these imitators are.

If the lemmings in the audience go nuts, it’s London to a brick that it’s a dud talent on stage.

Thank God for real music.

24 Reality Raver { 04.16.12 at 3:52 pm }

I enjoyed it, but I am a sucker for reality talent shows.

25 brain dead dave { 04.16.12 at 3:57 pm }

Me too, RR. However, I do draw the line at Au$tralia’s Got Talent. The Sandilands /Vidgen factor killed it for me.

The Voice could be better than X Factor, not that it’s much of an achievement.

26 Ruby { 04.16.12 at 4:10 pm }

Keith Urban is way more likeable than I thought he would be. Poor Delta – she hasn’t made it overseas yet after all those years in the US so no-one wants her. I mean what could she teach a gravel voiced girl? (You’re right BDD about how she did Renee’s version – and Renee did it so much better) I thought Delta would be good for the skanky Trinity chick shaking her booty or even the blondie who wasn’t picked by any of them. Teach them how to be Australia’s sweetheart – then you have a free pass to hook up with all the low lives you want. What’s happened to Phillipousis anyway??

27 brain dead dave { 04.16.12 at 4:15 pm }

Mark Fullofexcuses.

Delta had top billing on the Letterman Show last time I saw her in the US ….and she was appalling. She’d rather look good than be good.

28 sam { 04.18.12 at 3:09 pm }

Yes I am over all these talent shows,everyone has a sob story, thats whyI record it and only watch bits of it.
My favourite so far is Rachael she made me cry great job – what was with that shaking her ass chick that sang s & m I think she auditioned for the wrong show does anyone no if she make it through to the end not good! I love all the jugdes tho- Seal is to die for.

29 Chlo { 06.18.12 at 9:50 pm }

If you’re going to get all critical, you should probably learn how to spell…