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The Block – Wins The Logie For Best Reality TV Show Of 2011

Channel Nine must be feeling their ratings fortunes are on the up. Last night The Voice rated 2.17 viewers and also one of their biggest shows for them last year last year The Block won Best Reality TV Program of 2011.

Masterchef Australia had won it for the last two years and I am sure they are hoping this is not some of omen for what will be their battle commencing in a couple weeks.

Bondi Rescue won most Popular Factual Program and Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year beat Australia’s Got Talent to win Most Popular Light Entertainment Program.

The controversy of the night was that Hamish who won gold was announced online prior to it being revealed in the auditorium. The Herald Sun state it was some glitch with the testing with their IPAD app!

For full list of winners go to Pop Sugar.


1 brain dead dave { 04.16.12 at 11:30 am }

The Logies were still dragging on at 12.30 am in South Australia.

Karl Stefanovic and now Hamish Blake. Gold Logies aren’t worth a cracker anymore.

The appalling lameness of the two One Direction performances. Massive fail Ch9.

2 JaniceG { 04.16.12 at 11:36 am }

Actually, I don’t think even the MC Australia people themselves were expecting a win this year (at least judging by the pre-show cast tweets, which seemed like more than just “Aw, shucks” modesty) – I think they even knew it was a mediocre season.

3 littlepetal { 04.16.12 at 2:18 pm }

I do agree the Gold Logies has lost its shine. They should let the professional vote for the Gold Logies not by the public on FB and Twitter.

4 Andrea { 04.16.12 at 3:32 pm }

The Logies started way too late seeing as The Voice went half an hour overtime. They should hold it on a Friday night at 7.30 like they used to. Its ridiculous finishing at 12.30 on a Sunday night when people have to get up early the next day.I had to record Dancing with the stars, The Voice and the Titanic special while watching BL and The Logies so still catching up. I’ve just watched the start of Dancing with the Stars and I’ve had enough already.

5 Ruby { 04.16.12 at 4:53 pm }

Agree with you Andrea. I had to do the same. Friday night would have been much better. Also agree with little petal re the Gold Logie. Hamish bloody Blake?? Really ?? Even Norman Gunston was a worthier winner back in the day & he wasn’t even real. How many ‘ums’ did HB say in his speech? He is so talented apparently… We miss you Bert. Come back. We promise to no longer care that your son is a douche. No Direction was pretty awful. Did you see how enthusiastic the crowd was at the end of the show? Ha ha. The only girl I saw rushing the stage was Denise Drysdale for Tony Bennett. That would have set his pacemaker off big time.

6 par3182 { 04.17.12 at 3:54 pm }

‘The Block’ won Most Popular, not Best, Reality Show.

World of difference.