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The Block – Sophie and Dale Versus Michelle and Brendan

It was battle of the newly weds last night on The Block with two young couples going head to head and it was a fairly even playing field as neither of them had much renovation experience. It was Sophie and Dale versus Michelle and Brendan, the closest that one of them came to being a tradie was Dale who is a landscape gardener.

Here is a few thoughts on the episode:

  • Finally some ethnic diversity on The Block with Michelle looking like she is part asian;
  • It appears the casting  has very much focused on looks as there are some good looking couples this year, come to think of it all the couple last year were attractive as well;
  • Sophie and Dale showed they could have some serious renovations chops, their children’s room was delightful even if some of their style did remind me a little bit of Josh and Jenner, particularly the suitcases stacked on top of each other;
  • Also they saved time by leaving the original white, and drawing a very nice tree mural over it;
  • Sophie proved they were smart by going down to Geelong and buying all their accessories in the one spot. It saved money and I suspect time as well;
  • The alphabet on the wall was fantastic and they even admitted they finished the room with an hour to spare;
  • Michelle and Brendan were always struggling, Michelle couldn’t make a decision and phaffed about, in fact I am surprised they finished the room on time;
  • The judges gushed over Sophie and Dale’s room the only criticism being that it was over style but then that is not a negative thing;
  • Also Shaynna Blaze, who I am loving, did think the swing was impractical, but if you were judging on practicality they should have pointed out there was no place that stored the child’s clothes;
  • Michelle and Brendan’s lounge room was nice but just ordinary so it was no surprise when Sophie and Dale won; and
  • The highlight of the episode for me was I finally like one of the couples so at the moment I am Team Sophie and Dale.

The Block official website has got interviews with the couples as well as videos in fact it looks like NINE has really amped it up this year.


1 Someone Sensible { 04.19.12 at 2:26 pm }

Ah! Am finally with u on this RR. Finally a couple I liked too. Lets see how they go.

2 Maz { 04.19.12 at 2:30 pm }

We like Team Sophie & Dale too. They have demostrated far more strategy than the other teams who have tended to ‘group think’ (if that is the right term) same colour, same shops etc. Also it would appear to have their carpenter lined up.

As to nowhere to store the children’s clothing thought there was a chest of drawers lurking in the corner.

Perhaps would have liked there to be a couple who have serious renovation experience behind them.

3 Lebay { 04.19.12 at 2:30 pm }

Lets be honest here, yep they are all attractive, thin, mostly young things on The Block. Who else is going to apply?? Any physical flaw is going to be picked apart on forums just like this one. Imagine if one of the girls had a big ass, or a gut, bad hair, bad teeth… whatever…. who is going to put themselves though that. Really.

4 Izobel2 { 04.19.12 at 3:46 pm }

They weren’t all babes on the Renovators yet I loved that show!
I miss Michael, maybe next year he could apply!
Then we could see some great ideas and use of wallpaper etc.
In saying that I’m enjoying the Block so far.

5 lynn mchugh { 04.19.12 at 8:44 pm }

does anyone know the colour that the mother and son used in their room tonight on the block , 19th

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7 brain dead dave { 04.20.12 at 11:36 am }

I’m sure many people who applied for The Block weren’t flash to look at. Clearly ,the producers have gone for one dimensional poodles .

Izobel 2 is spot on about the contestants for The Renovators.