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I Will Survive: Priscilla Looks Like It Is Going To Be High End Reality TV

Newly announced show I Will Survive: Priscilla continues to impress, first it was the $250,000 prize money and now with news the actual writer and director of the original movie is going to be a judge. Now that is a coup.

I Will Survive: Priscilla will have the most talented male individual performers, retrace the steps of the box-office smash movie from Sydney to Alice Springs. It will be the audition trip of a lifetime. The program will see amazing performances from our contestants at each outback Australian location along the way under the direction of the best in the business.

As well as directing Priscilla Stephan has also written and directed Eye of the Beholder (1999) starring Ashley Judd and Ewan McGregor which won him Best Director award at the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film, Welcome to Woop Woop (1997), Frauds (1993) Easy Virtue (2008) and more recently A Few Best Men (2012).

The Prize Package for the show is:

– A phenomenal cash prize of $250,000 – Unique and exciting opportunity for a promotional performance on Broadway – One month’s accommodation in New York City to explore US opportunities – Representation with an established US agent

Auditions are open to all male performers 21years and older.

Yes I am considering a sex change so I can apply!

However if you can audition here is where you can:

Saturday 21 April SYDNEY Registration: 9am-3pm Australian Technology Park Bay 8, Locomotive Workshop Henderson Road, Eveleigh NSW 2015

Monday 23 April PERTH Registration: 11am-6pm His Majesty’s Theatre 825 Hay Street, Perth WA 6000 (entry via the main Hay Street doors)

Friday 27 April ADELAIDE Registration: 11am-6pm Adelaide Festival Centre King William Road, Adelaide SA 5000

Sunday 29 April MELBOURNE Registration: 9am-3pm Ministry of Dance Level 1, 64 Sutton Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051

I will Survive: Priscilla will be on Network Ten later this year.


1 Georgie { 04.21.12 at 10:40 am }

This show is going to be fantastic and the movie was one of my all time favourites.

Great write-up RR – and don’t worry about the sex change, just do a Victor, Victoria.

2 brain dead dave { 04.21.12 at 11:07 am }

I know a couple of more mature drag queens .They artfully employ sellotape to pull their facial skin back for that younger look…got to be better and cheaper than botox.

3 Georgie { 04.21.12 at 11:53 am }

This would be a great opportunity for an enterprising tour operator to put an ‘Outback Priscilla Tour’ together to follow the filming around the various locations. Travellers could be in the audience at each location while sightseeing in the outback.

4 Dr T { 04.21.12 at 6:53 pm }

I cannot… cannot believe they are not holding auditions in Tasmania… Bob Brown will have to go elsewhere

5 brain dead dave { 04.21.12 at 6:59 pm }

Peter Slipper will probably try and stowaway on the bus,too.

6 littlepetal { 04.21.12 at 7:38 pm }

Bob Brown has all the time in the world now since he has quit. Peter Slipper can slip in between the seats

7 Ugly Georgie { 04.22.12 at 10:17 pm }

‘I Will Survive’ seemed like an appropriate place to put my first comment using my new name – a name so graciously bestowed upon me by SOOTI (*Supreme Overlord of the Internet) after a dogfight on this blog recently.

I have used the ‘UGLY’ word when referring to my fellow human beings and I am sore ashamed. (SOOTI must have been lurking in a nearby black hole and seen my post!) I am less than nothing and an abomination to humanity. I deserve much worse than to be branded ugly.

So I’m taking it on the chin and using the name as a hairshirt and together with a daily ritual of self-flagellation, I hope to pay penance for my iniquities. I have been a vessel for evil, which has manifested itself in cruelty; nastiness; snarking; bitching; thoughtlessness; **empathylessness and numerous other sins.

Who knows, one day SOOTI may find it in its heart to grant me absolution from my sins and allow me to return to my former name. When that day comes, I will no longer need to walk about bent of knee, stooped of shoulder and downcast of eye.

Actually I quite like the name – it has a certain ring to it don’t you think? And if Betty can wear it, well hell, so can I! Being called ugly doesn’t really bother me anyway because I know I’m not – well not on the outside anyway.


8 Sick Dave The Pit Bull { 04.22.12 at 10:57 pm }

Unfortunately, Ugly Georgie, I can’t claim credit to “Empathyless” since I lack the silky skills of SOOTI.

9 Ugly Georgie { 04.22.12 at 11:15 pm }

You poor little waif – you’ve got no friends have you?

10 Sick Dave The Pit Bull { 04.22.12 at 11:18 pm }

I’m as lonely as a ba$tard on Father’s Day, Ugly Georgie.

11 Ugly Georgie { 04.22.12 at 11:25 pm }

Well I’m practicing my empathyness as part of my penance so I’ll be your friend.

12 Sick Dave The Pit Bull { 04.22.12 at 11:30 pm }

Thanks Ugly Georgie. I’m getting some surgery so I look really great like Shane Warne, Paul Hogan, Bert Newton and Michael Jackson.

Don’t any of you bludgers out there try to shame me ,either.

13 Ugly Georgie { 04.22.12 at 11:39 pm }

But Michael Jackson is dead -you wouldn’t want to look like that would you SDTPB?

Anyway, ugly is only skin deep so as long as you’re not ugly on the inside like me you’ll be okay.

And bye-the-bye **empathylessness was attributed to **SOOTI not to bdd or even to you SDTPB. *SOOTI, the great one himself, was sited as a *bdd-ism. Confusing I know.

14 Sick Dave The Pit Bull { 04.22.12 at 11:44 pm }

Oh, I see now. I’ll admit I was wrong- only because it’s you Ugly Georgie.

15 Ugly Georgie { 04.22.12 at 11:56 pm }

You will be blessed for admitting your error brother, as soon as SOOTI skulks by and sees this example of humility.

When I posted #9 I thought is was SOOTI himself taking on the guise of a dog. I was too scared to answer so I threw out the empathy line. It wasn’t until I saw the $ in ba$tard that I realised it was the PB himself (you) so I was like, rofl.

16 Sick Dave The Pit Bull { 04.23.12 at 12:55 am }

This is definitely the artist formerly known as brain dead dave, Ugly Georgie.

I’ll swear to that on a stack of Ma$terchef cookbooks.