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The Voice Australia highlights – Mitchell Thompson and Kieran Fraser

While there has been a fair few of young guys auditioning on the show, I must say there hasn’t been many that is as likeable as Mitchell! There’s just something very endearing about him…

18 year-old Mitchell Thompson became a member of Seal’s team after impressing the judge with a cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘A Team’:

The young singer from Sydney’s northern beaches is fresh out of school and hopes to turn his passion of music into a successful career. He’s also part of a 3-person band called It Is Her, where he is on guitar and vocals. Check out the band’s Facebook page here.

Now prior to his on-air performance, Mitchell submitted an audition video for The Voice, which you can watch here! It’s a cover of John Farnham’s ‘Burn For You’.

And here he is singing rival judge Keith Urban’s song, ‘Till Summer Comes Around’:

Check out his other videos on his YouTube page.

And follow Mitchell on Twitter here.

Also on Seal’s team is 38 year-old Kieran Fraser, who is memorable for auditioning in sneakers and a pair of trackies! Most of his singing experience has stemmed from karaoke and talent competitions, but he feels it’s time to be taken seriously as an artist! On yesterday’s show, he wowed the judges with a performance of James Blunt’s ‘Same Mistake’ .

But here is his original audition video on his YouTube page, singing ‘Heaven Knows’ by Rick Price:

Also take a look at Kieran all costumed-up during a performance of ‘Let Me Entertain You’:

It will be interesting to see if Kieran will get a makeover going into the Battle Rounds!


1 brain dead dave { 04.24.12 at 5:25 pm }

Re Trackies- ” Most of his singing experience has stemmed from karaoke and talent competitions, but he feels it’s time to be taken seriously as an artist! ”

Then don’t do James Blunt and Rick Price material , Trackies.

Text message from Peter $lipper for ya , Mitchell!

2 brain dead dave { 04.24.12 at 9:55 pm }

Trackies was featured on ACA tonight, making among other things lame excuses for wearing the trackies. Insanely ,he took the too much like James Blunt comparisons as a compliment.
More telling was his front porch a cappella butchering of the melody of Paul McCartney’s “Blackbird”. Away from a mike with the reverb and echo effects he sucks and cannot possibly win.

3 As it is { 04.25.12 at 12:00 pm }

Well Dave you’re judging a book by it’s cover aren’t you. It wasn’t his choice to wear trackies… production have ways of doing things that people have to deal with after (look at what AGT did on ACA last night!) so looks like he’s trying to make it a positive to get some money for charity and really, who cares, the guy can sing. I don’t think singing around with your daughter counts for a grammy. James Blunt… well you love or hate him, if he likes him and admires him then that should be cool too. Will he win? of course not, he’s too old, it’s aimed for the pretty people who are marketable and have a great story. However, considering most of them seem professionals or have a big fan base already and he’s come from nowhere, then good on him for even getting that far.

4 brain dead dave { 04.25.12 at 12:34 pm }

Now not hanging on every word on ACA, I thought Trackies definitely said he wore the trackies so people could dig that his voice counted for more than his appearance. I’m not buying that production said “Wear trackies …we want you to look like a warbling jailbird”

5 As it is { 04.25.12 at 3:52 pm }

I’ve been informed by a very good source who tells me yes he does wear trackies around and about, but didn’t want to wear them for the blinds, but it was the producers who told him to wear them to shock people by his voice…. they obviously knew what a commotion it would cause!

6 brain dead dave { 04.25.12 at 6:20 pm }

He certainly managed to shock me with his caterwauling home invasion.