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The Block – The First Room Reveal

Tonight was the first room reveal on The Block and wow what a positive addition Shaynna Blaze has made to the judging team. She is not backwards in giving her assessment of the rooms at all, and also provides a different view point from Neale Whittaker and John McGrath.

The other good thing about the room reveals is we start to get a sense of how the teams are going to decorate.

As usual we get to see the teams push themselves physically and emotionally to get the rooms finished, and then stand before Scott Cam in a zombie like state before the judges do their assessment.

The room this week was a small room that could serve a variety of purposes and all the couples did something a little different.

First up were Sophie and Dale who did a dining room. Their style is quite similar to Josh and Jenna from last season. They were sticking to the retro style the viewer saw in their children’s room they did to actually win their way onto The Block. Shaynna said retro rooms also needed some level of sophistication to make it a great room. She also did not like the curtains, something that appears to be a bug bear for her judging on her comments on the other rooms.

Neale hated the chairs of the dining room and the bon appetite sign. They did like the light feature which they made themselves.

Mike and Andrew did a study, which had the clever feature of a bed in the wall. The issue the guys had according to the judges were they over styled. This is not going to be their strong point, however they were also criticised for bad skirting and architraves. Also the football in the fireplace earned the ire of the judges.

Lara and Brad who had been wracked with indecision earlier in the week actually ended up with a separate living area. The judges liked the concept and some of the execution particularly the arm chair. However Neale was not rapt about the TV as it became the focal point of the room.  John realising it was a sponsor gave it a plug saying it was up todate technology.

Dani and Dan did a 4th bedroom and study. John queried whether there was a demand for a four bedroom house in this area. Shaynna was critical that there was not one feature in the room said it was a beautiful period home.  John McGrath was not bothered about Dani and Dan going modern. I must say I was not a fan of the built ins.

However the judges obviously were fans of their execution and style as Dan and Dani surprisingly won the room of the week and received an extra $5000.

As most readers know The Block has already been completed which means that fans of the show can drive by the South Melbourne location and see the finished product. One blogger took voters not only of the front of the finished houses but managed to get some shots of Mike and Andrew’s finished kitchen. Alerting readers – be warned that internet surfing might result in tripping over spoilers!


1 Maz { 04.29.12 at 11:08 pm }

Thanks for the link. Kind of confirmed suspicions.

Don’t agree with the judges assessment. Thought the first room (Sophie & Dale’s) was crap and didn’t care much for Dan and Dani’s room either but it was no surprised they won ( Sponsor’s favourite).

Spotlight should take the opportunity to advertise their custom curtains service if Shaynna has such an issue with cheap window dressing.

2 sue N { 04.30.12 at 7:13 am }

I personally quite liked Sophie & Dale’s room- except for the chairs. My daughter did not!!! (the generation gap, lol). we did both love the light they made tho!!! I agree re the curtains in all the rooms, and I thought the boys room looked out of proportion- ie painting on pull down was too low and too big, and I just thought the room looked “busy”.

I was disappointed Dan & Dani won- favouritism there methinks!!! I actually wanted Sophie & Dale to win ( & he is a funny bugger ;-)) but really just wanted anyone but Dan & Dani… off to read spoiler now (can’t resist, lol)

3 Picnic { 04.30.12 at 9:26 am }

Finally someone takes issue with the curtains people are using – it has long been one of my bug bares (Tara from BH&Gs take note) Love the new judge, she is great. It was interesting to note from the home viewer scoring that flashed up on the screen that Brad & Lara’s room was the favorite with 43% of viewer votes but the judges scored their room the lowest. Is it because of the TV being the focal point? A type of designer snobbery?
I disliked D&Ds room the most

4 Mahlia { 04.30.12 at 2:46 pm }

Shaynna is correct, window dressing is important. Who is going to buy a home with cheap curtains in every room that neither block out light nor hot and cold.
But if it is THAT important to the judges then they should never have let a team that put a sheet in the window get through.
That was unacceptable in a decorating competition in my mind.

5 Someone Sensible { 04.30.12 at 7:24 pm }

Dont have much to say this season so far. Its been really boring, all the designs have been so blah.
& to top it off, the challenges are totally unrelated to renos as well. Will be skipping Monday episodes for sure. Hell you can skip the whole week & just watch on Sunday & still be caught up with everything.
& I dont know why but Scott is super annoying this time around (never had a problem with him before), but he just seems to have gotten too cheeky & big for his boots…

6 Diogenes { 04.30.12 at 8:49 pm }

What a waste tonights ep was & it looks like tomorrows will be the same. If this c**p keeps up I will only watch the room reveal – and that only for Shayna’s comments

7 PollyB { 05.01.12 at 7:31 am }

I decided to play last night, so recorded and ffwd/watched the Sovereign Hill ep. What a load of tripe. And they’re planning another series. A week in Blockhead land must be more than 7 days. How do they expect good dollars for these properties thrown up quicker than a prefab? The mid boggles. I hate the word ‘bogan’ it is used so widely, but it covers all on this show. King Bogan is Scott Cam. They even brought back his apprentice from last series with his Chump caps. If mainstream Oz relate to these guys we are in a sad state.

8 Maz { 05.01.12 at 9:10 am }

Last night was a waste.

We suspect designed to keep the contestants from underfoot while the ‘real’ building continues.

That said would never purchase a house ‘built’ under those conditions.

The curtains don’t bother me as much as it seems to bother others as that is an auto replace item. Cheap blinds on the other hand would not be tolerated.

9 Izobel2 { 05.01.12 at 2:13 pm }

I think the show is trying to make us ‘fall in love’ with the contestants, with all the to camera bits last night and the complete wasted episode.

What I find funny is that they pull an all nighter before room reveal an they are trying really hard when working on their houses, but they obviously didn’t watch last year’s finale which in my mind was one of the saddest finale’s in reality TV history! All work for zero return for most of them!

PS Yes Diogene’s agree with you. I like Shaynna too.

10 brain dead dave { 05.01.12 at 2:37 pm }

Ch 9 ~ 7.00 PM…..The Gold, The Bad And The Ugly starring $cotty Cam.(PGR)(*stars)

Scotty Cam and his bunch of cookie cutter renovators struggle to contain an outbreak of appalling lameness at Sovereign Hill.