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The Voice – taking a punt

We are a nation of gamblers, it seems, but quite possibly also a wee bit on the gullible side.  A number of sites have been offering the chance to put money on the likely winner of The Voice Australia.  Unfortunately, as we are not yet into the “live” episodes, those contestants who went home last night have been out of the competition since the show was recorded.  Mahalia Barnes, who was being touted as a favourite, ended her run with the first of the battles.  One site is still offering odds on those being matched up in the battles airing tonight – again, there are those out there (contestants and audience members alike) who know the results already.  BetStar’s site notes that betting on the show through them has been “suspended”.

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1 Douggie { 05.07.12 at 10:05 am }

Spot on – There’s no way they should be betting until the live shows and they’re idiots for doing so.
I have a mate that was the entertainment bookmaker for one of the big two corporate bookies and he laughed when I told him the odds were up. He said there is no way in hell he would have had the individuasl markets up until the live phase.