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Celebrity Apprentice Australia – It Needs To Fire Up

Last week we had the staged walking out of David Hasselhoff, and tonight Patti Newton basically asked to leave. There is no tension in this show. Channel NINE have announced a new series of the show, and they should flick the Celebrity and just do The Apprentice again.

Also it was a bit of a no brainer which team was going to win tonight with the choice between people going nude to promote a financial brand or the team sleeping out with the homeless.  The gratuitous versus the noble.

The challenge was to brand and promote the We Care campaign for Mark Bouris’s company Yellow Brick Road.

Charlotte Dawson suggested that Team Fortune go naked to promote the brand as that always garners publicity, a strategy Lara Bingle has picked up as well. I was amazed Vince Sorrenti who was team leader agreed but I think he thought it was only going to be the women getting their gear off. His view on women was interesting he seemed to think his role was to focus them.

However that was not the only sexism that occurred. Charlotte and Lauryn were the most naked, with Vince wearing boxer shorts that went down to his knees. He could have at least got into a pair of Speedos.

Also I noted how the camera crew did close ups on Lauryn Eagle’s body when she was getting her body paint on, and on Charlotte Dawson’s g-string, but none on Vince or Patty.

Obviously the producers thought the idea was a good one and let them roll with it, and it was lucky they could line up body art painters at such short notice.

The rest of the team were a tad reluctant to show their private bits but Charlotte said. “I am 45 years old…. I don’t care what people say about my body.” Deb Thomas said “She does not really care what anyone says about her…”. I would beg to disagree, but moving right along.

As Vince Sorrenti said “I’m never know what is going on in Charlotte’s mind, she is quite enigmatic, I won’t even pretend to understand Charlotte”.

Speaking of trying to understand people, Jason Akermanis mind works in strange ways. Sometimes it is really on point and then other times not so great. He did suggest the idea of sleeping out, in a meeting where no one had any ideas. However he was a bit deluded to think he would be able to get a meeting with the Prime Minister Julia Gillard the next day. Also the PM needs to think about changing her mobile phone number…

However in the end they did get a call back from the Prime Minister’s and the guys dropped the We Care book at Kirribilli House.

But Jason when he was on the task was not very focused he took a sleeping tablet and slept for eight hours, and he also got into a dust up with Ben Dark who considered he was not pulling his weight.

The Ben Dark and Dicko personality clash appears to have settled a bit, and in fact they cooked up an alliance to throw Aker under a bus if they lost.

Once Team Fortune heard what the guys team were doing they must have known they were on a hiding. Ironically it was the ACA reporter that revealed it, and Vince quipped that she wouldn’t get a job working for ASIO.

Also the issue with Team Fortune was there was limited branding of the message. Charlotte changed the concept from yellow to dressing herself as a flamingo which meant elegance and wealth, Lauryn was to dress as an eagle and Patty a Goddess.

Basically the meaning was far too obscure for the general public. However on the plus side they did get a good night sleep.

Unlike the guys who did not fare as well, but as Dicko said it was a humbling experience something that went beyond then just trying to win the challenge. Also him crying meant he turned instantly into the viewers favourite. It was no surprise when Mark Bouris said Team Platinum had won.

Vince slated the blame on Charlotte and took her and Patty into the board room. However when Vince was asked who should go he said Patty saying she basically had too much dignity for the show. Patty fell on her sword and left.

All in all even with naked bodies and the guys having some personal revelations it was a rather dull episode.


1 brain dead dave { 05.04.12 at 2:58 pm }

Was that really one of Mr Bouris’ chairs or a merely a decoy from Ikea brought in just for the pulsating firing of Aker? Like those WWE wrestling “chairs”

2 littlepetal { 05.04.12 at 3:01 pm }

Yes, Daze. I see your point. Maybe we need to register to post like some other sites.

3 Ruby { 05.04.12 at 3:28 pm }

To be honest, I missed the show & only got home from work in time to see Aker chucking a mental as he was fired. Can’t wait to read RR’s synopsis. Can anyone direct me to a site from where I can view a catch up episode? I also was disappointed that Aker left his best performance till last. He promised so much fun and left it too late to deliver. Deni Hines is still the star villain.

4 Mahlia { 05.07.12 at 7:36 am }

This season is boring. The boardroom is the same every time – Bouris asks everyone who they would like to go forward with and the person least wanted gets cut.
If they want to make it interesting they need to dissect the task and find fault with the person who lost it for them – then fire that person.
Make the celebs turn on each other.

Otherwise it will remain fairly predictable

5 Daze { 05.10.12 at 10:09 am }

What a bland show last night, the only person with integrity (and not about ego, which for Dicko and Vince got in the way) but who has been more focused on, task at hand, seems Ben and Lauryn. Very flat show this season, the only sparkle was Charlotte. Lauryn is refreshing, just like Jacinta last season.