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Masterchef Australia – It Is A Wonder Fillippo Did Not Implode Like His Pavlova

Remind me not to go on The Amazing Race with Amina as what part of that huge sign saying fish didn’t she understand?

It is a wonder Fillipo did not flip out at her  when her dish got her put through to the top 24 and her phaffing for her ingredient meant he had no time to make his dish properly.

The challenge for the 12 contestants competing for six aprons was to drive to the Mornington Peninsula in pairs to get ingredients from a variety of places return and cook a dish. They had six hours to complete it and a budget of $50.

Amina and Fillipo got back with 45 minutes on the clock, and part of the reason for this was getting the snapper for Amina’s dish.  They arrived at the sign where it said FISH  and there was a path to the beach. As Fillipo started to head down the path  Amina said there is no fish here and they jumped back in the car. Then later they had to turn around to go back to the same spot. Fillipo’s knuckles were white and his pavlova was brown and saggy. Not sure why he did not turn them into meringue nests to get a shorter baking time.

Amina was able to turn out  her sweet snapper dish in that time and earn an apron from the judges. She did not even look sheepish about it, and Fillipo smiled through gritted teeth.

Sam was also having problems with Wade as he took the time to learn how to scale a fish. He quipped that taking time to learn how to scale a fish in a time sensitive challenge was not a great strategy.

Audra and Dalvinda were the first to return to the kitchen and no wonder, Audra only brought back a punnet of strawberries and Dalvinda a piece of lamb and sage. They both had not realised what would not be in the pantry. Audra needed eggs but there were none, so she had to turn her frangipane tart into a chocolate ganache one. This did not hinder her fast pass into the top 24. The judges saying it was one of the best desserts they had ever eaten on their time on Masterchef.

Dalvinda who had also forgotten to get garlic, onion and ginger started making a dessert that was made purely from the pantry ingredients. She was told this was not going to cut it as it did not showcase any of the Mornington ingredients, so she made a curry without the aforementioned ingredients. George who said he does not eat much curry said it was one of the best he had ever tasted. Maybe has there were no fresh chillis in it! However the other judges concurred and even though they criticised her for having only two ingredients she was into the top 24.

Ironically Audra’s only showcased one, raspberries, and she was not criticised for that.

Wade because of his phaffing could not make the fish pie so he made fish and broadbeans. Gary said if it was a 25 minute challenge he would be impressed but it was a six hour challenge. Yes but most of them had less then 90 minutes cooking time.

Andrew a hairdresser from NSW, made Mussels and Salsa Verde with Fried Calzone. George found a beard and was quite critical. However he received an apron.

Lucy the girl from the Masterchef ad caught her trout and cooked it with abalone and artichoke. However even though she was trying to tell Gary it was cooked how she liked it there was no denying it was raw.

Karen also did trout however it looked like she had burnt hers on her tasting plate of trout. No apron for her.

Sam over did his plate of mussel custard, with far too much going on.

The others that got through to the top 24 were TK and Jules who both cooked pork belly.

At the moment there are more women then men in the top 24 will they ensure there is an equal 12 of each gender or will it be all based on merit?  Should Fillipo have told the driver not to turn around?


1 Jess { 05.09.12 at 2:08 am }

“We’re here to get some raspberries. I need some really plump, beautiful, fresh raspberries.”
“Ah, beautiful! Let’s go pick them straight away now, shall we?”
Because those raspberries sitting on the table aren’t for you, Audra.

Dalvinder cooked the best curry George has ever tasted. Poor Jimmy.

I’m not really liking Steve Buscemi’s character at the moment, but he did have a pretty legitimate reason to be angry. How did Amina not see that giant “FISH” sign? Though I suppose that without being able to see the building from the top of the beach, it didn’t really seem like a fish-selling sort of place. Maybe she thought it meant…fishing?

The Top 24 so far is pretty…diverse. Gay guy, female Jimmy, tan Poh, young Poh, hairdresser guy, and…some blonde girl that they didn’t seem to show very much of…
And I have to wonder how a chant for “Apron! Apron!” gets started without some producer sneaking into the group and initiating it.

2 Georgie { 05.09.12 at 7:34 am }

Got to hand it to the producers, they’ve done a magnificent job of engineering the footage to make Amina look bad and elicit negative responses from viewers.

So on that note, “shame on you Ammonia for not speaking up for poor Flippo when his pav flopped – shame, shame, shame!”

3 Daze { 05.09.12 at 8:04 am }

How stupid was that challenge? 2 hours to Mornington, shop, 2 hours drive back, cook. What a waste of ‘time’ sitting in the car. You sort of get who is going to get an apron as they are the same spot interviews or footage on their home life. It was easy to pick the 5 Aprons last night. Yes, poor Fillippo, bet he wanted to smash his pav in Amina’s apron! The judges were really over the top gushing at her fish – still, she could go the distance with her knowledge of Egyptian and Korean cooking

4 Rhubarb Whine { 05.09.12 at 8:14 am }

I thought it was a credit to Fillipo, keeping his cool like that. He didn’t jibe at her once, not even in jest (although we don’t know what was withheld from camera do we? ) and of course, the judges must have known why he was so late back as they are fed info from camera crew. And we don’t know if Amina apologised or not – she seems genuine enough so again, what happens off screen stays off screen.

Having said that, a trip to Mornington for eggs and berries to create a pav seems rather simplistic and it doen’t take a whole lot of Masterchef talent to make a pav unless he had some secret pav ingredient we don;t know about. And in that case I want to know, because a pav is a pav is a pav and the only thing it would have showcased is the berries, whereas Amina’s fish did at least showcase local snapper and some cooking talent.

If we took Amina’s fish finding stuff up out of the equation it’s highly likely that her dish would have excelled and his still would have been a pav, albeit a better pav.

5 alicia { 05.09.12 at 8:16 am }

Did Yukio get through

6 Amy { 05.09.12 at 8:26 am }

While I can see how Fillipo would be annoyed that Amina got an apron after the fish debacle – they both still had the same amount of time to get a dish up – she managed to make an apron-deserving dish in that time, so there’s no reason why he couldn’t.

7 Georgie { 05.09.12 at 8:27 am }

alicia – no thank God, but there’s hope yet.

Yuckyo has too much ‘bow and scrape’ about him IMO – cringeworthy.

8 Maryann { 05.09.12 at 8:36 am }

Why didn’t the drivers know where they were going? The contestants decided what to buy and where but surely they had a right to expect the driver to get them there. However, Fillipo should have revised what he planned to cook given the lack of time. I guess that is part of the challenge, to think on your feet.

9 Georgie { 05.09.12 at 8:38 am }

Amy – have you ever cooked a pavlova? It needs an hour in a switched off oven AFTER it’s cooked. A whole fish can be cooked in less than 30 minutes no trouble at all.

I guess the real test was deciding what you were going to cook, that could be done in the least amount of time, but 6 hours sounded like a lot when they set out.

According to George, the challenge was to cook a dish you ‘like and love’, but there was Lucy cooking the artichokes leaves and throwing the edible heart in the bin. Obviously she’d never even eaten them, let alone cooked them before?

10 Daze { 05.09.12 at 8:57 am }

I still didn’t get the Amazing Race theory – is it necessary? I believe, the drivers will only go where directed, when to stop, etc so the onus is on the contestants giving directions ? I hope Fillippo gets in as I think he’s probably a good cook and I think Yukio will be fun and come up with some creative dishes

11 JaniceG { 05.09.12 at 9:11 am }

Hated this challenge, which had very little to do with actual cooking – wonder how much the Victorian Tourist Board paid them?

I thought Fillipo was going to have an internal hemorrhage from his effort to smile and applaud when Amina got her apron. He’d already committed to doing a dessert when they picked up ingredients so I don’t think he had the opportunity to change his mind once they were so spectacularly late getting back thanks to his listening to Amina at the Fish junction. Would be a shame to see him go out just because he thought they were competing on MasterChef and not The Amazing Race.

I swear, every time a contestant on a cooking show in a tight competition says “I’ve never done this before” or “I’ve never cooked with this before,” I just want to brain them with the nearest frying pan. Why the hell are you taking a chance by doing something you’ve never done before? Especially at this stage of the competition, you don’t have to wow the judges with something elaborate. Much better to do something simpler but well.

12 Maz { 05.09.12 at 9:11 am }

During the ads they shown Gary teaching Lucy how to cook artichoke. That should not have happen when an apron is up for grabs.

Felt sorry for Fillipo. Guy looked like he was about to have a stroke.
It could have been all strategic on Amina’s part. This is a game afterall.

It starting to be obvious who the protected species are this season.

Poor Jimmy. Its like the judges think people don’t remember past contestants.

13 Injera { 05.09.12 at 9:11 am }

Georgie – Lucy’s artichokes! Hilarious… and Gary didn’t even seem to notice the irony when he said that the abalone and artichoke was the part of the dish he liked. If he hadn’t stepped in and saved her ‘chokes, he would have been left with very little to compliment.

I agree with RhubarbWhine that Filippo’s choice of dish was uninspired. If you want to showcase eggs, why choose a dish that only uses the boring part of the egg? Surely you’d do something that really brings out the flavour of the super-duper Mornington-Peninsular-y eggs, right? But, as others have noted, just using one ingredient seemed okay for some but drama-worthy for others. Pah!

14 Wondering { 05.09.12 at 9:25 am }

I wonder whether Amina would have been picked for the top 50 if she hadn’t been wearing a hijab. Plenty of other cooks like her didn’t make it. I predicted to my family this year we would have a veil wearing muslim, and here we are.

15 Reality Raver { 05.09.12 at 9:35 am }

I think Amina is going to go far in the competition, she is cool under pressure and her unusual cooking styles for the judges will get her through for awhile. However the judges love of pork might become a liability for her in the long run.

I would really love to know how long that fish issue really cost them in time. I suspect at least half an hour. Agree Fillipo should have revised what he made, but still I understand why he would have been fuming. He probably got all his ingredients at one of the first spots.

Georgie – can’t see Lucy getting through which is a pity as she looks fun.

Dalvinda may need to expand from her Indian cooking background great curries will only get her through the first few weeks.

Agree Jess loving the diversity of the top 24 thus far.. interesting people disparage reality TV, and an out and proud lesbian won the Biggest Loser and it was literally no big deal. Reality has been at the forefront of showcasing diversity on our screens way before other forms of TV.

16 Reality Raver { 05.09.12 at 9:45 am }

Oh and go Yukio and hoping Fillipo gets in as well. Also woudn’t mind seeing ?Karen the one who mangled the trout tasting plate. Actually there are some great characters there, it seriously could be a cracker

17 cookieluck { 05.09.12 at 10:12 am }

Amina is a great contestant. Her Alexandrian Fish looked spectacularly delicious. The mussels in salsa verde looked mouthwatering as well.

I am loving the diversity in MC. Finally a TV show that seems to reflect a proper sample of the Australian community.

18 littlepetal { 05.09.12 at 10:18 am }

I really hope Dalvinda has more up her sleeves. So far she is only cooking curry and more curry.

Audra managed to produce a beautiful tart (so say the judges)

I think Amina can cook but will she get stuck when there is something to do with pork?

2 of the girls were smart to cook pork belly. These judges always fall for pork belly

19 Culinary Boner { 05.09.12 at 10:30 am }

Fillipo was dudded. Full stop.

Watching him stewing inside like a pressure cooker on a bonfire I am now hoping that he gets in. No matter whether he can truly cook to standard or not (though I suspect he can). At some stage of the comp I’m betting he’ll either go off like Krakatoa or dissolve into a blubbering heap. Should make good viewing.

George needs some cultural sensitivity training as his dismissive curry comment laid bare (again) some pretty piss-poor and almost xenophobic attitudes to the immense cultural and culinary heritage of Indian and Asian societies. Wonder how he’d feel if a similar comment was made about Moussaka, olives, feta cheese or Greek food in general.

20 Reality Raver { 05.09.12 at 10:34 am }

Forgot to add in recap that when Wade was castigated about it being a 6 hour challenge he should have pointed out there were no cooking implements in his Mistubishi…

21 Amy { 05.09.12 at 10:52 am }

Georgie – I meant perhaps he should have got a bit more creative and made something different! That’s how MC rolls.

22 brain dead dave { 05.09.12 at 11:00 am }

Mornington Peninsula had a fantastic reputation for fine food..until Tom and Karla appeared on My Kitchen Rules earlier this year.

The Amazing Race style of challenge, just the ticket when it’s all about the cooking. It’s about gnocchi not navigating.

Fillippo is a dead ringer for Dirk Bogarde in my book. Cool customer, I would have been panicking in the car about how easily Amina could secrete a bomb under all that clobber. She could literally blow away the other competition this year.

Yes Boner, George needs his bolts tightened over that deeply entrenched curry prejudice. The judges were like vultures around tastings last night, too.

It’s time to meet the blonde milfy cougar in the gallery ,too, in the name of cultural diversity.

23 Georgie { 05.09.12 at 11:04 am }

Lol bdd – Ms Creosote!

24 Injera { 05.09.12 at 11:06 am }

“Gnocchi, not navigating” – BDD you have just come up with the perfect title for a back-to-basics cooking competition!

I think it’s yet to dawn on some of the contestants that it is a competition, and that every apron that is awarded decreases their chances. Hoping some survival instinct kicks in soon.

I got to watch this with captions on last night as I was in gym purgatory – it should have been more pleasant, but instead I was reading all the judges’ utterances in their voices. Ugh. Also, the [cheering and applause] captions probably reinforced my amazement at the support people are providing their competitors. I think [nervously] as a description of how Yukio answered a question was my favourite. I hope the captioner has the ability to create macros…

25 Georgie { 05.09.12 at 11:31 am }

Injera – there’s no mistaking the ‘Message of the Apron’ from our side of the TV so I wonder how the contestants can be missing it.

The 3 stooges manage to make the apron awards contrived and high on melodrama. “Apron, apron, apron!” – “but sir, sir, she’s only using raspberries sir!”

26 Culinary Boner { 05.09.12 at 11:37 am }

Bdd, excellent point you make about the lack of a stand-out milf/cougar this year. While so far Audra has managed to give me a culinary horn, I wants to share the love around the rest of me body. Where’s this seasons Skye Craig, or at a pinch, Rachel? C’mon production us blokes deserve some visual compensation for having to constantly endure seeing the judge’s maws chowing down in close up.

27 Georgie { 05.09.12 at 11:49 am }

There’s not much going for the sheilas either CB – now that Big Kev is out of the equation. Although strictly speaking, I guess he’s one for the blokes!

28 brain dead dave { 05.09.12 at 11:50 am }

I really wanted to be Big Kev when eggless Audra launched and wrapped her legs around Big Kev’s torso. She’s a keeper.

The apron chant is getting really boring and it’s only happened once. Zero survival instinct. Why the hell , with all this passion, drive, the proverbial culinary dream and determination would you cheer and demand an apron for your opponents? Ma$terchef call this a competition, after all.

29 Georgie { 05.09.12 at 11:59 am }

Eggless Audra should have done a deal with Flippo and given him her chocolate tart case in exchange for some eggs.

To add insult to injury Ammonia actually asked Flippo for some of his mint when she was plating up, so she could put the finishing touches to her apron winning snapper.

30 fairybreadgirl { 05.09.12 at 12:02 pm }

I’m already annoyed at the editing. We see Audra given the apron and going to sit next to big Kev, and then in the next long shot of the next person called up to the tasting , Kev is sitting by himself.

31 brain dead dave { 05.09.12 at 12:09 pm }

I actually thought Amina asked Fillippo for some “mince”-(obviously not pork).
Thanks for clearing that up, Georgie

Fillippo deseves an apron and the first ammunity just for sitting for hours with her in the cramped, overloaded car.

32 Culinary Boner { 05.09.12 at 12:11 pm }

Georgie, only last week a certain poster who shall not be named went out their way to imply I might be interested in batting for the other team*, so don’t tempt ’em with Big Kev being one for us blokes in general thank you very muchly.

Audra’s leaping leg-wrap was very well executed, bdd. I give it a 9.5. (*sigh…if only Mrs Boner got so excited whilst baking…sigh…if only Mrs Boner got so excited*)

I was going to have a Toga party for my b’day this year, but am now switching to an Apron party instead – Apron, Apron, Apron..

* Must remember to stop reading “Bi-curious George Goes to the Rawhide Bar” to my pre-school aged son.

33 Georgie { 05.09.12 at 12:24 pm }

Now you mention it bdd – Flippo has that ‘sat-upon’ look about him. I bit like Ren but with Stimpy’s personality.

Lol CB – an apron party sounds like a great idea, although it probably won’t do your team’s image any favours.

34 brain dead dave { 05.09.12 at 12:33 pm }

Clive Palmer and Amina in one of those little cars would have been good value.

Amina’s signature dish- Meccarons.

35 dmc { 05.09.12 at 1:07 pm }

Betting people may take note of Audra. She had her own catering ‘business’ (closed now she’s on Masterchef…) alongside her day job. Believe me she can cook at a very high level and is extremely efficient.

36 kess { 05.09.12 at 1:33 pm }

Go the emotional quivering guys, Yukio and Filippo/Steve Buscemi

37 JaniceG { 05.09.12 at 2:10 pm }

CB – Just because someone doesn’t like the food from a culture doesn’t mean that person is xenophobic or thinks that food is inferior! Everyone has different tastes and most people prefer some cuisines over others. I don’t enjoy eating spicy food but that doesn’t mean I don’t think that the ability to do superior spicing isn’t admirable.

38 Culinary Boner { 05.09.12 at 2:39 pm }

JaniceG, of course most people have different food preferences. It’s just that in this multi-cultural country all the three key judges on MCA should ideally have palates that can appreciate all possible cuisines, and not harbour declared aversions to stuff outside their upbringing and the family dinner table. Each year George shows he’s stuck in the eastern Mediterranean in terms of his food preferences and cultural references. Last I looked at the globe, this nation is smack bang in the Asia Pacific. George needs to grow a pair and man up to other cuisines like someone like Anthony Bourdain does. Were he just a part-time presenter on the show, wheeled in to show off Mediterranean or European food this wouldn’t matter one iota and I wouldn’t have commented on it. It’s just that every year he acts like a provincial yokel when it comes to eating Asian stuff.

39 Daze { 05.09.12 at 2:41 pm }

bdd – ‘meccarons’ – just got it, lol

40 JaniceG { 05.09.12 at 2:54 pm }

CB – What you’re really arguing, then, is that they should have picked a different judge! As someone who doesn’t enjoy spicy food myself, I don’t think you can force yourself to like and appreciate it if it just doesn’t taste good to you. Regarding Bourdain, being adventurous about what you’re willing to eat is not the same as being able to appreciate degrees of sophistication or talent in a given cuisine. I don’t recall George refusing to eat curries, he just doesn’t like them.

41 Culinary Boner { 05.09.12 at 3:26 pm }

Agree with you JaniceG about the fact that some people do not like spicy food because it doesn’t taste good to them, and that adventurism in trying food might not equate to actually understanding the food.

I just react to George going on like a pork chop about curries every year to the point that when a contestant makes the equivalent of a homeopathic curry (one containing only traces of the essentials for a curry – chilli, garlic, ginger, cumin etc..) he has an orgasm over it. Perhaps I should just ‘fess up to my biases here. George shits me to tears. There. It, and the fact that Ajay gives the me horn, are now out there.

I have seen the converse of some people’s aversion to spicy food – often due to the impact on the digestive system – in the reaction of some Japanese colleagues many years ago to facing several weeks of dairy-heavy cuisine of Switzerland. The poor bastards looked like they’d done 10 rounds with Ali in his prime after just one week of cream and cheese in every meal. They probably have a expression for it that’s the equivalent of ‘Bali belly’.

42 PollyB { 05.09.12 at 3:30 pm }

Agree, they shouldn’t have picked George as a judge! 😉

43 brain dead dave { 05.09.12 at 4:35 pm }

George- able to turn a gala event into a galah event in the blink of an eye.

Thanks to Jowl$y for relenting on the visual shock and awe by wearing some more conservative attire last night. There’d for sure be some kids who had nightmares after seeing the lethargic lilac giant earlier in the week.

44 Gwen { 05.09.12 at 6:45 pm }

Where did Audra get her cream and butter if she didn’t get them from the trip ? No cream and butter in the pantry. Also I checked her recipe on MC and her ganache is chocolate and butter, no cream. Not a ganache then. The show is all about rating not who can cooks. Look at Julie she is the most boring cook ever, no imagination and she wins.

45 kingfisher { 05.10.12 at 11:35 am }

loved seeing flippo sitting in the middle of the car when the airbag went off !! no wonder he couldn’t complain he couldn’t breathe ….

46 Skippy56 { 05.12.12 at 4:37 pm }

Yes Amina did get to plate her fish, as of course you can cook fish in 45 mins – but how do you get a pav on the table? You can’t. They should have gone separately so it was a fair fight. Amina you should have told the judges that it was your fault.

47 Reality raver { 06.17.12 at 10:39 am }

EH what I had the story and I missed it? God damn that is hilarious. Now that you mention it I do remember it made a mental note to look into it and promptly forgot.
Your last comment on what was the biggest crime cracked me up