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The Voice – Matt Lee and Faustina Agolley Join The Cast

The Voice continues to push more boundaries with not just ratings but also their innovative social media strategy.

Channel NINE have now announced Faustina Agolley, will be The V-Reporter for the Live Shows commencing this Monday at 7.30pm.

She will be the face of The V-Room, The Voice’s social media hub. Channel NINE says Faustina – former Australian host of Video Hits, will bridge the gap between on-air and online. She will make regular appearances during the live broadcasts, monitoring social media feeds and reporting key tweets and statistics to the audience.

The Voice will continue to push the boundaries between broadcast and online by bringing social media conversations to the on-air show. Agolley will address real-time feedback from viewers, engaging fans and connecting them to artists and coaches from The V-Room via Facebook, Twitter and

And good news for Matt Lee fans he will be the choreographer for the show ensuring that the contestants have the moves to go with their songs. Looking forward to seeing him on the small screen again. He has been touring with Mary Poppins for the past 12 months.

The Voice live shows commence Monday night on NINE at 7.30pm, and remember the public will have the opportunity to now vote.


1 roland { 05.13.12 at 3:19 am }

maybe ricki lee would have been more suited to the role of v-reporter? She has not added much value as a mentor. It baffles me as to how/why she was given that job….rather disturbing really.

2 roland { 05.13.12 at 3:24 am }

btw now that the auditions/battles are over,this show is basically turning into the x factor. Yeah the spinning chairs were a nice gimmick but at the end of the day the public are now voting for someone to win a record deal. Oh yeah and a car. Yawn.

3 Phil { 05.25.12 at 10:10 pm }

Could be a half decent show without the wanker judges