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New Reality TV Show The Choice – Is This A Belated April Fool’s Day Joke?

Apparently there is a new dating show commissioned in the USA called The Choice, and yes it is a pun on the hugely sucessful The Voice. And it also involves turning chairs.

You would think it is a joke? It is not. Clearly Sophie Monk is struggling to find a date as it looks like she is going to be one of the contestants on the show. Also it would be confirmed that Tyson Beckford and Shanina Shaik are kaput as his name is on the list on who is participating on the show.

Because I could not describe the show any better Dlisted gives his rundown on it:

Fox’s The Choice is just like The Voice, but instead instead of the four “celebrities” looking for singing voices, they’ll be looking for possible genitals to hump on. The four celebrities will be put in swivel chairs with their backs against the stage and a bunch of “sexy singles” describe themselves. If the piece’s descriptions makes the celebrity’s ears tingle, he or she will pull a “love handle” (I can’t with that either) and find themselves face-to-face with their possible date. If more than one celebrity turns around, the trick will get to pick who they want to get with. Once each celebrity has three possible dates on their team, all teams will move to the“Speed Choice” round. In the second round, each contestant will have a few seconds to tell the celebrity why they should be picked. At the end of that round, each celebrity will get rid of one ho. In the final round, the show’s host Cat Deeley will ask each trick a question and afterward the celebrity will pick which trick they want to go on a date with. And that’s how true love is born!

Dlisted also gives the list of “celebrities” on the show:

Joe Jonas – Former purity ring wearer, sometime yodeler and current blind item star
Pauly D – Jersey Shore whore and #3 on the Health Department’s Most Wanted list
Romeo – Child rapper, child actor and the trick who confuses my nipples since he sort of looks like Webster on roids
Dean Cain – Rick Perry supporter and the Superman to Teri Snatcher’s Lois
Tyson Beckford – Supermodel and one of the biggest advocates of theBushy Pubes for Men Club
Rima Fakih – Noted drunk driver and Miss USA 2010
Carmen Electra – A flower from Prince’s garden
Sophie Monk – Australian pop something and fellow Wonky McValtrex hater
Rob Kardashian – Ugh
Rocco DiSpirito – Part-time chef, full-time reality whore
Warren Sapp – Football player
Finesse Mitchell – Comedian and former SNL cast member
Jeremy Bloom – Olympic freestyle skier
Jason Cook – Soap opera actor
Michael Catherwood – Co-host of Loveline, former DWTS contestant and the trick whose last name sounds like the medical name for getting a boner while a catheter’s up on your peen
Seth Wescott – Olympic snowboarder
Parker Young – The hot but dumb jock son of Ana Gasteyer on Suburgatory
Ndamukong Suh – Football player
Dr. Robert Nettles – Plastic surgeon
The Situation – Jersey Shore whore and #1 on the Health Department’s Most Wanted list
Rob Gronkowski – Football player
Steven López – Olympic martial arts fighter
Hope Dworaczyk – Playboy Playmate of 2010

The only thing that may give this show a little bit of dignity is Cat Deeley hosting it. Hopefully this will be one format Australian Networks won’t pick up.



1 Culinary Boner { 05.15.12 at 4:23 pm }

Warwick Capper was made especially for this.

2 Daze { 05.15.12 at 5:51 pm }

lol CB; bet he has fired his agent Max? But seriously, I thought Cat Deeley had more class than to attach her name to this! Would be laughable at the best

3 katmac { 05.15.12 at 6:00 pm }

I love dlisted! He’s such a snarky genius, I read it every day

4 Susan { 05.15.12 at 10:25 pm }

This would be Gold!
Hopefully we dont pick it up here in Australia – this is totally made for the US!!!

5 Georgie { 05.16.12 at 10:58 am }

Sounds like good trash to me – bring it on…

6 Joseph Skyrim { 05.22.12 at 1:06 pm }